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Comments from Clients I've Pierced

The comments below are just some of the feedback left by happy clients that I have pierced. Older comments were posted on my guest book, which was closed due to nasty spammers!
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November 11, 2023 via email:
I would like to thank you for the piercing you did for my wife twenty plus years ago. I, and my wife, owe you a great deal. Even towards the end, before she was diagnosed with throat cancer at 44, her triangle piercing meant that she could enjoy sex.

To make it clear: She was on 120 microgram/hr fentanyl patches, plus oxycodone, plus tramadol. She shouldn't have been able to feel anything. Her triangle piercing meant that she could, in fact, come. Sure, it took me half an hour to an hour to manage it... please don't throw me in that briar patch!

I owe you. We both owe you, so much. I want to thank you in person. Buy you a dinner. You have no idea how much you improved her life, especially as you personally did her piercing.

I literally cannot convey how much you improved her life over a decade an a half. Thank you so much. - S.W.

September 22, 2022, via email from a client I pierced in Detroit, MI: 
I highly recommend Elayne for the VCH and Triangle piercings. Not only is Elayne the BEST PIECER EVER, the VCH and Triangle piercings are sensational. Elayne's knowledge and experience made the process stress free. Although, the healing process for the triangle piercing was lengthier than your typical piercing, the combo is highly pleasurable. I couldn't be happier with my results! - M.A.M

August 1, 2022, via email from a client I pierced in Detroit, MI:
You did an excellent job of helping me feel comfortable and explaining everything. You also were very careful and thoughtful about planning the exact placement of the piercings. I was amazed that it didn't hurt more during the process or afterwards!
My seatbelt didn't bother me on the 4-hour drive home, and I've been shelving books and carrying boxes at the library just two days after the piercing and feeling fine. It was a great experience! - F.T.

August 31, 2020 via email from a client I pierced in San Antonio, TX:
I flew from Cleveland, Ohio to TX to have you do [my VCH piercing] and it was worth every penny. I trusted you, and you did not disappoint. You were knowledgeable, competent, and professional. I was very nervous and you were very kind also. All in all, a very good experience. Thank you! - K.K.

June 21, 2020, via email from a client I pierced in Vancouver, WA:
I appreciate Elayne so much. I found her after getting my nose pierced and after reading her website and the wonderful detailed information on it I became interested in getting a VCH (a piercing I would have never considered before). Having struggled with a low sex drive I was hopeful that getting a VCH would have a positive impact on my sex drive and enjoyment. I completed an online consultation and she answered my many questions. I then scheduled the piercing appointment.

At the appointment Elayne explained everything in detail, kept me informed on what she was doing and why, and when she did the piercing it was quick and easy. I followed her aftercare advice using briotech and it healed up beautifully. I am happy to report that my sex drive has increased (I’m even self-pleasuring more). Additionally, I realized that I had some genital dysphoria prior to this piercing about how everything looked which has gone away with this piercing and the beautiful jewelry in it. Thank you so very much! - A.C.

April 21, 2020, via email from a client I pierced in Detroit:
I could not be happier with my hood piercing! Elayne was excellent to work with -- quick to respond to communication and very thorough in her answers. Her host studio was great, very clean and professional (Iconic Tattoo and Piercing in Detroit). Overall, an amazing experience. When considering an intimate piercing, you want an expert, right? Elayne is THE expert. - L.B.

February 23, 2020, via email from a client I pierced in Los Angeles:

Clitoris piercing

I don't know if you still remember me, you pierced my clitoris several years ago in L.A. (you said I was one of only 2 that didn't jump and scream). I just wanted to let you know that I have never regretted getting it done and I have over the years stretched it to a 4 gauge. The pleasure never stops, the feeling is still intense and my sex life has never been this good. I'm 75 now but still going strong in that department. Thank you again for such a rewarding experience. - G.

November 15 via email from a client I pierced in Detroit:
It has been since July that my husband and I went to Detroit to get my piercing (VCH) and I can't tell you how impressed I was with Angel ( yes I know her name is Elayne, but if you ever are lucky enough to meet her you will know her last name is fitting of this beautiful woman.) She was so genuinely kind and caring that you just feel at ease. I'm a 55 year old woman, married for almost 30 years and have always wanted to be pierced but I was very uncomfortable until I found Angel. I'm not going to tell you that there is no pain, but it is so quick. And then the pain is gone, just a little pinch for so much pleasure. Listen to her directions and in a few weeks you will have a sweet little secret that you and your partner will enjoy. And if you are going to Iconic Tattoo & Piercing in Detroit you will find the staff is awesome.

June 28, 2019 Facebook comment: I am SO happy with my VCH piercing by Elayne! From beginning conversations and assessments, communication leading up to the piercing date, and the piercing itself. Top notch! So comfortable and fun, quick healing time, super clean. Definitely going to book more piercings with Elayne this year! ???

June 21, 2019 via email from a client I pierced in Philadelphia:
I was pierced by Elayne June 16, 2019 in Philadelphia at Infinite body piercing. I cannot express how grateful I am to have been able to be pierced by a true master of body piercing. I received a Prince Albert and while the experience was rather intense, it was over in seconds and I never felt sharp pain.
Elayne’s professionalism was exceptional. She talked me through every step of the procedure from jewelry selection (which she customized for my anatomy in front of me!) to placement in consideration of my future plans to stretch the piercing. Her transparency and thoroughness eased any anxiety I may have had about choosing to have a genital piercing.
I most recently had my nipples pierced at a very reputable studio in New York City...and the experience I had there does not compare the service Elayne provided. I traveled a total of 4 hours from NYC to Philly and back just for my appointment to see Elayne and I would travel again to be pierced by her. I had minimal bleeding and soreness and just 5 days later, I can feel my body healing. I cannot stress enough to anyone considering ANY body piercing to research your piercer! Elayne is the absolute best there is! - O.E.

June 18, 2019 via email from a client I pierced in Atlanta and Philadelphia:
Last year, I was pierced for the first time by Elayne and it was fabulous! I got my second piercings recently and it was another wonderful experience! The placement and the jewelry were just right for me. Elayne is a wonder! I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for the best piercer, Elayne is the one! When I get my next piercing(s)...there is only one piercer I will go to. My nipple piercings are absolutely beautiful! Exactly what I wanted for myself! Elayne, you are the BEST! -T.B.

June 12, 2019 via email from a client I pierced in Kansas City:
My expereince with Elayne was awesome from the get go!! She pierced my nipples and VCH. Everything is healing very well and I didnt even bleed. Placement couldnt have been better, she was very fast, and made me feel very comfortable knowing i was in good hands. I would recommend her to anyone looking to get pierced and look forward to have her pierce me again- Aubs

May 12, 2019 via email from a client I pierced in San Antonio:
Healing good here. Remarkably good as it’s going easier and faster than my other piercings. I’d love to leave a review:
I got pierced in late March in San Antonio after excitedly waiting a couple of months. Pre-appointment, Elayne ensured I had the proper information regarding prep and aftercare.  She also provided several methods of convenient payment to prepay for my appointment.  On the day of my appointment, Elayne was professional and described every step of the process to make sure I was well informed and comfortable.  Elayne made sure everything was sterile, I was physically built for the piercings, and ensured that each of my piercings   (VCH and triangle ) was done quickly & safely.  

