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Three brief reviews from Goodreads:
• In this industry it's hard to find viable information, so I'm grateful for Elayne's existence, her initiative and altruism. It made the job much easier for most piercers who haven't necessarily had the priviledge of getting a proper apprenticeship. Great read, definitely recommend to piercers and piercees alike!- Aya

• Comprehensive and informative, occasionally personal and funny, and very readable. I've been getting piercings for 15 years and I've done my research, and still learned a few things by reading this.- Anouk

• A must read for anyone interested in body piercing! Elayne writes in such an easily accessible way and debunks a lot of myths, as well as giving helpful information on how to best take care of yourself and your piercings.- Maddie L.

As someone who's not a professional piercer I found The Piercing Bible to be a solid source of well rounded information. From jewlery size to proper placement; healing time, pros and cons; everything I wanted to know (and then some) about potential piercings was right in that book. The Piercing Bible is definately a resource to keep near by for when then urge to get another piercing strikes.?- N.N.

The Piercing Bible: I bought this book to get some information on body piercing and to hopefully answer some questions I had, and to know what to expect at the time of the appointment. This book does an exceptional job of explaining what the procedures are at the the time of the appointment from the consultation, piercing, and aftercare. It explains all the different types of piercings and jewelry also explains the different stages of the healing process. Very happy I made the decision to get this book. If you are looking for any information on this subject I highly recommend to get this book.- Rob B.

The name of this book says it all. Not only does Angel offer sound advice for all types of piercings, but she gives cultural history, pre and post care instructions, information about body type and compatible piercings, health risks and management, sex and piercings, and information about traveling through airports or visiting the doctor with piercings that cannot easily be removed. She even offers advice to the frustrated parent. These are only a few of the many topics Angel covers in this 300 page Piercing Bible–there’s even an index for keyword searches.

I purchased this book on a whim, even though I rarely ever do more than flip through a non fiction book, but I sat down to read a couple of chapters and discovered that four hours had passed and I had read most of the book cover to cover. Elayne's writing is thorough and informative, and it has broadened my opinions and misconceptions I had of many body piercings. If you have been toying with the idea of getting a piercing, or have had many, or if you are a piercer yourself–this book will provide you with two decades of expertise from the world’s most knowledgeable piercer.
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Review of Elayne Angel's "The Piercing Bible" - By Jessica Hess
A MUST HAVE for piercees and anyone involved in the piercing industry.

I've read almost way too many body modification books in my day, but none have even come close to Elayne Angel's "The Piercing Bible". The book was designed and written for people who are looking to get piercings in the future, as well as people who may already have piercings. The Piercing Bible should also be a staple for anyone geuinely interested in the body piercing world. This book gives the most comprehensive, in depth information available. The Piercing Bible should also not be overlooked by industry professionals for training purposes.

The Piercing Bible will in no way teach you how to pierce, but it will teach you about all the aspects of a piercing and getting a piercing. It teaches you how to find a clean shop, a competent artist, and a piercing you will be able to handle and take care of. While the book may not teach you how to pierce, that doesn't mean you apprentices shouldn't pick one up for yourself. It teaches you about some inner working of a shop, cleaning techniques, aftercare advice, terms in the industry, metals & materials, jewelry types & sizes, tools of the trade, and so much more! The book can also help you identify problems with specific piercings as well as what to do if a problem should arrise. No longer do you have to search through dozens of websites only to find varying information on your aftercare techniques or healing queries, Elayne Angel provides all you need to know in one book. She even points out several age old myths and explains to you how they are myths. Isn't it nice to know the truth?

Some of the things you will learn in this book include, but aren't limited too:

-Different types of piercings, placements, the approriate jewelry type and size for said piercing, aftercare advice, and healing times for the specific piercing.

-How to choose a shop that will do a good job. How to spot if a shop is sanitary and if the artist(s) are capable or preforming a good piercing.

-How to choose the right piercing for you based on what you can and cannot tolerate, and what would suit certain types mroe as far as healing and comfort is concerned.

-How to spot problems and infections, and how to treat them.

-Different terms used in the industry to help you get a better understanding of the industry and all that realy goes into just one piercing.

-Common, and well known myths that some piercers and shops may swear by, but aren't actually true.

-Ilustrations of various piercings and placements. Genitals included. If you can imagine it, it's probably a listed piercing!

-And much more!

