The guiche (pronounced “geesh”) is a horizontal piercing in the male perineum, between the scrotum and the anus. This piercing is specifically for the pleasure of the wearer, and jewelry creates various possibilities for erotic stimulation.

So many men would smile as soon as we were done, and make comments to the effect of, “Wow! This feels great already!” that I was inspired to invent the female counterpart called the fourchette piercing.

This healed 10-gauge guiche piercing with 5/8" diameter captive ring by Joeltron Bament, Opal Heart, 

General Information

The guiche is a piercing behind the scrotum that straddles the perineal raphe or perineum, the faint ridge of tissue that runs from the scrotum to the anus. 

Ornamenting the perineum with a piercing calls attention to the region in addition to making it more sensitive. Folklore has it that South Pacific Islanders pierced this area during puberty as a rite of passage into adulthood. They reportedly wore a leather thong through the piercing with a shell dangling from it. They would squat with the shell in the water and discern the direction of the currents based on how the piercing felt.

This quaint story is one of several colorful fabrications about piercing's origins, courtesy of Doug Malloy. He is the man who helped my mentor, Jim Ward, to open the world's first piercing specialty studio. The guiche appears to be a modern innovation, originating in the gay leather community.

Healing Time
3-4 months or longer

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The guiche is a horizontal piercing between the scrotum and the anus, near the meeting point of the center seam and inseam of your pants. The piercing should be placed at least 5/8" from your anus. You might have limited space, with only a single location where a guiche can be situated. If you are more generously built in that region, you may have a range of options. I normally point out the "traditional" central placement (by gently pinching and prodding), and then offer any suitable sites slightly north and south so you can select the one that feels the best to you.

Multiple guiches are possible if you have a long perineum, but more than one is not usually performed in the same session. 

You are suited to the guiche piercing if you have loose, pliable skin in this region. Very taut tissue makes the piercing challenging to perform and more difficult to heal. If you have a flat build, you will need to wear jewelry that is a little wider in diameter to encompass sufficient tissue. The size and shape of your thighs also affect the placement, and this should be factored in during marking. A small amount of migration is normal during healing, so if your piercing is started with too little tissue, you can end up with a shallow piercing that might reject. 

I have done a number of successful vertical perineum piercings but they are not as common. I am not aware of any special name for them; I simply refer to them as "vertical guiche" piercings.

Guiche and stretched Prince Albert piercings
Guiche and stretched Prince Albert piercings
Close up of a guiche piercing with 12 gauge niobium captive ring
Close up of a guiche piercing with colorful 12 gauge niobium captive ring and blue tiger eye bead
Guiche piercing with a curved bar
Guiche piercing with a curved bar
Vertical guiche piercing
Vertical guiche piercing with curved bar
Guiche piercing viewed from behind-done at Infinite Body Piercing, Philadelphia, PA
Guiche piercing viewed from behind-done at Infinite Body Piercing, Philadelphia, PA
Guiche piercing with a ring
Guiche piercing with a ring


I will use 12 gauge as the thinner option, which is desirable if you are fairly flat without an abundance of pliable tissue in the region. For fuller builds, I commonly use 10 gauge for initial jewelry.

Ring-style jewelry (including a captive or fixed bead ring, or circular barbell) or a curved bar are the most common style options. The diameter is anatomically dependent, but a 1/2" would be the narrowest curved bar I'd use in order to fit sufficient tissue for a durable piercing.

If you are configured with a pouchy, convex-shaped perineum, then a 5/8" diameter ring or 9/16" curved bar usually works well. On occasion I've used a 3/4" diameter, but rarely is wider jewelry needed or desirable.

Once healed, you will need to get a piercer or a capable friend to help you with any stretches or jewelry changes, because it is quite tricky to access a guiche by yourself unless you are extraordinarily flexible.

