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27 Nov 2020

Where Piercers Can Learn More

I've long sought to educate piercers, since the very beginning of my career in the 1980s. When other piercers would call or come into Gauntlet (where I first worked as a… Read More
26 Aug 2020

Piercing in The Time of COVID

I've recently received a lot of requests for referrals to piercers who are open during the pandemic.These requests are from people who are seeking to get pierced right now, and they're located in… Read More
19 Oct 2019

Keloid on Ear Piercing

I recently recieved a request for professional help with a piercing bump on a "false snug" piercing, which is two different piercings made to look like a single puncture of the cartilage. It consists… Read More
28 May 2019

Body Jewelry Quality Matters

In addition to being the author of The Piercing Bible, I am also a monthly contributor to a body art industry trade publication called Pain Magazine; I write a question-and-answer column. Piercers… Read More
25 May 2019

Help for Piercing Problems

Because they are foreign objects, a lot of things can go wrong with piercings. Our body’s usual job is to keep foreign stuff out, so a lot of things need to go right including: Anatomical… Read More
24 Apr 2019

Jewelry for Prince Albert Piercings

For quite a number of years now, I've been using a customized jewelry style for Prince Albert piercings that is fantastic for healing! I call it a "C-bar" and I create it by taking a circular barbell… Read More
29 Dec 2018

Horribly Botched Hood Piercing Through Clitoris

I did a consultation today for a woman who went in for a Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) piercing and came out with her hood pierced to her clitoris. This piercer used forceps instead of a receiving… Read More

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