Elayne Angel has been a piercer for longer than I have been alive, and she serves on the board for the Association of Professional Piercers. The lady knows what she's doing!

I myself am a body piercer, and I can't tell you how much I didn't know before reading this book, and like I said, I've read several body modification books in my day! You wouldn't believe just how many different types of piercings there are, or that you've never even heard of, and it's sad that I learned about a couple even though I was actually a body piercer! Experiance and knowledge are both key to becoming a good, sanitary, skilled, professional artist. Without the knowledge to back up your skills, you'll have a lot of really straight, yet possibly infected piercings under your belt. You need to know what you're doing before you do it, than know what you're doing by doing it. You also need to know everything ABOUT what you're doing. If you know all of this, you're sure to workyour way up top artist with a lot of hard work and dedication. In my opinion, Elayne Angel has made it so much easier for not only customers, but individuals working or wanting to work in the industry to gain knowledge and get the important, and factual information they so desperately need. if you can't tell by now, I am definitely in love with this book, and I truely believe you too will be after you read it. I'm not here to try and tell you how much it helped me though, I'm simply here to tell you how much it could really help you!

So if you are looking to get a piercing, already have a piecing or two, an industry professional, or if you are looking to break into piercing as a career, I definitely suggest picking up a copy of Elayne Angel's "The Piercing Bible"!

See Google Books reviews of The Piercing Bible here.

An Amazing Book, June 26, 2013
By Joshua Laing - The Piercing Bible is an extremely useful resource, jam packed with all the information you could possibly need. Handy to have around incase you need to check something out, research a future endeavour or just flick through, it is an enjoyable read. Plus, my piercer holds a copy as his shops reference book. Amazing.

Excellent., June 25, 2013 
By Angel Trevino - 'm an apprentice for body modification, and this book is absolutely insightful, and an all around amazing and informative book. 

perfect!, June 19, 2013
By faelil - i love this book. it came fast in the mail and has answered all my questions. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone interested in piercings. whether its because u want a piercing or if your inspiring to be a piercer, this book has practically everything one needs to know.

Perfectly titled book, June 11, 2013

By Mr BJ Silvester - I bought this book for two main reasons:
-To gain some advice on a troubling piercing I am currently experiencing. This tome answered all my questions and put my mind at ease, at the same time as providing a plan to deal with it.

- My most recent piercing has been a pubic piercing and I am exploring the idea of an apadrayva. Whilst I found plenty of stuff on the web, I wanted more. The Piercing Bible gave me all the information I needed as well as giving me confidence to go ahead with the procedure. All that remains is for me to find a piercer that can give me confidence as well as make me feel comfortable here in Melbourne.

In short this book is for everyone contemplating a piercing of any kind and I wish there was this much information around when I got my first piercing.

Brilliant!, June 6, 2013 
By Sacha Tearle - This book is everything you could ever want to know about piercings. I believe that any piercer and their clients should be reading this book, with a great focus on safety and the personal anatomy of the client it is a valuable resource in a field with not a lot of good information.

Piercing bible, June 2, 2013
By Cellphoneking - Great book from a respected piercer. Definitely worth the read, if you are interested in piercings. An in depth view into the world of piercing.

Awesome!, May 30, 2013
By Ken Smith -This was an EXCELLENT read. I found it VERY informative. Would definitely recommend anyone interested in being pierced, or going into a career of piercing to take their time to read this. 10 stars.

must have, May 25, 2013
By Darrin Walters -if you are thinking of getting a body piercing this is a must read to understand what you are about to do, and always use an APP member shop to get it done in, check out

Definitive, May 15, 2013
By Melanie Moore "mellymel" (Nashville, TN) - Seriously. The definitive guide for people who want to pierce or be pierced. It's encyclopedic in the way it presents information and dispels misinformation about body piercings.

A Must-Read, May 12, 2013
By Carrie Cross - The Piercing Bible is a fascinating book, even for those people like me who have never considered getting a body piercing. Elayne Angel deftly teaches the reader about every aspect of piercing from its origins in ancient times to its general acceptance today. You will learn how to decide on a piercing, what style of jewelry is appropriate, what to expect from a piercing studio--and how to avoid the bad ones! Aftercare is discussed in detail to assure your piercing will not migrate or become infected. I read the book from cover to cover and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'd recommend this excellent read to anyone, even if they are not getting a piercing; it's mandatory reading for anyone who plans to be pierced! ~ Carrie Cross, author

Highly recommended, April 22, 2013 
By Sandra Dee - Extremely informative, helpful. I highly recommend this book to ALL who have an interest and who are piercing! Get educational material! 

