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25 May 2023

Piercing Inverted Nipples 

I'm often asked whether inverted nipples can be pierced.
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2 Nov 2022

The Clitoris in the News!

Photo Credit Marie Docher  The clitoris is an amazing structure. Its only job is to enable pleasurable sensations. It has been widely reported and often repeated that the clitoris contains… Read More
26 Sep 2022

Why I Pierce Only Vaccinated Clients

Below is an explanation to clarify why I require "up to date" vaccination status from my clients. During each piercing session, I will be in an enclosed space in physical-contact proximity. There's… Read More
11 Jul 2022

A Genital Piercing Specialist

A Genital Piercing Specialist - A Hood Piercing Specialist - A Penis Piercing Specialist--That's me! Surely any rational person would want to have their piercing performed by a professional who knows… Read More
8 Jul 2022

Triangle Piercing Q & A

I received a message from an experienced piercer who was frustrated with seeing misplaced triangle piercings. (I certainly know that sentiment!) They were looking for information on the correct… Read More
1 Jul 2022

An Interview with Elayne Angel

Here's a recent interview with Scott Wilkinson from his YouTube channel. We chat about the early years of the piercing industry, my new book, and a whole lot more! Read More
5 Apr 2022

The Piercing Bump Cure

The number one way to treat or cure piercing bumps is: determine the specific cause of the bump and address it directly. A host of factors can contribute to the formation of piercing-related bumps.… Read More

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