Piercing in Miami, FL March 1-4, 2018

I specialize exclusively in nipple and genital piercings on men, women, and others. I travel around the US and do guest piercings at fine studios around the country. View the Events sidebar on the right for cities and dates. 

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to book or inquire about an appointment please visit this page!

My piercing fee is $100 for an initial piercing (plus jewelry). Additional piercings are $50. each (plus jewelry). You will be purchasing jewelry in the studio at the time of your appointment. This assures appropriate size and style, and control over quality and sterility. For questions about jewelry options and costs, you'll have to contact the studio directly.

I usually get fully booked, so if you would like an appointment, please let me know ASAP! Once your anatomy is approved, I will send you instructions so you can make a deposit that is required to confirm your appointment.

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