Post piercing, Elayne checked that I had a cleaning solution (I got Briotech from her directly) and also checked in on my piercing progress. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I would recommend Elayne to other individuals who are looking for, and are built for, the triangle piercing. - Danielle

May 9, 2019 via email from a client I pierced in Miami, FL
We were able to be pierced by Elayne (VCH & nipples) while she was visiting Miami. Our experience was exceptional and we are so happy with our results! Elayne is not only among the very best of piercers (she literally wrote the book on the subject) she is also a wonderful and caring person who took the time to patiently address all our concerns and put us at ease. After our appointment, Elayne continued to be available to us during the healing process to offer her expertise and guidance. If you get the opportunity to be pierced by Elayne do it! You won’t regret it! - G. & A.

May 2, 2019 via email from a client I pierced in Miami, FL
I was fortunate enough to have been pierced by Elayne. She is professional, very knowledgeable and explained options, and placements. She was very meticulous with placement to assure I was satisfied with my experience and my piercing. - L.

April 30, 2019 via email from a client I pierced in Kansas City, MO
My VCH piercing experience with Elayne was great! She truly is a professional and makes you feel comfortable in what could be an awkward moment. 

I started out by doing the online consultation. Her response was very quick even while on vacation, which I did not expect at all. She directed me to her website for more information after her initial assessment and let me know to contact her if I had more questions.

I was lucky to be pierced by her and that my scheduled lined up with her visit in KCMO. She walked me through the whole process and confirmed placement before doing anything. She's very knowledgeable and seems passionate about providing great service in a safe and clean environment. - Sara

April 22, 2019 via email from a client I pierced in Kansas City, MO
It’s only been a few days, but I’m healing nice! I’m so impressed w/ the Briotech spray. I’m not even sore at all. I realized that I rolled over on my left side (while sleep) and jump up thinking I was gonna be hurt or mess up the piercing when I realized I wasn’t in any pain & looked and it was ok.  So happy I was able to connect with you for the Nipple piercing!❤️

April 22, 2019 via email from a client I pierced in San Antonio, TX
Getting pierced by Elayne was a wonderful experience. She was incredibly professional and approachable and walked me through the process with the utmost patience and positivity. I was incredibly anxious and her calm demeanor immediately put me at ease. I’m four weeks into my healing process and I can say this is the smoothest and least painful body mod process I’ve ever experienced. Even though I was nervous, I couldn’t be happier with my VCH piercing. I love the way it looks and feels. Working with Elayne is definitely worth it! - Samantha 

April 12, 2019 via email from a client I pierced in San Antonio, TX and Oklahoma City
This is my second piercing with Elayne. She completed a four rung guiche ladder for me. She did the initial two in June of 2018. This time I traveled to San Antonio for the second set of piercings. Her professionalism and skills are unquestioned from consult to final piercing.

Again I'm impressed by her character and the person she is. She is so down to earth. After completing my piercing and doing her final check I was tickled to see her reaction. She was impressed at how well everything lined up. After performing thousands of piercings for her to still get that "Damn I nailed it" reaction is impressive. She truly enjoys what she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering a piercing even she doesn't do the work a consult from her is priceless. Thanks Elayne! -T.G.

April 9, 2019 via email from a client I pierced in Miami, FL
I am super happy with my new piercing. It has healed without any complications what so ever. Before choosing to get the VCH piercing I did my research and came across Elayne Angel. I waited until she came to my city (nearly a year) and it was well worth the wait. If you don’t want to wait, I’d travel to the next city she will be in. Elayne is extremely informative and is a piercing guru! my piercing was actually PAINLESS and very fast. I am so pleased with my piercing and with my experience with her. If you’re going to get this piercing she’s the one you want to do it with! thank you so much elayne :) ! -L.G.

April 8, 2019 via email from a client I pierced in San Antonio, TX
Through personal research about vaginal piercings I found Elayne Angel and was so impressed with her experience as well as her knowledge, I just KNEW I had to book an appt. with her and no one else!! The online consult was easy and she responded quickly, which I appreciated. While I had originally wanted both the VCH and Triangle Piercings, Elayne informed me that although I looked like a candidate for both in my consult pics, she would need to do further inspections in person to be sure. Upon doing so she informed me that I was able to get the VCH  but not the Triangle because of my anatomy. 

Although I was disappointed, I appreciated her informative honesty and that she didn't go through with it. Elayne is truly a professional, I already had all my trust in her going into it, and she made my experience the best it could be (she even let me bff in the room to help calm my nerves). I could not thank her enough walking out of there! Her aftercare info. really helped and I've been healing nicely! I HIGHLY recommend going to her for any sensitive/private area piercings, SHE IS THE BEST!! -Y.Sanchez

April 8, 2019 via email from a client I pierced in San Antonio, TX
Elayne was AWESOME! Very educated, smart, professional, and personable! She was very conscious of sterility and cleanliness. I am beyond HAPPY with my experience and VCH piercing. Who knew my vagina could look so PRETTY!! I have not taken it for a joy ride yet, as I am still healing, but I look forward to it. After working with her and letting her pierce me, I will not let anyone else do my future piercings. —Kaci— 

April 7, 2019 via email from a client I pierced in San Antonio, TX
Miss Elayne was lovely and professional! She did a consult for a triangle I previously had done by someone else, as well as a VCH. It was short and nearly painless, and the peace of mind of having her expert hands on my sensitive places is priceless.” -Julie L

April 7, 2019 via email from a client I pierced in San Antonio, TX
I had heard about Elayne from a friend so I went to her website The VCH piercing caught my interest. I emailed her with an online consult and she was very quick to respond and answer all of my questions. I booked an appt with her in San Antonio TX, to get the piercing. She was very friendly, informative of everything and very professional. I highly recommend to get pierced by Elayne. I’m healing very nicely, no problems whatsoever, she also sends an email to check in with how you’re doing afterwards. Thank you again Elayne -L.L.

April 5, 2019 via email from a client I pierced in San Antonio, TX
I wanted a piercing of my own design for a long time, however, I did not know if the idea I had in mind was practicable or even doable. I searched to find someone who would listen to my desires and then provide an educated opinion on the viability of my request. I am so happy that I discovered Elayne Angel. From her initial and thoughtful consultation to her expertly placed double piercing she was absolutely amazing. I am thrilled to have the piercings I visualized in my mind, realized in my body. You cannot go wrong in trusting Elayne with your most sensitive body parts... she is an Angel indeed! Sincerely, -J.M.

The original "Pope Martin" piercings-double non-midline apadravyas
Top view of "Pope Martin" piercings


April 1, 2019 via email from a client I pierced in New Orleans and San Antonio:
Elayne has done 3 of my piercings so far my nipples in New Orleans 2017 and my VCH March 2019; she is always very friendly, very knowledgeable and very efficient. Elayne took her time to explain everything to me and did a great job calming my nerves. My piercings didn't take long they were very quick and not painful at all and I experienced very little discomfort during my healing. Elayne is truly the BEST OF THE BEST and I'm already trying to figure out what I can get pierced next. Elayne you ROCK- LatoyaSL

March 26, 2019 via email from a client I pierced in Miami, FL
My experience with Elayne was professional from start to finish. She was extremely helpful and thorough beginning with the online consult. I had been considering getting the VCH piercing for a while before finding her page and wished she could be the one to pierce me. I went to Miami Tattoo Co. hoping to be pierced and was actually told she would be in town in the coming 2 months so I immediately scheduled with her (literally I hadn't even left the shop I was beyond excited).  

