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January 2, 2020 FaceBook recommendation:
After qualifying a piercing course in Essex, I immediately bought Elayne's book and it is quite literally my piercing bible <3 I live in the UK and I often perform my own piercings- I found myself uncertain of the placement of quite an intimate piercing and decided to contact Elayne for a consultation; she responded the same day and was extremely helpful in reassuring and correcting some issues! I felt really comfortable discussing this with Elayne and was so glad to be able to have that support all the way from the UK. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is seeking advice. - C.R.

December 9, 2019 (Via direct correspondence regarding a Prince Albert piercing I did not perform)

Briotech and the NoPull disc have made a HUGE improvement. No more pain, or redness, or swelling. 

My first contact with you was after three months of walking like a penguin and bleeding with every erection or sudden leg movement. Things are feeling good now. I can live life normally and not focus all of my attention on my wound. I can see the veins that the piercing avoided now that the skin isn't so red and angry. The piercing is definitely placed correctly. There's still a bump, but it's much smaller and isn't red or painful and isn't worrying me. The bump is getting smaller every day. 

The NoPull disk was an immediate pain relief. No more pain when getting in and out of the car or sitting down. Loose boxers, which I had avoided for months, are now the preferred garment thanks to the disk. 

The Briotech showed big improvements after just one day and it's still making things better. I had never heard of hypoclorous acid before, but now I want to bathe in it. I spray it on my eyes and face and everywhere else. What an amazing chemical.

I really needed this piercing to stay and you helped tremendously. Thank you so much for your help. My wife was telling me to pay the consultation fee and get your advice for weeks before I actually did. I should have listened to her! - T.W.

December 7, 2019 FaceBook recommendation
Had contacted Elayne for a piercing consultation. She replied within 24 hours, answered all my questions and supplied much needed information. Now able to make an informed decision. Her small fee for her time is well worth for what you get. Highly recommend her. - T.M.

October 24, 2019  (Via direct correspondence)
Elayne's consultation saved my piercing! She is a true professional.  My nine month old forward helix piercing became inflamed, crusty and was sporadically bleeding. I was traveling and could not get to my local, trusted piercer and was not sure where to turn. I was so frustrated that I was about to give up and remove it. I came across Elayne’s site and took a chance on paying for a consultation. I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical and wondered if I would hear from her, despite the favorable reviews I had read. But that didn’t last long because Elayne was incredibly responsive!

Elayne provided me with clear instructions on what to do in the short term and how to manage it going forward. There were numerous communications and in each instance, I found her to be knowledgable, professional and compassionate. You can clearly see he has a passion for piercing and a sincere desire to help others. I am so grateful to have found her! When I finally returned home to my local piercer after my travels, the piercing had mostly healed and needed only minor attention. Cindy S.

September 2, 2019 FaceBook recommendation
Years ago I did a consultation with Elayne online to see if I was anatomically able to get a triangle - and she was nothing short of professional and helpful. It is now my favorite piercing. She also pierced my septum when she came into town and was absolutely wonderful to work with. Her knowledge and professionalism is unrivaled.- S.P.

August 24, 2019 (Via direct correspondence)
Elayne was wonderful when consulting me for the piercing I wanted. She was thorough when answering any and all questions. She also recommended an amazing location and piercer that was local for me. Highly recommend using her for any consultation! - T.M.

August 19, 2019 FaceBook recommendation: I purchased a consultation online for Elayne's expert opinion on my [nipple] piercings. I've been having issues with my nipples and felt that the bars we're too short. Every time I went to my piercer, to have a look, he would assure me everything was fine. It has been almost a year since I have had my nipples pierced and I thought it time for a second opinion. Elayne took care to explain her reasoning for why she agreed that my piercings were too short and also gave me options to rectify my situation as quickly as possible. I am extremely pleased with her level of professionalism and kindness. I would definitely recommend her for Consultation Services.

July 24, 2019 (Via direct correspondence)
I was not happy with the placement of my nose piercing, but wanted to get a second professional opinion. I happened upon Elayne's page online and had also seen a YouTube video of hers.  I reached out to her for a consultation regarding the placement of my piercing (performed by another piercer).  She responded promptly and provided me with her thoughts on my currently placement and also illustrated what placement she thought would work better, which was very much in line with my thinking.  I'm really happy I reached out to her.  She confirmed my thoughts and provided great feedback.  She is professional and incredibly friendly and was amazing to work with.  Thank you Elayne! - Maribel R.

