The general location of a scrotum piercing is evident in its name, but the particulars are limited only by the imagination. They can be placed pretty much anywhere the skin can be pinched. The piercing is sometimes called a hafada, especially when placed on one or both sides in the upper portion of the natural fold.

General Information

If you prefer a genital piercing that is ornamental and not inserted during intercourse, a scrotum piercing may appeal to you. Scrotum piercings can go along the midline, from lorum to guiche, and in its most plentiful expression, multiple piercings can form a chainmail pouch surrounding the entire sac.

Though these are essentially ornamental rather than functional piercings, depending on placement and positioning with a partner—and the size and weight of the jewelry, it can swing and "hit the right spot."

The name "hafada" is said to derive from the Arabs and a rite of passage into manhood. The piercing is placed to symbolically prevent the rising of the descended testicle back into the body. It appears that tale may have been concocted by Doug Malloy, the "Grandfather" of modern body piercing. 

Healing Time
2-3 months or longer

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The piercing traverses only the surface tissue and does not penetrate the interior of the scrotal sac. To help you decide on placement, imagine the way jewelry will rest in your skin and how clothing and motion from your activities will affect the healing wound. 

Be patient with your piercer, because the scrotum can be tricky to mark. This tissue expands, contracts, and changes drastically and rapidly. Your piercer may require you to stand and sit several times to check the placement, especially if multiples are being done. A set of marks represents a baseline for the way the tissue rests at that particular time. A pair of dots can appear level and then rise, fall, or spread to change position by as much as an inch.

Further, asymmetry of the scrotum is standard, so making matching pairs can be challenging. If you are uncertain about the marks, ask your piercer to let you wait for a few minutes to see if any tissue changes require adjustments. If you plan to have a scrotum ladder, getting several piercings in one session can help with more accurate alignment and spacing.

Note that I ALWAYS wear gloves for client contact! Images without gloves were sent to me for consultations, and are posted anonymously and with permission.

A poorly-placed scrotum piercing remarked
A poorly-placed scrotum piercing remarked
Hafada piercings with rings
A pair of hafada piercings (scrotum piercings on each side) with rings
Hafada piercing connected to Reverse PA jewelry with a chain
Hafada piercing connected to Reverse PA jewelry with a chain
Triple midline scrotum piercings with captive bead rings
Triple midline scrotum piercings with captive bead rings


For initial jewelry on scrotum or hafada piercings, I use ring-style (captive bead ring, fixed bead ring, or circular barbell) or a curved bar in 12 or 10 gauge, with the latter being more common.

The minimum bar diameter I'd use would be 5/8" and the minimum ring diameter is 3/4". If too small a diameter is worn, it is likely to pinch the tissue. Or if a smaller diameter piece of jewelry fits, then there's too little tissue pierced between entry and exit for a safe, durable piercing.

The orientation of the piercing is not a limiting factor when you wear bar-style jewelry; vertical, diagonal, or otherwise, it will rest close to your body. A ring is suitable as initial jewelry only when the piercing is set at a relatively horizontal angle.

Once healed, it may be possible to wear a smaller diameter, but having a large enough piece initially helps to assure success.

A captive bead ring is common initial jewelry for a scrotum piercing
A captive bead ring is common initial jewelry for a scrotum piercing
A curved bar may be suited to scrotum piercings
A curved bar may be suited to scrotum piercings
A circular barbell is a suitable jewelry style for scrotum piercings
A circular barbell (ring with two balls and a gap in between them) is a suitable jewelry style for scrotum piercings
A stretched scrotum piercing with large gauge captive ring
A stretched scrotum piercing with large gauge captive ring


I perform scrotum and hafada piercings with forceps, as I do other piercings in this region. Depending on placement, your piercer may request that you wash your hands or don a glove to help hold your penis out of the way. Some piercers will make use of a Prince Albert piercing, if you have one, by attaching a cord to your jewelry and tying it around your neck to keep your penis from obstructing the area. It may, however, be possible to access the area without assistance.

Forceps hold the tissue in place, I swiftly push the piercing needle through, then smoothly push the needle out with jewelry of the same gauge.

If you have failed to trim or shave, the pulling of some hair may end up being the most uncomfortable part of your piercing experience. Most men do not find the lorum to be an intense piercing. This area seldom bleeds heavily, but some bleeding is always possible.

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Healing and Troubleshooting

As far as sexual activity is concerned, it could be considered either a pro or a con that this piercing is not on the penis. The healing wound still needs to be protected from bodily fluids, but it doesn’t fit within a condom. Therefore, you must use a waterproof wound-sealant bandage to cover the piercing and surrounding area during sexual activities.

It is quite common for the tissue to get a little reddish, brownish, or pinkish around the entry and exit during healing. Also, in this region, the skin sometimes gets a little harder or thickened, and this does not necessarily represent any complication. These tissue changes can be permanent, or they may be temporary during healing and then diminish over time.

Depending on the placement, wearing a sanitary napkin or panty liner (or a piece of one cut to fit) may be helpful to wick moisture away and provide a little extra padding.

The scrotum piercing pictured below actually appears to be healing with a normal amount of redness and localized swelling.

Relatively normal irritation on a healing scrotum piercing
Relatively normal irritation on a healing scrotum piercing
Scrotum piercing irritation during healing
Scrotum piercing irritation during healing - normal

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