Fast forward to the day of my appointment. As I sign in Elayne immediately greeted me with a friendly smile and walked me over for an in person consult (Just to confirm that I was in fact eligible for the piercing). We went back to pick out my jewelry (beautiful opal stones) and she explained she would be taking it in to sterilize it before using it. She also explained what she was doing and showed me that everything she was using was sealed and sterile before using it. Once she had me clean and prepped for the piercing she explained what to expect and what the aftercare would be like. I was able to purchase the briotech she so highly recommend (I read about it on her site) right from her before leaving and the only pain I felt was the few seconds it took the needle to go through.

After I was pierced I felt zero pain and I'm 3 weeks in and loving my piercing! So glad I was able to be pierced by Elayne. She is AMAZING!!! I wish she was local so I could get more done with her! Overall amazing experience and made me feel very comfortable and well informed. I even received an email letting me know she would be there to answer any of my questions throughout the healing process. THANK YOU SO MUCH ELAYNE you go above and beyond! ‐Jennifer M.

March 25, 2019 via email from a client I pierced in Miami, FL
I had studied up everything I could about VCH piercings before getting one, but I was hesitant to trust someone to pierce such a delicate area. Then in my research I found out about Elayne. Everything on her site was solid and honest, listing articles upon articles of helpful information. It was obvious, based on all her experience and the glowing reviews, that I could pick no one better to do the job. 

As soon as I signed up for the consultation, she responded quickly. I received follow up emails that were very thorough about everything I would need to know in order to be pierced well. This was definitely not the scenario I had been nervous about, of going in blind to a tattoo shop. I was 100% comfortable knowing that Elayne was going to pierce me. 

The actual piercing was over in seconds. The pain was definitely there, and it was intense for me. However, it left as quickly as it struck - like a bolt of lightning. Two minutes later I stood up and felt nothing. I felt fine going into work the next day. None of my normal activities were limited much. Following all her after care instructions, the piercing healed in about a week. It’s now my prettiest secret and most fun accessory;)  -A.M. [Note from Elayne: the piercing takes 4-6 weeks to heal completely.]

February 8, 2019 via email from a client I pierced in Los Angeles, CA:
On December 9, 2018 a friend of mine and I got VCH piercings from the piercing goddess, Elayne. From my first communication to now, Elayne was nice and extremely professional. It took me over a year to muster up the courage to get the VCH and I must admit that the experience was a breeze! The prep, marking, and actual piercing took approximately 15 minutes. She checked my anatomy, did the set up, and told me everything that was occurring and poof, the piercing was done. She was so quick and there was very little pain. The piercing is perfectly placed and beautiful. Elayne is the only piercer I would trust my girly parts. I love my VCH!! Thank you, again. C.

January 16, 2019 via email from a client I pierced in Los Angeles, CA:
On December 7, 2018 I had the pleasure of getting my nipples pierced at Ancient Adornments in West Hollywood, by the beautiful Professional Piercing Legend and author of The Piercing Bible, Elayne Angel. It was my first time piercing experience and I had so much fun. Elayne is the most awesome piercer I have ever known.

After you book an appointment online, and you’ll be so excited and glad you did, she’ll email you her best piercing care instructions, and health care recommendations to prepare you before your visit. If you have any questions from the email or anything else, she’ll respond very quickly to better assist you in making the right decisions.

On your appointment day, when you enter the piercing studio and you finally get to meet Elayne Angel for the first time, you’ll be warmly greeted by an angel and kindred spirit who is pleasured to meet you and can’t wait to pierce you. Once you’re ready to get started, Elayne will politely show you around the piercing studio and offer you great advice on choosing the right size jewelry to help you heal properly, for first timers like myself, and she’ll even let you choose which color balls to add to the ends of your piercings. She’ll also let you take your time and use a mirror to help you make your best judgment until you’re happy with the results.

Once you’ve selected your jewelry, Elayne will carefully prepare them for sterilization in her jewelry cleanser [Statim rapid-cycle autoclave]. Elayne is very professional about safety and health care and keeps a very clean working environment. She takes her time to sterilize everything, often more than once, just to make sure her tools and your jewelry are clean and safe for piercing because she really cares about your health and she exercises very healthy hygiene practices.

While your jewelry is being prepared, Elayne will show you to your room where you will be pierced and she will patiently explain the piercing procedures and patiently answer any questions you might have. Next, she’ll carefully examine the areas you wish to be pierced and gently mark those areas of your body, in perfect alignment, to make sure your piercings are done right and exactly how you want them to look on your body.

When it’s time to get pierced, Elayne will come back with your beautifully cleaned [sterile] jewelry, lay you down on the table and prepare the needle and jewelry with gloves. She always makes sure everything is clean. Before she gets started, Elayne will communicate with you to make sure you’re comfortable. She really makes you feel special, that you’re in good hands and there’s nothing to worry about, and she makes you feel like getting pierced is a great decision. Elayne gives the best support and information on the piercing procedures so you’ll know what to expect.

Now its time to get pierced. Elayne carefully checks your body and her angle of choice for piercing you, to make sure your piercings will be perfectly straight and aligned to help you heal properly. Elayne is very gentle and calmly tells you to breathe right before she pierces you. Before you know it, all piercings are done quick and easy and you’ll be laughing with joy after everything is finished. She’ll also put cooling pads over your newly pierced areas to help keep the swelling down.

Elayne gives excellent aftercare advice and instructions and will recommend you the best aftercare products for cleanliness and care of your piercings so you’ll avoid any unwanted problems later on down the line. If you don’t have any aftercare products, Elayne has some handy that’s clean and safe to use on your newly pierced areas. If you have any questions about aftercare or anything else, ask anytime because Elayne is very patient and informal and enjoys answering all your questions. Elayne also checks up on her clients to make sure they’re happy with their piercings and healing properly.

Elayne gives excellent customer service and she’s a fantastic professional piercer that I highly recommended. I’m very grateful to be pierced by Elayne Angel and I’m really looking forward to getting pierced by Elayne again in the future. Thank you so much Elayne Angel. I love my new piercings and they’re healing very well. God bless you! :) Marchus B. Williams 

January 14, 2019 via email from a client I have pierced multiple times in various cities over 28 years:
Elayne Angel is skillful, knowledgeable and experienced.    

I have known Elayne for twenty-eight years.

I was pierced at The Gauntlet and Rings of Desire.

The Gauntlet Elayne worked at was in West Hollywood. 

The Gauntlet was the pioneer and nucleus of the body piercing phenomena.

The Rings of Desire was in The French Quarter in New Orleans.

When Elayne moved from West Hollywood to New Orleans,

I flew into N.O. to get pierced.

After Hurricane Katrina, Elayne moved to Mexico. 

She now tours to country.

I traveled back to New Orleans last April to get an ampallang piercing. 

I traveled to West Hollywood last December to get two frenum piercings.

And will travel to Las Vegas next May to add two more frenum piercings. 

I want the best.  I have and will travel to have Elayne pierce my body.

Elayne is a world class body piercer. 

Oh…  by the way… She also pierced my apadravya and pubic ring

It is important you trust the person piercing your body.

Elayne is meticulous about placing dots that insure proper placement of a piercing.

The aesthetic outcome of a piercing is in direct correlation to its function.

The function of a piercing often relies upon proper placement. 

The alignment of my soon to be ladder is perfect.

A genital piercing is quick.

The pain rush brief. 

Within a second it is over.

I have never had an infection.

Following post piercing advice is paramount.