The Best!, April 13, 2013
By C. Price "cprice1908" (Laurel, MD) - I had the pleasure of meeting and being pierced by Elayne Angel. She is great! I used this book as a reference every step of the way. I need to purchase another copy and send it to my doctors office because they have no idea about piercings! Thanks Elayne!

Great book, March 30, 2013
By rachel - This is very informative. I am starting my piercing apprenticeship and my instructor recommended that I read this. Love it. 

Trustworthy, March 14, 2013
By Elysse W (Milwaukee, WI USA)  - Great explanation of what to look for and ask about in a quality piercing studio that uses proper sanitary practices, since they're not regulated at all from a health standpoint. Helpful explanations of the pros and cons of different piercing locations.

great guide to the answers, March 11, 2013
By annmarie  - This book answered alot of questions that I had but also people concerned in general about piercing!
Wish it came with a interactive DVD but other then that great!

Best book, March 4, 2013
By Julie Kim  - I am on my way to becoming a professional piercer, and this book has a lot of good history, basic information, and background information. I haven't gotten completely through this book, but so far from what I see, I love it (: 

Very informative!, February 22, 2013
By Simekie Campbell_Mathis - This book is very detailed and informative for any individual seeking a piercing! I've been pierced by Ms. Angel on two seperate occasions and I purchased the book prior to getting pierced. I was glad that I did, there is so much knowledge to be gained from this book!! It is definitely the "bible" in terms of its detailed stories and examples.

Good Reads Karen, Jan 29, 2013   
This book is thorough, detailed, thoughtful, and full of anything you ever wanted to know about piercing, and some stuff you didn't want to know! I highly recommend this if you are planning on ANY piercing.

Terrific Book!, January 26, 2013 
By Ann M. Boyd "Ann" (Forest City, NC United States)  - Whether you're a professionally pierce or are looking to get into the field of piercing this is a must have. Well written and illustrated, the book is written in very easy to understand terms- no hyper technical language. My daughter has just begun her apprenticeship in piercing and both she and her mentor love this book.

Great book!, November 20, 2012
By Rachael- I love this book. It arrived quickly and is very easy to read and understand. My biggest regret is that I didn't get this book much, much sooner. It's a must have! 

A MUST HAVE!, November 3, 2012
By CraigPokesU - As a professional piercer, I don't understand how anyone who pierces for a living can be without this book. It has been an invaluable help to me in my career and I recommend it highly. In addition, if you are a piercee, you should NEVER get pierced without reading this book first. Do your homework and find someone professional and reputable!

Thank you Elayne!!!

This just what it claims to be, October 22, 2012
By Ringnjeans - This book was written by someone who really knows what she's talking about. The procedures all make perfect sense. The do's and dont's are right on the money. A book like this is a gem. No matter what your interest in body piercing, if you only buy one book, this is definitely the one. Highly recommended !!

If You Are Considering Piercing, A Must Have, October 3, 2012

By Stacy G. (Maryland, USA) - I ordered this book from Amazon after hearing a great deal about it. I currently have 5, soon to be 6 piercings & 2 tats. I learned about this book after doing research on different types of piercings and it is amazing. She gives in depth descriptions on everything from simple ear piercings to the more exotic ones.

Terrific info on what to expect before, during and after piercings, transdermals, implants, etc. The best way to care for your piercings to the best jewelry to select. This book has truly eased my nerves a bit and has taught me a few things as well. Even people who don't understand/get "the piercing thing" should read this. Highly recommended!

Good info, but not a substitute for a good piercer, September 30, 2012

By CJSellars - I'm going to be starting my apprenticeship next year, and bought this earlier this year. Great information, and very useful for troubleshooting, but I've noticed far too many people use this as an end-all be-all for figuring out what's wrong with their piercings, and frankly, nothing can beat walking into an Association of Professional Piercers shop and talking to a piercer with a lot of experience. That said, this has great info on stretching your piercings, troubleshooting problems, and on maintenance. I have to say, the bit about emu oil changed the way I take care of my piercings. 

Author's note: I made the following comment upon reading that review: 

Certainly! As it clarifies in the disclaimer of the book:

"Finally, and importantly, I am a professional in the field of piercing, not medicine; this book is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. There is no substitute for a hands-on consultation with an experienced piercer or, when needed, the counsel of a health-care provider. This book is intended to support--not replace--the relationships that exist between piercee and piercer or doctor."