May 6, 2019 (Via direct correspondence)
Doing this consultation was great. I had already gotten my VCH and just wanted to check that everything looked great especially because I had complications with my HCH. Elayne was very nice and QUICK! Even though I had a hard time showing her what she needed to see to give me the best advice she continued to be patient with me. The consultation fee is nothing compared to paying for the piercing and jewelry, so I greatly appreciate that since I am a college student with little to no money. - D.G.

April 29, 2019 (Via direct correspondence)
I submitted a rather lengthy request for help to Elayne Angel and she replied very quickly with great advice.  She is very knowledgeable and extremely professional.  I would highly recommend her consultation services for anyone who is having an issue with a piercing.” 5 out of 5 stars! - Holly P.

January 7, 2019 (Via direct correspondence)
I am so happy I found Elayne Angel’s website and was able to get a consultation from her when I did.  She helped coach me through some aftercare instructions, provide me with links to further information as well as give me a referral to a local piercer she trusts to examine the work performed by another piercer.  She also gave me advice on my anatomy that will lead to better piercing choices in the future.  The value I received from Elayne’s consultation far exceeded what I expected from the fee!  I would recommend Elayne to anyone considering getting a piercing or seeking consultation on an existing piercing. She truly is at the top of her field and cares deeply for what she does.  - Jay

November 3, 2018, (Via direct correspondence)
I’m an Australian, living in Australia, and Elayne's service was still above and beyond! 5 stars and definitely recommending to everyone I know that wants or is thinking about getting pierced. Elayne even has suggestions for a recommended Australian piercer which is outstanding! 
Very happy camper! 

October 2, 2018, (Via direct correspondence)
I would like to say a huge thank you to Elayne for her guidance and support in helping me with a recently pierced VCH.  Elayne responded quickly in my hour of need with clear instructions and assistance on how to go forward with the situation. Unfortunately due to it being incorrectly pierced, the piercing is having to be removed and left to heal prior to being done correctly.

And once again thank you to Elayne for providing information on a reputable piercer who is an APP member (I hadn’t heard of them before). My biggest regret is that I did not seek out Elayne’s advice prior to the piercing. I would recommend anyone who is looking to get any intimate piercing to seek Elayne’s advice prior to prevent anyone being in my situation, as her advice is invaluable. - SL

September 22, 2018 FaceBook Review 
I have been having trouble with my new nostril piercing—not one but two dreaded bumps (Elayne did NOT pierce me)! After trying lots of things with no improvement, I contacted Elayne for an e-mail consult. She responded well within 24 hours just like she says she will, and she gave me tons of information. Now I finally have a plan of attack and am thrilled I spent $10 for the consult. Money well spent, and Elayne couldn’t have been more helpful. I think it’s awesome that she offers this service! - GRC

September 2, 2018  (Via direct correspondence)
I can't thank Elayne enough for her help and advice regarding my incorrectly placed inner labia ring. I had felt that it was not placed correctly from the moment I looked at it, but I was full of uncertainty and self doubt. My piercing experience (with a local piercer) left much to be desired in terms of communication, hygiene and so on, and when I expressed my concerns to him he was quite dismissive... I knew I needed a second opinion, so I nervously sent off an email to Elayne.

I am so unbelievably grateful that I did! Elayne's response was so fast, so informative and so patient, non-judgemental, kind and thorough. I followed her advice to have it removed, and I am so glad that she was there to guide me as I felt quite lost and overwhelmed. She is clearly very passionate about piercing and really knows her stuff. If you are having any doubts, concerns or uncertainties around your piercing, I would highly recommend an online consultation with Elayne for your own peace of mind. She really is an 'Angel'.
Thank you. - Lo.

August 23, 2018  (Via direct correspondence)
Elayne is incredible! I had a couple of concerns about my VCH piercing and after doing some research online, I found out about Elayne. I emailed her with my concerns right away and she responded in less than 24 hours. We emailed back and forth a couple of times, and each time her response time was super fast! She was patient, kind, understanding, and above all, non-judgemental. Her insight was spot on and she was able to put my mind at ease with her knowledgeable response.

She gave me some great suggestions on how to continue to care for my piercing and I have to say, the consultation was worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. I was a bit nervous to try to do a piercing consultation online, but Elayne knows her stuff. I was upfront and honest about my situation and she was able to pinpoint the issue super fast! Not only did she know what to do, but she explained why her suggestions would benefit me and fit my needs. She explained everything perfectly and it all made so much sense! She is amazing. I highly recommend her services! If I ever need help with any of my piercings again, I'm coming back to you! Elayne, you are a QUEEN! - DH

July 18, 2018 (Via direct correspondence)

I reached out to Elayne after developing a pesky bump on a VCH piercing. I was really worried about the life of the piercing and my anatomy, but I felt instantly more relieved when I received her reply. Her response time is incredibly fast and efficient. Right away she suggested a No Pull piercing disc and assured me it is a common problem with a simple solution! She really put my mind at ease.