Thank you Elayne, I have enjoyed the experience ;-) Kevin K.

January 11, 2019 via email from a client I pierced in Los Angeles, CA 
I have wanted a lorum piercing for quite some time and made the decision to go ahead with it last summer. However, since I had no previous experience with piercings I needed to one, educate myself, and two, find a reputable piercing artist.  Next stop google. With much  intense and exhaustive research and a bit of luck I found Elayne Angel.  

After reviewing her very informative web site on genital piercing and finding out she would be in Los Angeles in December I decided she was the right person for the job and I never looked back. I contacted Elayne, asked several questions and was answered with an immediate and courteous reply. I booked a consultation, sent the requested photos and once again I received a quick response. 

Elayne said I certainly looked pierceable to her and returned a photo with dots marking the proposed piercing location and some additional information about lorum piercing  placement. I pestered Elayne with a few questions about after care, healing time and jewelry selection. She again graciously answered and that was that, I booked my piercing appointment for December, three months away, that was going to be a long wait. Panic! what about TSA checks at the airport, yikes! I contacted Elayne in a cold sweat, she explained that since the jewelry was nonferrous metal it would not show up during preboarding screening. She said even with all her piercings it is not an issue. I checked with a friend who has several piercings in her ears she said the same thing. Whew! Elayne recommended that I read The Piercing Bible as it would answer pretty much any question I had. 

She made sure to let me know if there was something not covered in the book or I needed clarification to be sure to contact her.  I purchased a copy of the book and besides having Elayne perform my piercing was the second smartest thing I did. It is a treasure trove of information. If you have never experienced a piercing and are considering one this book is a must. 

December finally rolled around. I recruited a friend to accompany me and made the 60 mile trek to Los Angeles. We arrived at the piercing studio a bit early and met Elayne. She was as personable in person as she had been in her emails and any trepidation I had instantly vanished.  Elayne let me know she was going to prepare for my piercing and asked me to have a seat. She was back in a few minutes and asked if my accomplice  wanted to join us. She declined but later said she regretted not going along. 

In the piercing room Elayne explained the whole process asked if I had any questions and made sure it was a lorum piercing I was after. It seems one of her clients had been confused over the nomenclature of a particular piercing and required  a quick anatomy lesson. I felt completely at ease with Elayne, her sense of humor, calm demeanor, knowledge and pure professionalism made the whole experience that much more enjoyable. As for the piercing its self, Elayne carefully cleaned the area applied antiseptic, marked the piercing location and asked me to approve it. Once that was settled she positioned forceps for the piercing said sit back and take a breath. The next thing I knew I had a perfectly positioned lorum piercing. No muss no fuss. 

Its been just over one month now and I’m  happy to report that by following Elayne’s after care advice to the letter, or close anyway, my new piercing is doing just fine. It looks great and appears to be healing well with no complications. As a complete piercing novice, I feel fortunate that I met and was pierced by Elayne. For anyone  contemplating a genital piercing I cannot recommend Elayne high enough. I don’t think there is anyone as professional or cares more about her craft than she does. G.

January 10, 2019 via email from a client I pierced in Los Angeles, CA 
I initially stumbled upon Elayne's site when I first started researching genital piercings. I was immediately impressed with Elayne's credentials and attention to detail. I first contacted Elayne to see if I was in fact a candidate to receive a Prince Albert piercing, and I was met with a prudent and professional response that far exceeded any expectations. After seeing how thorough and detailed my consultation was I immediately booked a slot with Elayne to receive my PA. I have limited experience with piercings so when the day arrived I had no idea what to expect and was extremely nervous about the piercing process. My nerves were immediately put at ease after meeting Elayne and discussing a plan to pierce my PA at a 12g to avoid copious amounts of bleeding.

Elayne was extremely professional and courteous during the piercing process, in fact I was so comfortable that I was even laughing at times while receiving my PA, something I did not expect considering the nature and location of the piercing! I have been following Elayne's aftercare procedure and my PA healed quickly without any issues and looks great. I can not recommend Elayne enough to anyone considering a genital or nipple piercing and I will undoubtedly return to Elayne for any future piercings. Elayne has a plethora of piercing knowledge and is truly a master of her craft. I am extremely grateful and fortunate to have had the opportunity to be pierced by Elayne, as I cannot think of a more qualified or capable piercer. Thanks for making my PA a breeze!

January 9, 2019 via email from a client I pierced in Los Angeles, CA 
I have thought about VCH and nipple piercings for a very long time.  I did my homework and found that the only person I would allow to pierce me in such delicate places was Elayne.  I felt very confident booking my appointment.  From booking my appointment and getting approval after sending in a photo to the actual day of piercing, Elayne was very professional and kind.  She answered all my questions and responds quickly to my emails...even 4 weeks later she is still responding to my questions.  I am healing quickly and have already seen and felt the benefits of the VCH piercing.  I have recommended Elayne to many friends already and feel pride when I say she did my piercings.
Thank You Elayne. Lisa W.

November 28, 2018 via email from a client I pierced in Atlanta, GA:
I got my fourchette piercing with Elayne about a month ago and it was a great experience! She is the best! If you can get pierced by her it is so worth it. My healing process has been very simple some swelling and bruising (my own fault) but other than that it's perfect. Hailey

November 27, 2018 via email from a client I pierced in Atlanta, GA:
Several years ago I decided that I wanted a VCH, but was a little hesitant about piercing such a sensitive area. After researching piercing salons and piercers, I knew that I only wanted Elayne to do the VCH.
Elayne surpassed my expectations— I felt that my piercing was safe and clean. Elayne has a calming demeanor and her professionalism and expertise relaxed me and made my piercing a great experience. I have seen Elayne a second time for nipple piercings and Elayne positioned the piercings to compliment the uniqueness of my body and now I’m thrilled with the appearance of my breasts for the first time in my life! Thank you Elayne! W.P.

November 24, 2018 FaceBook recommendation: l from a client I pierced in Atlanta, GA:
When I made the decision to get pierced I completed the research. I found that Elayne was the woman for the job. After talking to a friend of mine about her we both decided to travel from Ohio to Atlanta to get pierced by the best.
The whole process was amazing from start to finish. She explained everything that she was going to do beforehand. The actual piercing went so quickly. The healing process was also quick. Trust me if you are looking to have this type of piercing completed go to Elayne. She eliminates the worry and doubt. She brings an expertise to the table that is second to none.
Thank you Elayne for a great experience and piercing!!!

November 22, 2018 via email from a client I pierced in Atlanta, GA:
Elayne has been a pleasure to work with from start to finish. The online consultation was fast and easy, and the actual appointment was wonderful and so quick! She made sure that I was comfortable during the whole process, and that I knew what was happening the entire time. The piercing is healing beautifully, and I love it! She's probably the only person I would trust to pierce me! Evie W.

November 13, 2018 via email from a client I pierced in Atlanta, GA:
My experience with Elayne Angel was magnificent!  From our initial interaction to our last, she exuded professionalism and was immensely warm and welcoming.  I arrived early and was seen by her immediately! Throughout the whole process for my VCH, she was noticeably knowledgable, gentle, and forth-coming as to what to expect--guiding me every step of the way!  Additionally, prior to the piercing, she gave me an in-depth educational session concerning the after-care of my new piercing, which I appreciated!  I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who prefers being pierced by the best--the pioneer of body piercing, Ms. Elayne Angel!  I am pleasantly pleased and eternally grateful for her services! M.D.

