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Consultation Guide

Human anatomy is highly variable and not all individuals are suited to every piercing.

Below are links where you can preview the photos I need to see for your anatomy consultation. Information and images of each type of piercing are available by clicking the linked piercing names.

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Vulva piercings (sometimes referred to as clit piercings, vaginal piercings, hood piercings, or female genital piercings): I require an anatomy consult for all appointments unless you want (or are open to) outer labia piercings.

VCH piercing: Do the q-tip test exactly as shown and explained. (Please review all of the photos and watch the video before taking your pictures!)

Triangle and HCH piercings: Visit this page for information and sample photos: Anatomy Consult Photos

Fourchette and inner labia piercings: Visit this page for more information: Additional Female Consult Photos

Princess Diana piercing(s): I need to see a double q-tip test (with two swabs at the same time)

Clitoral glans (clitoris) piercing: Visit this page for important information and the photos I require: Clitoris Piercing

Male genital piercings: Depends on individual build and which piercings are of interest.

If you're intact (not circumcised) and want piercings in or around the glans, or if you have hypospadias, Peyronie's, if your penis "turtles" into your pubic mound, or there are other anatomical concerns, I require photos. Prince Albert, reverse PA, pubic, ampallang, and apadravya piercings:

Visit this page for important information, and to see the photos I require: Male Genital Consult Info

Nipples: If your nipples are inverted, you have a history of previous nipple piercings, scars/surgery in the area including augmentation or reduction, or any other issues, I'll need to see clear photos and learn about the history of the area, including when surgery was performed.

Nostril piercing placement: I'll need to see frontal, profile, and 3/4 views. Make sure the opening of your nostril is visible in at least one image.

Learn which piercing(s) you are built for?