She also advised me on some jewelry change suggestions once the bump heals to get the most out of my piercing. I hadn't been enjoying the piercing as much as I had hoped, but thanks to Elayne I now know what my options are once I get this bump issue taken care of. I highly recommend doing a consultation if you have any issues with your piercing! She is knowledgable, skilled, and compassionate. Well worth the consultation fee! - J.

July 5, 2018, 5-star FaceBook review:
I for one was extremely sceptical when telling about the piercing I had done myself to a world-renowned specialist. I had tons of questions circling my mind and it was very uneasy for me. In any case, I decided to book a consultation. I immediately felt that the money I had spent was worth every dime. And after talking to her, somehow my piercing feels much better and much more healed instantly.
I kept consulting multiple times after piercing. Same kindness, incredible patience and she never shows any irritation towards stupid rookie doubts but instead clears them off in a very reassuring way. I almost felt like she was staying with me personally, guiding my piercing through the healing stages. Thanks to her, I avoided costly mistakes and have healed the piercing beautifully. 
To everyone out there, Elayne is the first person you should think of when the word 'piercing' comes to your mind. Doesn't matter if it's a piercing you have or a piercing you want to have. Consult her and you'll be glad about it and never regret it one bit.

July 2, 2018, (Via direct correspondence)
Elayne is phenomenal! I was so very concerned about my piercing issue, and I am glad I emailed Elayne! She responded in less than 24hours! First off, she passes no judgement or blame. She is kind and understanding. She is so very reassuring which put me at ease during this stressful time. She was patient, answering my many frantic emails. She is wise beyond her years, as you can tell she truly knows this field of study very well. Lastly, she truly cares about helping and is an educator at heart. I would recommend her to anyone! If you are like me, worried, frantic, in need of patience and help immediately, then seriously just email Elayne! She is an acclaimed expert who literally "wrote the book" on piercings. What a goddess! Thanks again, Elayne! - SG

May 29, 2018, 5-star FaceBook review:
Elayne is such a lovely person! Although we have never met in person. At least not yet. However, she has kindly answered all my questions whenever I contacted her out of the blue. She is an excellent, experienced piercer who knows how to guide you. She is a true, dedicated professional, so without doubt you are in safe hands.

May 25, 2018, 5-star FaceBook review:
Needed advice with a new piercing and she was a god send! Very helpful and not in the least condescending.

May 21, 2018, 5-star FaceBook review:
Had a consultation about my pa [Prince Albert piercing]; excellent. She told me everything I needed to know and look out for with keeping my 00 ga pa. Excellent response time. Thanks again Elayne!

January 6, 2017

I contacted Elayne about an otherwise well behaved nipple piercing that had migrated. Her website and book were a great resource for aftercare and knowing what kind of issues that could arise, giving me answers to questions I didn't even know to ask.  

I was still concerned about mine, and not entirely thrilled to go back to where I got pierced (not by Elayne!) because after reading Elayne's book I questioned some of my piercing experience with them. 

Instead I used the online consultation to send Elayne my before and after migration pictures for her opinion. Best $10 I have ever spent in my life! She responded promptly with her take on my piercing, and her advice gave me several options to consider going forward. Her response was friendly and detailed, and having the opinion of an expert with experience on my specific piercing issue was reassuring and invaluable. 

An expert, easy and convenient piercing consultation. With all the time and attention it takes caring for healing piercings I imagine a lot of people freak out about all sorts of things related to their piercing and how it's healing. Like me. This is the place to come for help, even if just for piece of mind. Thanks again Elayne! - M.

November 24, 2016
I had my VCH pierced 6 days ago by someone other than Elayne. After doing deep research from the piercing Bible, other reviews and youtube videos, I was a little concerned with the length of my jewelry and the placement of the piercing. Elayne was wonderful and responded to all of my emails within 24 hours!! She provided great advice and showed detailed photos of what to look for and how to take certain photos she needed to better assess. 
After speaking with Elayne, I am relieved with my piercing and she has set my nerves aside. Now, once healed fully, I can begin to try / test new pieces of jewelry to see what works best for my body. 
I recommend ANYONE who has concerns with their piercings to contact Elayne and pay the consultation fee! It is worth it!!!! She is absolutely a godsend! - E.