The added sensation of wearing weights on your guiche piercing can be enjoyable and some men really love the feel of large, heavy jewelry in this region. There are weights made specifically for this purpose. The largest guiche piercing I ever saw was at least 00 gauge (9 or 10mm). It was the ever-present companion of a long-distance truck driver who attributed his patience for his job to the enjoyment he experienced while riding on his impressive guiche piercing!

Guiche piercing with a guiche weight (only for fully healed piercings!)
Guiche piercing with a weight hanging from a captive bead ring  (only for fully healed piercings!)
A captive bead ring is a common choice for a guiche piercing
A captive bead ring is a common choice for a guiche piercing
A curved barbell is another common choice for initial jewelry in guiche piercings
A curved barbell is another common choice for initial jewelry in guiche piercings
A circular barbell is another suitable choice for guiche piercings
A circular barbell (ring with two balls that have a gap between them) is another suitable choice for guiche piercings


Your piercer will find it easier to mark and pierce your guiche if you have trimmed or shaved. Depending on the thickness of your hair, your piercer will probably need to do this for you if you have failed to do so yourself.

Some piercers position you on your back with your feet on the table or in stirrups, as I do. Others place you on your hands and knees. Both are valid options, and your piercer may use one to mark and the other to double-check the placement and/or to pierce you.

As when performing all of the male genital piercings in this area such as frenum, lorum, and scrotum/hafada, I use forceps. If the perineum is taut, I'll first do some tissue manipulation (pinch, lift, and roll the skin) to prepare it for the forceps. Most men do not find the piercing to be a particularly intense piercing. Some bleeding is possible with the guiche, as it is with any piercing.

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Healing and Troubleshooting

Snug, supportive underwear are suggested to help support the jewelry and minimize trauma. You may want to wear sanitary pads or liners throughout healing to help the area stay dry and provide protective padding. Keep the piercing as free from moisture as possible and maintain good air circulation.

Due to the wound’s proximity to the anus, you must be careful to avoid contact with waste during healing and to shower once or twice a day. Following bowel movements, wipe away from the piercing to uphold good hygiene practices. If you use wet-wipe products after visiting the toilet, do not allow the towelettes to touch your piercing if they contain detergents, fragrances, chemicals, or preservatives. The ingredients may be suitable for feminine freshening or post-potty cleanup, but they aren’t meant for use on open wounds like piercings. Protect the piercing with a waterproof bandage before engaging in receptive anal sex during healing.

This region is subject to considerable friction from daily activities, which can cause the piercing to become irritated. Some redness around the openings is very common during healing, and does not necessarily indicate a complication. A healing guiche doesn’t prohibit exercise, though it is certainly best to avoid biking and horseback riding for the first few weeks. Lumpy, protruding scar tissue sometimes temporarily forms at the openings of the piercing during healing. You may need to change your jewelry style or size to resolve this problem.

A guiche piercing experiencing excess scar tissue formation, which has rendered the jewelry too small
A guiche piercing experiencing excess scar tissue formation, which has rendered the jewelry too small

What My Happy Clients Say

I got a Prince Albert and a Guiche by Elayne and had a very positive experience.

Elayne is very professional, very friendly, very patient, and very lovable. 

What made the decision easier was buying and reading The Piercing Bible, buying and watching Elayne's piercing videos

I traveled approximately six hundred miles to get pierced by Elayne, and I would definitely do it again.  Thank you for making me feel so welcome and loved. 

Traveled 600 miles to Philadelphia, PA

I've been lucky enough to get a guiche and lorum piercing by Elayne on her last visit to Philly.  No matter how long the wait is for an appointment with Elayne, it's WELL WORTH the wait! She is very professional and the best in the business in my opinion.

I'm glad to see that you're coming back and will be signing up for more genital piercings. 

Philadelphia, PA

A deep breath, exhale and…my guiche was done! New jewelry in I got to take look with the hand mirror. Perfect!

I've come to appreciate the self-empowerment I feel from my body mods.

I highly recommend reaching out to Elayne if you are considering a body mod below the neck.