November 12, 2018 via email from a client I pierced in Atlanta, GA:
Elayne was incredibly professional and reassuring during my piercing appointment. The [apadravya] piercing went off with significantly less pain or difficulty than I thought, no doubt due to her significant experience. She was able to place the piercing perfectly and quickly. The experience was fantastic, from our initial contact through following up on my healing progress after returning home. Adam W.

November 11, 2018 via email from a client I pierced in Atlanta, GA
My new [nipple] piercings are healing up well and I am thrilled with them! For the first time in my life I am happy with how my breasts look and I didn’t even have plastic surgery! :) Thank you so much! P.W.

November 11, 2018 via email from a client I pierced in Atlanta, GA: 
I have had 3-piercings done by Elayne - a PA, guiche and a frenum over a one year period. All of them healed successfully and are pleasantly 'worn' at this time. Elayne is a pleasure to work with and knows her science well. Quick and painless. KS

November 10, 2018 via email from a client I pierced in Atlanta, GA:
My [nipple] piercings are healing beautifully, it's like I've had them my entire life. I'm really glad we went with the vertical placement, I'm just so happy wth them. I wanted to thank you again! I couldn't have asked for a better experience! If you are ever in Atlanta again and open to have someone shadow you for the day I would be honored. Many Thanks, Shelby Tarpley 

November 10, 2018 via email from a client I pierced in Atlanta, GA:
Hi Elayne, 
I am healing well and the Briotech makes it so easy to take care of my new piercing. Here is my review for your website. Feel free to use my complete name and this entire email. It was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you so much. 

Elayne makes the process so easy and quick. She is so kind and talked me through the entire process step by step. I felt at ease with her, knowing how professional she is and a complete expert when it comes to the anatomy and piercings. The actual piercing goes so quickly and only hurts for a moment, not even an entire minute. After that I was good to go and had no discomfort. I traveled to Atlanta from Bsoton to have my piercing done by Elayne, because I completely trust her and it was truly worth it. I am extremely happy and satisfied with my piercing and would 100 percent recommend her expertise and kindness to anyone thinking of getting a piercing. Anne Ramos 

November 10, 2018 via email from a client I pierced in Atlanta, GA:
Flew from NY to GA just to be pierced by Elayne. Got two frenums and a Guiche. She takes her time prepping the area(s) then swiftly gets everything done. Worth the travel!!!! - J.D.

November 10, 2018 via email from a client I pierced in Atlanta, GA:
I have several piercings done over a 25 year period. Elayne is the BEST! She is very thorough in evaluating and explaining her procedure to you beforehand and answers truthfully wether you are a good candidate for certain piercings and if you are not refuses. I find this to be very important as some just do things for the money. She was very professional and the most experienced piercer I have had. Very good experience. Elayne is excellent at making you feel at ease and is honestly just an amazing woman. I am very happy with my results. Kristin Silva

November 10, 2018 via email from a client I pierced in Atlanta, GA:
I decided to get a VCH piercing and Elayne Angel was the only one I trust. I researched and knew of her from the shop she had in New Orleans years ago.  I was willing to travel from New Orleans to Atlanta just to see her. Couldn’t be happier with my piercing and would recommend her to anyone who wants one or wants to discuss their options. I was super comfortable around her because of her wonderful personality and professionalism. M.M. 

November 3, 2018 via email from a client I pierced in Philadelphia, PA
I received a second set of nipple piercings (an ‘iron cross’) and a guiche from Elayne in Philadelphia.  The whole experience was great from start to finish. This was the second time I have been pierced by Elayne and both times it couldn’t have been better. I really can’t recommend her highly enough! A.

October 23, 2018 via email from a client I pierced in Atlanta, GA:
I was recently pierced in Atlanta. It was an extreme pleasure to meet and be pierced by Elayne. She is a very warm, professional, extraordinary woman. I was made very comfortable by the staff at Virtue and Vice as well. Anyone considering any body piercing should obtain The Piercing Bible [book] and consult and experience their piercing with Elayne. She is the best!

My experience was very positive and quick. The procedure was over in one breath. I look forward to my next session with Elayne. As this was my first experience, I didn't know what to expect but Elayne and her book helped me to prepare. I didn't feel as nervous as I thought I would. My piercings are absolutely beautiful! T.

October 23, 2018 on Facebook from a client I pierced in Atlanta, GA::
I flew all the way from Chicago to Atlanta to get my piercing by her and I could not be happier. She was very sensitive to my nervousness. Explained everything thoroughly (twice, lol). I meet people from all over who came just for her, even other piercers! It was an amazing experience. I'm so glad I waited to be pierced by Elayne

October 23, 2018 via email from a client I pierced in Atlanta, GA:
I flew all the way from Chicago to Atlanta to be pierced by Elayne and I could not be happier. She was extremely professional and sympathetic to any concerns I had, thoroughly explaining what would happen and what to expect following the piercing. While I was waiting for her I met multiple people who came from all over the country to pierced by her including a fellow piercer. I'm so glad I waited on one of the best in the business to perform my piercing. I don't regret it for a minute. K.

October 22, 2018 via email from a client I pierced in Atlanta, GA:
I just got my nipples pierced for the first time and couldn't have picked a better person to preform the piercing. Elayne was such a pleasure to work with, she took the time to explain everything step by step while also keeping me calm during the process. Her aftercare plan was informative and effective it's like my nipples haven't been pierced at all. Anyone looking for top quality and professional piercing should definitely contact Elayne immediately. Antoinette

September 25, 2018 via email from a client I pierced in Oklahoma City, OK: 
Elayne has been so wonderful to work with throughout this process of booking, piercing and healing.  For years the only piercings I have had are ear lobes.  She answered any and every question or concern we had, from the time of booking the appointment and into the present, should other questions come up about … well, anything relative to my piercings.  

I got three at one time, as it took a long time to be able to travel to see her in just the right location relative to where we live.  If you are considering Genital or Nipple piercing, making the trip to have Elayne do it is definitely worth the wait and added time involved in traveling to another city.   If you live in a city where she will be appearing, then lucky you!  In my book, that would be a no-brainer.

Elayne is a true professional and takes her work extremely seriously, which is so comforting.  Her presence was delightful, yet helpful and firm in letting me know the particulars of my piercings as well as the choices available to me for them.  And oh, by the way — we are loving, loving the enhancement they make visually and sensually.

Quite candidly, I believe Elayne really IS an Angel!  Thank you!!

September 16, 2018 via email from a client I pierced in Philadelphia, PA: 
I am more than satisfied with my VCH and nipple piercing. The piercer was very patient. She answered all my questions/concerns prior to, during and after services were performed. It was an honor to have been pierced by Sis. Elayne Angel.

The Infinite Body Piercing Shop in Philadelphia has friendly Staff Members and offers a wide variety of jewelry.

Maureen, WDC

September 10, 2018 via email from a client I pierced in Philadelphia, PA (a woman who had no prior piercings):

I just wanted to check in with you personally to let you know I am healing well, no more swelling, and let you know how much I appreciated your professional manor, expertise and very patient and caring attitude. You were like a doctor or medical professional with a wonderful bedside manor and the venue was very clean and well run. As I shared with you, this was a bit out of my comfort zone and the leap of faith required was greatly assuaged as you, through my boyfriend, prepped and impressed me with diligent attention to before and after care, including reading your wonderful book, 'The Piercing Bible' as well as advice on utilizing vitamin k and Briotech spray, etc. 