October 18, 2016
I contacted Elayne for a consultation on a new nipple piercing as I had some concerns about its placement. She QUICKLY (within an hour!) and kindly reassured me that the placement was great, and that I had nothing to worry about! She kept my photos private (as I requested her to do) and she was friendly, warm and professional. If you're thinking about contacting Elayne for a consultation of any kind, don't hesitate. Peace of mind about something as special and intimate as a piercing is DEFINITELY worth the I don't know why my name is affiliated with this photo as that is not an image of me, nor of my work. (I am a piercer, not a tattoo artist.)

consultation fee; even more so if there is something that needs attention from a professional. Elayne is a master of her craft; you will be in good hands, virtually or physically. - C.

August 30, 2016
I had my VCH pierced 9 months ago from someone other than Elayne. Everything has healed well until the last few months I started to get the dreaded bubble under the top gem. It itched and felt like it was pinching. I went back to my piercer and she thought I needed to do sea salt soaks in distilled water. When that didn't work I paid the $10 and contacted Elayne. She is amazing! She recommended I use the no-pull discs and change my jewelry to one with a more rounded jewelry on top. So far I have had the disc on for 1 day and it already feels 110% better! I'm anxious to see if the bubble will disappear as the makers of the no pull disc claim it will. Elayne was very informative, responded very quickly and she probably should have charged me more than the $10 with all the communication we did back and forth. She helped me find a piercer she trusts in my area. I highly recommend her! Well worth the money! - J.

August 25, 2016
I recently had a consult with Elayne (if you are worried about the legitimacy of the payment method fear not!!). I had a bad peircing experience and really needed some advice on what to do about my piercings. I came across this site and the help I recieve from Elayne was absolutely fantastic!! She was so willing to help and very informative. I regret not finding this site before I had any of my piercings done!! Thank you so much Elayne. Apart from the great advice you have given me the confidence to possibly consider getting the piercing done again. I will be using this site and all it offers again in the future definietly. I was extremely anxious and worried about the piercings but Elaynes replies came almost immediatly and set my mind at ease. - A.

August 2, 2016
I just wanted to stop by again and say how appreciative I am of all of Elayne's wisdom and willingness to help.

Over the past few years, Elayne has done wonderful and informative online consultations to assist me with piercing questions and concerns. She did my triangle piercing for me, but has assisted me with questions about other piercings I have. She is the epitome of great client care! - K.

June 29, 2016 
Elayne was so so helpful! From the start she was so sweet and helped me figure out the payment through paypal. I got a consultation for a troublesome piercing that was poorly placed, and she gave me some great insights and advice about how to move forward and let it heal and where to get it pierced when it's safe to re-pierce. She even gave me the name of someone she knows who can help me fix my piercing right here where I live. She answered all of my million questions without hesitation. Thank you Elayne! - A.

June 13, 2016
THANK YOU ELAYNE! you provided me with so much information regarding my 3 day old nipple piercing... which was not optimally placed. Im so glad i reached out to you before i got to attached to my piercing. I will make a better decision on where i get repierced thanks to your expert advice. THANK YOU for replying so quickly and answering every question i had. You are Awesome and i wish you were in California. BLESSINGS! - B.

May 1, 2016
I'm living in Germany and wrote Elayne after having received the 2nd misplaced triangle. The 1st one was pierced through the clitoral shaft, the 2nd too low to stimulate anything. I felt desperate and unhappy and asked for advice what to do now. Elayne gave me some very good advice and calmed me down, made me feel a lot better. Now I retired also the 2nd misplaced triangle, let it heal and have the hope I'll find a good piercer in Germany to pierce the 3rd triangle. It was such a hard and painful road until now and I hope I will finally end up with the perfect triangle I've been dreaming of for several months now. I wish I could afford the flight to USA to get pierced by Elayne herself, but that will stay a dream. - I.

April 10, 2016
Elayne Angel is completely professional and helpful. She sincerely cared about my concerns with horribly placed nipple piercings done by a place in Crofton, Maryland called Mystic Piercings by a piercer named Ben. Elayne was completely patient and surprising very quick to answer my emails. I am extremely happy with her consultation and can not wait to get pierced by her! - M.

March 29, 2016
After almost 3 months of a tremendously difficult time with my 7-year old daughter's lobe piercings, I finally found Elayne! She was like an instant friend and supporter. Her $10 consult fee is so reasonable and she really invested time and thought into our problem. She gave detailed advice with weblinks that I could easily click on for more information. She was highly responsive and very caring! Thank you, Elayne!! You were a huge help to us and we greatly appreciate it. - D.

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