clitoris piercing, also called a clitoral glans piercing or "clit piercing" is rare. Piercing of this sensitive anatomy that rests beneath the clitoral hood is serious business.

To be clear, this is not a clitoral hood piercing; those are quite common—especially the vertical clitoral hood (VCH) piercing, and less so, the horizontal clitoral hood (HCH) piercing. The triangle piercing is also worn through the hood tissue, and it is more common than the clitoris piercing, too.

Approximately 90 to 95 percent of women are not suitably built to accommodate jewelry through the clitoral head. Though once educated about the difference between hood piercings and clitoris piercings, most women actually desire the former.

A mishap here can result in the loss of your clitoral sensation and the termination of your erotic pleasure if your sexual activities are clitorally focused.

General Information

If you’re like most women, the thought of piercing your clitoris (rather than your clitoral hood) is likely to make you slam your knees tightly together and exclaim, “Ow!” You probably comprehend that the clitoris is a profoundly sensitive part of your anatomy. This small but significant structure contains approximately 8,000 nerve endings, which is double the number found in the entire average penis!

Only a highly experienced master should perform this piercing, and only on candidates who are ideally suited to it. Exercise extreme caution before embarking upon a clitoris piercing; this is not an area with which to take risks.

Women who are suitably endowed and properly pierced usually find that a clitoris piercing does increase the sensitivity of the area. However, you could lose sensation if the piercer is not masterful enough to carry out the job perfectly, if you are anatomically unsuited, or if you experience healing complications. Diminished sensation sometimes returns upon abandoning a problematic piercing.

If you wish to be evaluated for suitability for this (or any other) piercing, please sign up for an anatomy consultation and include at least two photos of yourself: 

• One with your hood at rest
• One with it fully retracted

Placing something like a coin in the images for scale reference can be helpful. 

If you won't be getting pierced by me, please CAREFULLY check the qualifications of the piercer you select! Many piercers do a shockingly poor job, and can really damage you with a badly done clitoris (or hood) piercing!

Healing Time
4-6 weeks or longer

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Chances are, your clitoris is simply too small to withstand a piercing; the average one is no bigger than a pencil eraser. 

A number of women are built with a clitoris that is large enough to pierce, but their hood tissue fits too tightly or heavily over it, and this would interfere with jewelry. To be safe to pierce and have a chance to heal well, your clitoris must be relatively large (at least a full 1/4" wide) and be easily exposed or protruding beneath a short or loose hood. Most women are simply not configured this way.

The proper placement is at the base of the clitoral glans where it forms from the body. For a horizontal piercing, when the head is oval, the piercing is placed at the midpoint, and when the glans is teardrop shaped, it goes a small distance below that. For a vertical piercing, it goes at the top and bottom of the clitoris. Some women cannot comfortably retract the hood enough to expose the upper part of the clitoris for the procedure or to accommodate a barbell ball.

Note that I ALWAYS wear gloves for client contact! Images without gloves were sent to me for consultations, and are posted anonymously and with permission.

Clitoris being exposed manually that is too petite to pierce
Clitoris being exposed manually that is too petite to pierce
Clitoris marked with piercing placement at the base of the tissue
Clitoris marked with piercing placement at the base of the tissue
A more suitable build for piercing with a larger, more exposed clitoris
A more suitable build for piercing with a larger, more exposed clitoris
Clitoris (clitoral glans) piercing with captive bead ring
Clitoris (clitoral glans) piercing with captive bead ring
Vertical clitoris piercing by James Weber, Infinite Body Piercing, Philadelphia, PA-
Vertical clitoris piercing by James Weber, Infinite Body Piercing Philadelphia
Oval clitoral glans pierced at the midpoint, at the base where it forms from the body
Oval clitoral glans pierced at the midpoint, at the base where it forms from the body, with captive ring and blue gemstone
Teardrop shaped clitoris pierced at the widest part, at the base of the tissue
Teardrop shaped clitoris pierced at the widest part, at the base of the tissue, with ring
Vertical clitoris piercing (piercer unknown)
Vertical clitoris piercing with barbell piercing


I'll use ring or bar style jewelry for horizontal placement, and bar style is suited to the vertical option. Even when you have a well-developed clitoris, 16-gauge jewelry is the most common starting size. This is the only below-the-neck piercing in which I place jewelry that is thinner than 14 gauge. If your anatomy is sufficiently large, I will use a 14 gauge.