I am so grateful I was put in your expert hands and love that your made this safely possible to bring the joy that I suspect ;) it will for years to come!

Many thanks Elayne, CM

September 4, 2018 via email from a client I pierced in Long Beach, CA:
I recently had a great experience with a wonderful person, master piercer Elayne Angel. I wanted to get a different piercing and over the consult which is mandatory before any piercing (which is done online), I decided after a few emails that I wanted a apadravya piercing. Since I already had a P.A. it would be a easy procedure. So on the appointment day I drove 6 hours to Long Beach to have this done.

I was really nervous when I arrived at the shop but she talked me through every step of procedure. It was very comforting and way beyond what I expected. When the time came for the piercing I barely felt anything. I told her I had a bee sting with more pain than the piercing. She was very gracious and allowed a picture of us together before I left. So she went to counter and made sure everything was taken care of including the Briotech spray for healing. If you are ever considering to have a piercing done below the neck I highly recommend Elayne for the job, if she comes anywhere close to you. Can't wait till the next piercing after this heals.

Thank you so much Elayne you are a true professional. DR.  from California

August 29, 2018 FaceBook recommendation:
What can I say! Elayne is an amazing piercer! She is very thorough, personable, and friendly. You can be rest assured that you are in great hands! She is hands down the most knowledgable piercer I’ve been pierced by and I love my new piercings. Thanks again, Elayne!!

August 15, 2018 via email from a  client I pierced in New Orleans, LA:
"When I decided to get a VCH as my tenth piercing I began researching everything I could think of. I stumbled upon the Piercing Bible site. It answered every single question and had all the pictures I could want! Since I literally only know 2 people with the piercing and only one showed me what it looked like. I loved how much information Elayne was giving and decided I wanted her to pierce me. I began the consultation procedure and was amazed at how easy and simple she made it! The time flew by and my appointment was booked here in New Orleans.

When my time came, Elayne was extremely friendly and professional. She answered every single question I had patiently and honestly, as well as made sure I was educated about the after care. I picked my jewelry and we began. She said: "Prepare to be startled." As much as one can. And she was right. But it was VERY quick and oddly not anywhere near as painful as I imagined. In a matter of seconds the jewelry was in and it was over! I purchased some awesome cleaning solution she had and asked her a few more questions, and was on my way! She made me feel like I had made a new friend. And has consistently made me feel that way even as the years have gone by when I randomly email her asking MORE questions. I will always recommend Elayne herself as my favorite piercer and The Piercing Bible to anyone considering their first piercing, or their tenth! Thanks again Elayne!" Christian L.

August 15, 2018 via email from a husband and wife, who both got genital piercings from me:
"My wife and I had a PA and VCH done by Elayne in Long Beach.  From the initial contact through to the piercing itself everything was super easy.  We've had our piercings for a few weeks now and we couldn't be happier with the outcome.  The experience was so positive that we are already booked in to see Elayne for more piercings.  If you are considering getting pierced by Elayne, definitely go ahead with it!  She is amazing and you won't be disappointed."  Mr and Mrs S.

July 2018 via email:
My VCH healed beautifully, and our first "test drive" with some safe, gentle sex yielded not just one but MANY orgasms with just penetration alone. No additional clitoral stimulation needed, which was always needed for me in the past to reach orgasm.

My mind is BLOWN. This piercing has changed my life. I wish every woman could experience this. My time on earth will be forever better. V. Detroit, MI

June 27, 2018 via email from a husband and wife, who both got genital piercings from me:
"During my visit to Elayne she was very welcoming and friendly. She laid out exactly what she was doing, and what I should expect during the piercing and made the experience as comfortable, quick and painless as possible. I'm very happy with the result and am very pleased I booked with her! " Tim L. 

"My experience with Elayne was better than I ever hoped!  The booking and consultation process went smoothly, and her email communication beforehand was prompt and informative.  During my appointment, Elayne was warm and friendly.  She truly seemed happy to meet me, and I never felt like I was “just another VCH piercing” to her.  She explained every step of the process before she did it, and I felt prepared and informed.  She was very thorough, but also very quick.  The actual piercing was very fast and and not really painful at all.  She followed up with good aftercare information, and even accompanied me to the register and made sure everything went smoothly with that part of my transaction.  I thought that was going above and beyond since many people would be moving on to their next appointment at that point.  I am very glad I made the decision to have Elayne pierce me.  It eased my anxiety about the piercing considerably to know she is so experienced, and the treatment I received before, during, and after my appointment was exemplary.  It was a great first genital piercing experience, and I highly recommend her!" Jennifer L.

June 27, 2018, 5-star FaceBook review:
Very personable and professional.I’ve gotten three piercings from Elayne, my newest just a few weeks ago - I absolutely love my piercings! She is an absolute pleasure to meet and be pierced by. I’ve gotten pierced by other people but Elayne is the best. 

If you want a piercing but have your doubts, contact her and trust me, she will put you at ease and make you feel comfortable.

June 27, 2018, 5-star FaceBook review:
Very personable and professional.

June 25, 2018, 5-star FaceBook review:
When I saw that Iconic in Detroit was having Elayne as a guest piercer, I was eager to make an appointment. I was contemplating an inner labia piercing for a while. She was fast at returning my emails, very professional, and made me feel very comfortable. She was even very helpful with jewelry selection. The piercing had minimal pain and healed very nice. I'm very pleased. And I recommend Briotech. I believe you can purchase it on her website. I use it for EVERYTHING now, not just healing piercings.

June 25, 2018, 5-star FaceBook review:
Elayne has done all of my piercings down there. I would be hard pressed to allow anybody else to do so. She is very professional and is very easy to work with. She is patient when its needed, to take breather if needed and she also knows when its just best to get things on. She has done a total of six piercings on me over the years and has done one on my wife. I would recommend her to anybody thinking about getting piercings of the sort she specializes in. Seriously, if you want something done and are hesitant because of the nature of the real estate where it is going and trust in the person who would be handling the task, Elayne is absolutely the answer. Get it done, let her do it and you will most likely love it, the experience, the healing, the final result. Hit her website and find out when she is coming to a town near you, send her an email to discuss what you are thinking of getting done and then just book that appointment and live out that nagging little fantasy and get pierced.

June 24, 2018, 5-star FaceBook review:
Elayne is great! She's so friendly, professional and knowledgeable. The expectations versus the experience!? I made the right choice in piercer. She made a 4 hour round trip easier than I thought!! Lol. I have no regrets. Thank you Elayne.

June 23, 2018, 5-star FaceBook review:
She has very pleasant energy, and made the experience great. I was even given time to gain my composure (it was greatly needed, since it's all mental). She is a luvly being.

June 22, 2018, 5-star FaceBook review:
I drove 3 hrs round trip to OKC for my pa [Prince Albert] and lorum!! Elayne is the best and most competent piercer on the planet!! Does a wonderful job of explaining what is and going to take place! Her expertise in safety and practice is overwhelming! I will go back for more when she come this way again!!! Thank you so much ELAYNE! JIM

June 22, 2018, 5-star FaceBook review:
I waited six months and drove six hours round-trip to have Elayne do my piercing, and it was SO worth it! Elayne is a true professional from start to finish - beginning with the way she expertly handled the randomer in the lobby who tried to help me select my jewelry. LOL! Safety and cleanliness are priorities for her, and she was very thorough to explain process and answer all of my questions. She did an excellent job assessing my anatomy and choosing jewelry that is the perfect size and aesthetically pleasing. Also, LISTEN to her and use the Briotech spray for healing! It is incredible and I have had no pain or complications with my aftercare. I can’t recommend her highly enough and won’t go anywhere else for future piercings! Thank you so much, Elayne!