Also, one small point of clarification about the Association of Professional Piercers: we are not a certifying agency. We are an educational organization and our members meet personal and environmental criteria and uphold minimum standards, such as using only quality jewelry and maintaining appropriate sterilization practices. The APP website (safepiercing[dot]org) has more information on membership requirements, a member listing, and plenty of good information, too. 

Elayne Angel, Author The Piercing Bible [former] President, Association of Professional Piercers

SO FAR, PRETTY GOOD!  September 28, 2012
MamaKandiKane, Barnes & Noble - Great book! I wish it had color photos! But VERY informative and straight forward. Would definitely recommend it for people who want to become piercers or those interested in getting them. Elayne Angel sure knows alot!

Thorough and well written, September 4, 2012 By GreyDX (Medford, Or United States)  - This book is simply excellent. It is well organized and very thorough. I am in the process of reading everything available on this subject and this is by far the best I have found. The information is presented in a professional manner (rare in this subject) and as a medical professional I can say that it is every bit as well written as any of the medical texts that I have to read.

VERY INFORMATIVE AND WELL WRITTEN! Barnes & Noble, July 14, 2012
Anonymous - This is a great book for any body piercer regardless of experience or anyone looking for in depth information on piercing!

MUST READ FOR POTENTIAL PIERCEES! Tex13isH  Barnes & Noble  June 16, 2012
Tex13isH - I would definitely recommend this book for pierced individuals & those contemplating a piercing (or several). Elayne goes into detail about each part of the process, including the emotional aspect as well as physical. Even goes on to address the insecurities one might have in getting a piercing. I have been able to refer to this book for information about different types of piercings, the healing process of certain piercings, etc.

Piercer or Piercee... This is a MUST READ!!!, May 26, 2012
sara i fennell - Elayne has jam packed this book with her knowledge and expertise and kept it entertaining at the same time. Piercers and Piercees alike will benefit from information she has shared. I am confident that I can now move on to the next phase of my experience armed with the where, what, how and why questions to ask and the kinds of answers I should expect from an experienced and competent piercer. I highly recommend reading this book before allowing anyone to get near your bits with the intent of making holes! The only thing better would be to have Elayne do the piercing herself!

A MUST have for any body piercer, May 16, 2012
By Samantha - I am currently apprenticing for body piercing & this book is absolutely wonderful! If you are in my position as a future body piercer I highly recommend purchasing this book. This will be your go to on everything in body piercing nature. I have yet to find any other book that has become better than this one for my apprenticing.

As Good As It Gets, March 11, 2012
By Sharon Harmon  - What's to say...? She was there at the beginning of the American body piercing movement. Whether you are a piercer or piercee, you need to know how it's supposed to be done straight from the lady who really does know it all. Is what you are doing or receiving safe, ethical and properly being done? Written in a very readable, accessible manner. There are other books out there, but this is a wonderful reference and as good as I've seen, especially as a first book in your piercing library. A must read, regardless of which side of the needle you're on. Do you know how many times a piercer should re-glove and why? Favorite line about what to look for in a piercer - "if you see any vegetables, run." Recommend.

Informational Yet Enjoyable, November 13, 2011
By Sweetshortz - I originally ordered this product because im interested in becoming a professional piercer and on all the official piercer websites everyone recommended The Piercing Bible so i figured it was a must have. Like a lot of people have said i thought it was going to be a manual type book with how-to directions but its much more. It explains placements, it has important sanitation information and it gives the authors accounts and experiences with different piercings which i found to be very helpful and also neat to read. Overall i think its a great book to have for anyone who is interested in body mod.

A good book to have around, September 2, 2011
By Zmill 1 - I bought this as a piece of reference material to have around my house, I'm a devoted piercee and piercer, although not in a professional setting. It is informative, has some good illustrations, and is clear and concise. It is definitely written for the prospective piercee, not the piercer, so if your looking for a really deep and informative how-to or info guide to being the piercer, you will need more. However, this is a good edition to any piercer and piercee's library and is definitely worth the money and 2 hours it took to read. It does lack in some of the more wild or advanced techniques, mainly the biopsy-punch method of microdermals and piercing for pulls/suspensions, but those could be books on their own. 

