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26 Sep 2022

Why I Pierce Only Vaccinated Clients

Below is an explanation to clarify why I require "up to date" vaccination status from my clients. During each piercing session, I will be in an enclosed space in physical-contact proximity. There's… Read More
11 Jul 2022

A Genital Piercing Specialist

A Genital Piercing Specialist - A Hood Piercing Specialist - A Penis Piercing Specialist--That's me! Surely any rational person would want to have their piercing performed by a professional who knows… Read More
8 Jul 2022

Triangle Piercing Q & A

I received a message from an experienced piercer who was frustrated with seeing misplaced triangle piercings. (I certainly know that sentiment!) They were looking for information on the correct… Read More
1 Jul 2022

An Interview with Elayne Angel

Here's a recent interview with Scott Wilkinson from his YouTube channel. We chat about the early years of the piercing industry, my new book, and a whole lot more! Read More
5 Apr 2022

The Piercing Bump Cure

The number one way to treat or cure piercing bumps is: determine the specific cause of the bump and address it directly. A host of factors can contribute to the formation of piercing-related bumps.… Read More
29 Sep 2021

The Great Cotton Swab Controversy

  Below is an article I wrote for my monthly Q&A column in Pain Magazine, a body-art-industry trade publication. Though it is written for piercers, I thought this might be helpful to piercees as… Read More

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