June 22, 2018, 5-star FaceBook review:
I had just absolutely the most stellar experience with Elayne. She is personable, knowledgeable and you don't feel rushed to get the piercing finished. Elayne was happy to discuss all options with me suitable for my anatomy. She also thoroughly explained her reason for choosing to slightly off-center my piercing, which only made me more confident in her skill since she was clearly focused on my individual anatomy. The only pain I felt was during the initial poke. The placement of the jewelry didn't hurt at all. Moreover, I was able to go about my regular day without any issues (I expected pain when walking, honestly). I had a bit of tenderness for the first 2-3 days but after that I haven't had a single concern. It's healed rapidly and without complication. I would 11/10 go back to Elayne for any future piercing needs I might have and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone interested in having a genital piercing performed. As a medical professional, I cannot say enough good stuff about Elayne. She's certainly found her niche in this world and the industry is fortunate to have her.

June 21, 2018, 5-star FaceBook review:
Elayne is fantastic! She takes a great deal of time and care to answer all of your questions. She was very thorough in explaining what to expect before, during and after. She also took a great deal of time to explain aftercare. I greatly appreciated her taking the time to respond to my questions and messages. Elayne is definitely an expert in the piercing field, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

June 21, 2018, 5-star FaceBook review:
I decided to treat myself for my 40th birthday and was fortunate enough that my timing was perfect to get pierced by Elayne. The process was much more involved than any other piercing I’ve had done, but that only helped solidify in my mind that I was choosing the right piercer. An online consultation, a few weeks’ wait, an 8 hour round-trip later, and I had my new jewelry. 

I couldn’t be happier with the actual appointment or the results. Elayne has such a lovely demeanor and immediately put me at ease. Her explanation of the entire process from start to finish is thorough and precise. Thanks to Elayne, it was a great experience, and the piercing looks great. It is everything I could have hoped for and more; plus, the healing has been phenomenally quick and painless. 

Thank you, Elayne, for being such a consummate professional in your art. I absolutely adore my VCH and cannot recommend you highly enough.

June 21, 2018, 5-star FaceBook review:
Great piercer she has so much knowledge and experience easy to work with.

June 21, 2018, 5-star FaceBook review
I was extremely anxious about my VCH piercing and my husbands frenum piercing but Elayne put ALL of my worries to ease. We drove 10 hours round trip and will do it again for future piercing. She is very professional and makes you feel very comfortable. In our minds, she is the only body piercer to use for all of your piercing.
Thanks again Elayne for a wonderful piercing experience!

June 21, 2018, 5-star FaceBook review:
Had a excellent experience with Elayne! She took her time preparing and explaining what she was going to do. She is an expert, cleanliness and technique are her specialty. I would highly recommend her for your piercing.

June 8, 2018, 5-star FaceBook review:
I can't give enough positive praise about my experience with Elayne. She went above and beyond to answer all my questions even before my actual appointment. I loved how she walked me through everything she was doing and just put me at complete ease. Highly recommend the time and money. Worth every penny.

May 29, 2018, 5-star FaceBook review:
Elayne is such a lovely person! Although we have never met in person. At least not yet. However, she has kindly answered all my questions whenever I contacted her out of the blue. She is an excellent, experienced piercer who knows how to guide you. She is a true, dedicated professional, so without doubt you are in safe hands.

May 5, 2018, 5-star FaceBook review:
Elayne is AMAZING! I’ve had 3 piercings done by her and I’d never go to anyone else! She is by far the most educated and experienced piercer out there! She will answer all of your questions and walk you through every single step, and she just has a way of calming any of your fears! I live in Cleveland and will drive to Detroit whenever she’s there to get pierced! She’s extremely professional, clean and educated!!! She also offers anatomy consults, which is great because anyone can just pierce you and take your money, but Elayne actually CARES ABOUT YOU! I’ve had a bad experience with a piercing in the past so I was very hesitant but I’m so happy that I found her and she’s the only one that I’ll ever let near me with a needle now! 

November 18, 2016
Elayne converted my PA to an Apadravya last year in OKC. I was so happy with it I decided to go for the 'Magic Cross' and get and ampylang too. Once again, Elayne was the only person I considered for this most artful piercing. Once I reached out to Elayne everything else was a snap! She did another consult with me and gave me some homework to do to make sure I got the appropriate size barbell. Once photos and measurements were taken and placement agreed to it was just a matter of waiting for the big day. Six months later I couldn't believe I was boarding a flight to Philadelphia. 

I walked into Infinite Body Piercing and was so impressed. Clean, brightly lit and a very friendly person behind the counter to check me in. Elayne was running right on time and would be with me once she finished with the appointment before me. I was about a half hour early so I had a seat in the waiting area and collected my thoughts. I was getting nervous until Elayne walked out and gave me a big hello and smile. I was ready. We went back to the piercing room. Again bright and sparking clean. Elayne had me sit on the exam table and we made small talk while she got set up. We were doing the Ampy [ampallang] and a Guiche and decided to do the Guiche first. I had to lay back and straddle the table with me legs. Elayne did the marking and after allowing me to peek had me lay back and relax...yeah right! A deep breath, exhale and...done! New Jewelry in I got to take look with the hand mirror. Perfect! Next up the Ampy. Throughout all this Elayne make sure I was comfortable and having a good experience. She stopped to answer every question I had and to let me calm myself. Once she had marked the placement we both took a look. This was the point of no return. I have to admit I did consider getting up and walking! No one would hold it against me. But the thought was there only for a second. Full steam ahead! Elayne told me to breathe while she got a good hold of me then one final deep slow breath in and then...done! Really I had hardly begun to exhale when it was over! It stung for about a millisecond. 

My nipples were more painful when I got them done. Another pinch when she inserted the jewelry and I couldn't believe it watching her screwing on the balls. Jumping off the table I gave Elayne a big hug. What a great experience. I've come to appreciate the self-empowerment I feel from my body mods. I guess one could say it's become a passion of mine now. I get so much enjoyment from my mods I can't imagine being without them now. That said Elayne brings so much to the piercing experience. It's so wonderful to know she's in control and absolutely puts my goals and best interests first. I highly recommend reaching out to Elayne if you are considering a body mod below the neck. Thanks Elayne! I can't wait to see you again next time. C.

November 8, 2016
It's been about a month and a half now since I had my pubic piercing (The Lenny) done at Infinite Body piercing in Philadelphia by Elayne and all is well, it is healing very nicely. This is my third piercing done by Elayne, (PA [Prince Albert] and Lorum are the other two) and I am forever grateful that I found her to do them. Elayne is the consummate professional with a gentle touch and very patient and very informative, O yah, with a sense of humor too. And what was also very helpful was getting Elayne’s book, (The Piercing Bible), it has all the info in it for the piercing you want to get. I love all three of my piercings and if anyone is considering a below the belt piercing, or nipples, find out where Elayne is piercing and make an appointment, the wait will well be worth it. After the first one you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner, at least thats the way it was for me. My only regret is I didn't start sooner. Now Im deciding where to put number 4. Thank you so much Elayne for piercing me and being a part of a new chapter in my life. M.