Very nice, August 7, 2011 
By PsychoSamm  - The book is thicker than I anticipated. It has everything! I recommend reading all of it before even thinking about piercing. 

Piercing Bible, July 12, 2011
By LinguistikV  - I'd say if you're interested in piercings, this is the one book to get. You learn all about piercing and about each type of piercing. I go back to it for reference or if I have an issue with a piercing. Don't just go out and get a piercing; know what you're doing with this book. Especially important that you learn from this book is to get pierced with a certified professional piercer. That way, you see your jewelry and needle sterilized, and you know your piercer is experienced and knows what to do exactly.

GoodReads  July 05, 2011  
By Nicol - First of all, no one is more qualified than Elayne Angel to write a definitive guide to safe body piercing. She is a master piercer and a legend to the industry. This book is a must-read for piercing enthusiasts, people thinking about getting pierced for the first time, and most importantly, people in the medical/dental professions. I cannot tell you how un-informed so called "professionals" are about body piercing. This book could change the medical & modified world and hopefully it will!

GoodReads Shelves: owned-books  June 03, 2011  
By Christa - A great book for piercing newbies and the experienced alike. So much information, I read it from cover to cover like a novel as I found it such a great read!

Amazing book, May 17, 2011 
By kris  -  As someone into body modification and as a person looking to become a piercer, this book has been very informative and interesting. Within the first few pages I learned things that changed the way I think about the process of getting pierced. Anyone interested in piercings should definitely get this.

GoodReads  April 15, 2011 
By Ashley Reynolds  -  A must read, or at least a must have, if you have any interest in body mods/piercings; or even if you have a loved one with an interest in that culture. Very informative and nicely written.

great resource, August 24, 2010
By Albina Flower - This book is a great resource to have on hand. The writer covers basic care to specific things to expect from specific piercings. She offers very logical care and alternative care. Also, she includes information on stretching, a general overview of the history of piercings/body modifications, and jewelery. She really covers many bases. 

I had several piercings when I was younger; We used to use alcohol to clean them. Now, we know that is not the case. The author of this book covers some better healing techniques for piercings and she even talks about some alternative healing products.

GoodReads August 17, 2010 
By Becca - Helped me learn all the basics on body piercing and gave me confidence. Goes into deep details on different situations and reasoning as well.

Only Book You Need, August 13, 2010 Borders Books
By Nursing101 from New Mexico - Favorable:  A great guilty pleasure
"As a nurse and soon to be someone getting my first piercing, I found this book to answer all my questions. This was written by a true artist, and love for her work. The advice made me feel comfortable in doing this. WE as nurses read a lot of medical books, and use it to advise our patients, this is the one and only book a would recommend to anyone thinking of getting a piercing. It is clear and gives something no other book does. It gives you the time it will take to recover, what size you will need, care for the site, and so much more. I’m glad I turned to her for my answers. This is well written book, and easy to understand. I give this my highest praise, and feel this book belongs with the best of medical book. Elayne Angel, even the Greek physician Hippocrates who is known as "the father of medicine” would agree, you are a true practitioner. Bravo!"

Google books User Review   - dama 

"The Piercing Bible" is with no doubts the most comprehensive guide about the body piercing world written in plain language and broadly explained in every part. It is addressed to all kind of body piercing lovers providing a full overview about this topic. It thoroughly explains all the steps from deciding if to have a piercing done and choosing the right piercing shop to stretching a piercing to jumbo sizes and sometimes unfortunately needing to abandon it. Inside this book nearly everyone will find the answers to all of his or her doubts and questions, both the beginner piercee and the modern primitive, as well as worried parents and doctors. It is a useful guide also for body piercers because it describes every piercing in details and some tips one should know about this practise, its tools, jewellery and materials, the basic anatomy rudiments as well as piercing aftercare and a professional's ethics.

Elayne Angel is without doubts one of the most qualified and influential persons who could ever write a book which deals with body piercing and "The Piercing Bible " is the result of a huge work based upon decades of experience and training. Elayne has offered to the body piercing community a large contribution and I will recommend this book to all kind of piercing lovers. Maya

Great Piercing for Dummies book, July 15, 2010
By Looking for Comfort - As a healthcare professional (doc) I see alot of piercings as part of my exams. Usually they are an incidental finding but occasionally they are the reason for the visit. Not having any training regarding piercings in medical school I have found this book an excellent resource. In particular we have always been trained to remove a foreign body if an area is infected. In the case of piercings it may actually be better to leave it in as a drain while treating with saline soaks and antibiotics. Great book. In followup I had even emailed the author Elayne who has a website and she was very quick to answer questions I had. If you have questions about piercings get this book!

