Nipple Piercings

Do not make the mistake of assuming that just because a piercer hangs out a shingle and has a license or other certificate(s) posted on their wall, that they know how to do nipple piercings. Unfortunately, many piercers lack sufficient training. They are frequently unaware of how to place nipple piercings optimally—or even close to correctly. Often they are incapable of selecting appropriate jewelry for your safety, comfort, and ability to heal successfully.

As an expert on the subject, (I specialize exclusively in nipple and genital piercings) and one who offers professional piercing problem consultations, I have bad news: many of the consults I do relate to improperly placed nipple piercings that must often be abandoned. Frequently jewelry has been mis-sized leading to unnecessary suffering, expense, and sometimes permanent scarring.

Get educated in order to make good decisions and avoid the horrors that can come with poorly done nipple piercings.

  • Post-surgical Nipple Piercing

    Nipple Piercings on Augmented Breasts

    Nipple piercings are not quick or easy to heal in general. So if you have a history of surgical procedure(s) in the area, it is especially critical to be throughly evaluated by a qualified and ethical professional prior to piercing

    Depending on the location and extent of scarring, piercing may not be appropriate.

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  • Male Nipple Piercing

    Whether you prefer the look of an accent on just one side, or a bilateral pair, nipple piercings can enhance the aesthetics of pretty much any chest. Piercings can also add greatly to the sensitivity of male nipples. Many men report that their nipples are not erotically charged--until after piercing. 

    Even very small male nipples can be pierced, if the tissue is pliable.

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