November 7, 2016
I absolutely LOVE my VCH piercing! I haven't felt any discomfort or pain since the split second poke from the piercing (lol) joke the piercing was really like a split second honestly! If I didn't knew better I would forget it was pierced that's how normal and so comfortable it feels! The entire process was extremely smooth sailing from booking down to the day of my appointment! I felt beyond comfortable with Elayne... she was so informative and extremely detailed with every email communication as well as on the day of my appointment. She walked me through the entire process from helping me select the best suitable jewerly for my VCH Piercing according to my body anatomy, throughly sanitizing EVERYTHING, prepping the area for the piercing even to opening the packages(lol), and etc. I didn't leave with any unanswered questions! I'm so happy I found Elayne.. NOBODY can compare to her ... Elayne you are truly the BEST!!!!! T.

November 7, 2016
Thank you for being so knowledgable and professional. I researched VCH piercings for years (literally) before working up the nerve to actually get it done. You were AMAZING. The process itself was not that bad and I am IN LOVE with my piercing. 

I would highly recommend Elayne to anyone looking to get any type of piercing done! L.


September 26, 2016
I Visited with Elayne At Infinite Body Piercing in Philadelphia, PA on 09/19/2016. I received my 1st set of Inner Labia Adornments and I am thrilled. I have visited with Elayne previously (my Triangle Piercing is my favorite & has changed my life!) and I can tell you that she is kind, knowledgeable, reassuring and incredibly professional. Her quality standards & attention to every detail you most likely will not find in a local shop. If you've ever though about a genital piercing - book an appointment with Elayne - I can tell you she's worth waiting for! You really do not want any mistakes down there! B.

September 26, 2016
I was fortunate to have received my first piercing, a PA, from Elayne recently. I was blown away with her professionalism and attention to detail. She was extremely accommodating and easy to work with. 
My biggest concern before going in was the professionalism of my piercer and Elayne exceeded every one of my expectations. I really can't recommend her and her work highly enough. I wouldn't ever choose to be pierced by anyone else. Anon.

September 22, 2016 
I was lucky enough to have my nipples pierced by Elayne this past week. I couldn't be happier with how they turned out! They were sore for the first day after the piercing, but not nearly as bad as I was expecting. 

I was really nervous about the whole process (I had read horror stories from people who had their nipples done by less experienced piercers), but Elayne was so sweet and professional that she put my mind completely at ease. The actual piercing was so fast that I barely had a chance to realize it happened! 

If you're debating whether or not it's worth the price and wait to be pierced by Elayne, it is. It's really as simple as that! A.

September 5, 2016
I was concerned about the placement of a new nipple piercing I had done a few days ago. Elayne responded to my need for a consult within a few hours, and took the time to put all my concerns at ease. We corresponded through several emails and she made sure she had all of the information and photos she needed to reach an educated conclusion about how my piercing was placed. She alleviated all of my worries in a timely, professional, and friendly manner. Would recommend her to anyone! O.

November 23, 2016 
I'm seeing Elayne for a PA piercing on December 5th ... she is traveling to my town for a few days, and I'm grateful for her trip!

The process of working with Elayne has been fantastic. Obviously knowledgeable, what has really stood out for me is the speed of her communication, her pithy and clear style, and great advice. She is a joy to work with and I look forward to being skewered. 

In the process of working with Elayne I read The Piercing Bible. What a great resource! I have learned so much about piercing, and had questions answered I didn't know existed.

I am now a devotee of the book. I've read it twice, and have been putting into practice habits that should serve me well during the healing process, e.g., consciously washing my hands before touching my penis, and doing medical-grade hand washings. I don't want to have a healing problem, and I appreciate the clarity of the advice in the book. 

It has also been fun to learn about piercings I didn't know existed, and the mechanics of how piercings work. 

Elayne is a super person, and her book an invaluable resource to anyone even thinking about piercings. R.

July 25, 2016 
Elayne is amazing. I decided to get a VCH and was thrilled to have the opportunity to be pierced in Hollywood by Elayne. She explained everything and it didn't hurt at all. There was maybe just 1/2 second of a dull ache. That was it. Then immediately no pain. I swear my piercing has already healed and it's only ten days old. No pain. No throbbing. I didn't even need the cooling pad. My ears and cartilage hurt more than my VCH. Elayne was friendly and professional and also helped me choose which jewelry was best for me. If anyone is hesitant to be pierced I cannot say enough good things about Elayne. She is a kindred spirit and had good energy to boot. Thank you Elayne for everything. S.

July 20, 2016
I have wanted my nipples pierced for over 6 years. I have been a fan of Elayne and her infinite skill and knowledge for just as long. My hesitancy to go through with it was never out of fear, but simply because I would have no other person pierce me other than her. In the summer of 2015, a friend of mine mentioned she had gone to Elayne for a VCH piercing and I just about cried when I discovered she had already left town! Fast forward to May 2016, I got myself on the wait list and when dates were released I took the first available opening. I purchased her book and read it several times over. I sent photos (along with several emails with questions) to Elayne and she responded almost immediately. She was patient and warm and shared in my great excitement. The day of my piercing, she walked out in all her beauty with a huge smile and the experience was one I will always treasure. Ancient Adornments' staff was friendly, funny and equally excited for me to be there. During my piercing, Elayne and I talked about our shared love for life, animals and doing the things you love. I couldn't possibly rave or recommend her enough and just like I told her, she is a true gift to this community of body art/modification lovers. I will be forever grateful and my only regret is that I didn't see her sooner. J.P.

Older comments from clients: 

Via direct correspondence: Elayne, I just wanted to let you know how excited I was to have you do my ampallang yesterday. I have got so much out of your book as well as getting a feel for the person you are, someone quite intelligent, passionate and dedicated to her craft.

Upon meeting you it's easy to see that you are all of that and a lot more. I love the piercing, I think it looks totally 'hot'. I haven't been able to stop looking at it!! And your placement was 'exactly' where I wanted it. It has been bleeding just a bit but otherwise it feels fine. I could not believe that it didn't hurt nearly as bad as what I was anticipating, but I can imagine that having this piercing done with someone not as skilled could indeed make it much more traumatic. Thank you again!!!! M.

Older reviews from BodyArtForms:
• Posted on 12/5/2009 So far Im loving this book! Ive learned so many interesting facts that Im rambling off to my family lol I would highly recommend for someone who wants a piercing or just anyone interested in piercings =]
• Posted on 11/27/2009 This is a must have book for anyone interested in body piercing, it is probably the best and most comprehensive book you could buy on the subject right now. The book covers a wide range of subjects and includes diagrams. I would have preferred the book to include colour photographs and for me it spent too much time on the basics (but this would be a positive for people new to the subject).
• Posted on 10/16/2009 Very comprehensive book. Has lots of info for beginners and also plenty of interesting things for those who have been around awhile. Wish I had this book 10 years ago!
vPosted on 8/31/2009 Thisd is an awesome book lets you know everything you need to know about piercing..definitely recomend this to anyone who is into piercing and modification..
• Posted on 8/23/2009 Excellent book that covers everything you can think of relating to body piercings. Very in depth and detailed. A fantastic reference and learning resource. A must have for every piercing fanatic!
• Posted on 8/11/2009 this book is a must have for anyone who is even considering getting a piercing. i've learned so much from this book and i'm not even finished yet. get this book.
• Posted on 6/30/2009 This book is the ultimate companion for a piercer and piercee. I'm both and this book is great for both. A must have for any body piercing enthusiast.

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