Perfect advice before, during and after getting pierced, April 23, 2010
By E. Matsko - Elayne's advice and information is perfect for anyone considering getting a piercing. She tells you everything you need to know before you get pierced. Being able to email her after you have been pierced before reading her book is very profesional of her. She will guide you in the right direction and help you avoid making a mistake. I wish I had read this before getting my first piercing.

From a piercer via Facebook message February 2010:

I love it! 
You put great focus on safety and quality of services- from the piercees' poin of view- which gives the professional piercer an idea of what else, besides a good technique, needs to be considered.
What I especially like is your calling for temperance in stretching etc.; in body mod it is often all about being hardcore, but in your book you advocate giving your body the time it needs to cope with change.
I believe The Piercing Bible will fundamentally contribute to the quality of services in the body mod sector and increase safety and on the other hand, help to outgun present misconseption about the community and some of the silly myths in general society.

User Review   Google books
To call this book "the definitive guide" is an understatement. This book shall remain the definitive guide for the next hundred years. As a piercee and a piercer I can say with honesty that there is nothing that I know that isn't in this book. Against it's intended use, this book is an invaluable tool for any body piercer to further hone their skills and gain a better understanding of many details that commonly get ignored in the industry.

Everyone considering a body piercing should read this book. Knowledge is power, and knowing better what to expect when walking into a piercing studio will ensure a quality piercing that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. The savvy acquired from reading this book will help you recognize good, clean studios from sub par, inexperienced ones, which could potentially save your life.
The author has a very straight forward presentation of her decades of accrued data. There are no frills or fluff in this book. She lays everything out directly with a subtle wit shining through that made me chuckle dozens of times.

This book is worth twice what I paid for it and the knowledge I gained from just one read has to be worth fifty college credits easily.

Everyone should read this book. An entire customer base who is savvy to the methods, bedside manner, ethics and know how of a superior Master Piercer like Elayne Angel can only increase their expectations and force industry professionals to further better themselves and the industry as a whole, making it safer and better for everyone.

User Review   - Google books
This is by far the best book out there on piercings. Elayne has covered every aspect from history to aftercare. If you are new to this or just want to read a great book on the subject, I highly recommend this one. The very best part for me was the descriptions of different piercings and the section on locating a competent piercer. If you are considering a piercing (or more) please get this book and read it completely so you are able to make good informed decisions. Knowledge is power! Thanks Elayne for putting the information out there for us!!

Piercing Savior, February 5, 2010
By L. Brewer - This is a great book for anyone that is interested in getting pierced or in knowing more about piercings. It's a good read as well and I actually couldn't stop reading it because I felt that there was just so much information to absorb. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone.

Professional piercist says “Two Thumbs Up”, August 3, 2009
By Aces And Eights Tattoo  - Thank you Elayne Angel for writing this book. I have already used it to help my clients become better informed about the piercing they want to receive from me. Although 13 years in the business has left me very well informed, I did learn many new things about the sociology of piercing and body modification. Also Elayne’s years of experience was so well documented that it was like attending a convention of the A.P.P. only a lot less costly!

Inkslinger, August 2, 2009
By Joel Lopez  - This is more than what I expected. I am half way reading it and have learned more than what I had bargained for as far as the price on this book. It was very well put together and I hope she has not left anything out of the book. Great reference book for a piercer. As a matter of fact I will recommend this book to an online friend I recently found as well as others who are interested in this field of body art.
She could have charged more for this book. Just my two cents' worth.

Jordan, July12, 2009
I, Jordan, am a body piercing apprentice in Canandaigua, New York and LOVE LOVE LOVE your book! It is my authority on body piercing and I read your book once from cover to cover, and then read it again with a hi-lighter in hand! My girl, Crista, and I are body piercing enthusiasts and love your style and attitude. You are a beautiful inside and out and we hold a lot of respect for you as a person and professional! Love, Jordan and Crista

Excellent info for piercers and their clients! (from July 9, 2009 
By PinkyKarla - Favorable: Informative / Critical: None
"Finally, a well-written book covering body piercing! This book is the BEST reference for piercer and piercee alike!"

