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12 Dec 2017

Elayne Angel Piercing in Miami Florida First Time Ever March 2018

I'm so excited about my plans to pierce in Miami, Florida for the first time ever!
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8 Jul 2017

Questions About a Shaft Apadravya Piercing

I received this message about a shaft apadravya piercing--one that vertically passes through the penile shaft, behind the g
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27 May 2017

New Site Design Coming

Be on the lookout for a new, improved, streamlined, and updated Piercing Bible website. 
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29 Dec 2016

Can Daith Piercings Cure Migraine Headaches?

Here's the text of an article I wrote for Pain Magazine t
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22 Nov 2016

Nipple Piercing Placement Tip: Natural Creases

This is some feedback I received from a piercer who attended a piercing class/demonstration I did at the
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10 Oct 2016

Piercing in Philadelphia

I had a really fantastic time during my recent piercing trip to Philadelphia!
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17 Jun 2016

Don't Get a Botched Piercing!

I've been piercing for a long time now--since the 1980s.
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