To preserve the sensitivity of your diminutive but precious organ, jewelry must not comprise too great a proportion of the clitoris.

As for the diameter, I use a 3/8" minimum, up to 1/2" or even 9/16" on occasion, for very well-endowed women.

A perfect jewelry fit is critical. If a ring or bar is even slightly oversized, it can interfere with the way your hood naturally rests. Any pressure against the jewelry will be painful and can lead to scarring, migration, and healing problems.

You will probably want some help with jewelry changes. Once you are fully healed, altering the jewelry style and size can have an impact on the mechanics of your sexual activities and satisfaction, so consider experimenting with different options to find your favorite.

Once healed, you can stretch a clitoris piercing if your anatomy is of sufficient dimensions to support larger jewelry. Increasing one or two sizes is usually possible if you allow plenty of time between stretches. After that, the tissue may be more challenging to enlarge. A few hardy women have expanded their clitoral piercings to 6 gauge and even larger.

If you have your mind set on a large-size clitoris piercing, once fully healed, insert the heaviest jewelry you can wear comfortably. Try adding light charms or bells as tolerated to help it stretch over time. Never endure discomfort for the stretching process; if your piercing will not enlarge easily, do not force it. Even after healing, this can cause complications such as migration and scarring.

Clitoris piercing with circular barbell
Clitoris piercing with circular barbell
A large gauge gold captive ring in a stretched clitoris piercing
A large gauge gold captive ring in a stretched clitoris piercing with 6 outer labia piercings and genital tattooing (fins)


If your clitoris can’t be clamped because your anatomy is too small, your hood is in the way, or the process is too intense for you, then you aren’t a good candidate for clitoris piercing. Even if clamps aren’t used, these remain reasonable criteria for would-be piercees. Slow, deep breathing is especially important to help keep you as relaxed as possible. Moving during the procedure can be ruinous. Most of the brave, determined women who do receive a clitoris piercing find that it is a very intense (though ultimately rewarding) experience.

On occasion I've pierced women who have so little localized sensation that the piercing is not painful, but this is the exception.

If this isn't the case, give yourself some extra time to recover before arising. You may want to take a day or two off from work and physical activities. Always wear a pad or liner following the procedure. Due to the vascular nature of this area, bleeding is normal. It can be fairly heavy and may last for several days. The trade-off is the same as with other spots that have a good blood supply: the clitoris piercing usually heals very quickly.

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Healing and Troubleshooting

You can expect intense discomfort or actual pain for several days after piercing this exquisitely sensitive area. Excessive pain or discomfort beyond the first week or two may indicate that your jewelry isn’t resting properly and that you have too much pressure against it from your hood or labia. See your piercer for an evaluation and possible jewelry change. If you cannot find a jewelry size or style that situates comfortably, your piercing will need to be abandoned. Do not persist in trying to heal. Scarring from this problem is to be expected, can be permanent, and may cause diminished sensation.

Hypersensitivity is also normal during the initial phase, and it may continue after you are healed. If you are left with an undesirable level of intensity, removing your jewelry should resolve the problem.

When you leave jewelry out of a well-healed clitoris piercing, it may stay open. However, if the channel shrinks much, this spot could be too tender to stretch back up for jewelry reinsertion. The piercing is recessed at the base of natural folds, so there will not be any visible mark left if you abandon the piercing, unless there was scarring. A clitoris piercing often causes some enlargement of the area, and this can be permanent, but other evidence of piercing will be difficult or impossible to see.

Botched clitoris piercing placed too deep (and crooked)
Botched clitoris piercing placed too deep (and crooked)
Arrows indicating where the poorly placed clitoris piercing should have been located
Arrows indicating where the poorly placed clitoris piercing should have been located

What My Happy Clients Say

Thank you for being so knowledgable and professional. I researched piercings for years (literally) before working up the nerve to actually get it done. You were AMAZING. The process itself was not that bad and I am IN LOVE with my piercing.

I would highly recommend Elayne to anyone looking to get any type of piercing done! 

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This visit went smooth, was very pleasant and informative and I got to see a true professional in action.

What an inspiration she is! Wonderful woman with a beautiful personality and an absolutely comforting bedside manner.

Thank you Elayne!