(from Barnes & July 4, 2009
By windance10  - This is a must have for those who take piercings seriously, as well as a guide for the professional piercer. If you want to understand the dynamics of the whole piercing process, then this is the book for you. Varies as a guidance book which provides some history of various piercings as well as what to expect before, during and after.

Great Book, June 27, 2009
By Kreston T. Clark  - What a great book. I am a professional piercer in So Cal and look forward to reading Elayne Angel's magazine articles every issue. 'The Piercing Bible' is a must buy for all piercers, piercees and parents.
High speed internet - $50
The Piercing Bible - $15 (or whatever)
All the knowledge contained in the book - PRICELESS!
It pays for itself immediately.

The Piercing Bible is a must have book!, June 26, 2009
By Suzannah B. Troy - Elayne Angel came to my rescue because her book was not an available resource at the time when here in NYC, I made the mistake of getting a bad piercing and the wrong jewelry as well and it was a painful experience on many levels. At the time Elayne was still in New Orleans and she was able to help me. I did remove the piercing but thanks to her educating me I was able to get the piercing and jewelry that was right for me.
If you are considering getting a piercing or want to learn more because you are a piercer please buy this book and read it. The Piercing Bible is the definitive book on safety and piercing. Thank and gratitude to Elayne Angel with New York attitude from Suzannah B. Troy.

Very Thorough., June 13, 2009
By Paige - I love how this book includes information about tons of piercings, aftercare, piercing troubleshooting, and social issues/aspects of body piercings [plus more!]. Angel definitely hit all of the high points and hit them thoroughly. I've never seen a collection of such valuable information on body piercing in one place.
If you're into body modification, this is a must-buy!

Nothing Compares!!!, May 26, 2009
By M. Garabedian "LOST SOUL" - This is the most well put together collection of one persons knowledge and talent, I've ever seen. She hits on every point (no pun intended) you could think of to ask/know about. This is a must buy for anyone and I mean anyone looking into personal body mods or even for the person wanting to learn to appreciate the art of Piercing. Again MUST BUY!!!

Great for everyone!, May 25, 2009
By Dawn K- I have just completed reading The Piercing Bible. It is truly a fascinating book and is an excellent learning tool for any person considering their first (or twenty-first) piercing. It also makes a great reference book for anyone in the piercing industry. Those in the medical profession would benefit from the knowledge contained within also. Previously, those of us who are interested in piercing have not had the luxury of being able to access safe advice, expert suggestions, and detailed, accurate information on the options available to us. Now, finally, in one place, we have the ability to learn how to get a safe piercing, how to make the right choice of piercing and jewelry for our individual look and how to care for our piercings so they will remain beautiful. Working on the idea that an informed piercee has the best chance of a good result, Elayne Angel spares no detail in explaining jewelry choices and sizes, healing methods, healing times, and even stretching and retiring a piercing. Her straightforward, professional style of writing is a great asset. Her honest impressions of her own piercings and some she has encountered in others over her long career in the industry are priceless. There are detailed drawings to help describe the placement of the various piercings and some great charts showing gauge sizes and minimum healing times. I would highly recommend this book to all. 

Piercing Bible Review - Medical Perspective, May 24, 2010
By Scott DeBoer- I am in a unique position to write a review of this book as I am emergency/flight nurse, but also a non-pierced, non-tattooed medical consultant for the Association of Professional Piercers. Starting several years ago when I first began researching the medical myths vs. research realities regarding body mods, Elayne has been an invaluable resource. Her first hand knowledge regarding the history and future of body piercing practices is unequaled and this is evident throughout this book. The Piercing Bible is an excellent summary of body art jewelry, piercing options, and aftercare, as well as confirming/disputing several urban legends regarding body art. For those with body art, contemplating acquiring body art, or those caring for those with body art, I highly recommend this unparalled resource. 
Scott DeBoer RN,MSN

complete and informative, May 21, 2009
By Jason Hafendorfer - This is the best source of body piercing information I've ever seen. Elayne is extremely knowledgeable and conveys her expertise very well. This book includes everything from beginning to end. I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of information in it. I mainly bought this book to collect it as I consider Elayne a friend from all the advice she's given me through the years but it never hurts to have information on hand and I have read through most of the's a good read and no matter how much you know or think you know, you're bound to learn something from it.

"Buy it" May 1, 2009
By Mike - If you are mildly interested in having something pierced or a bit more serious about it, whether it be an earlobe or an intimate bodypart, if it's your first piercing or you've had several, you owe it to yourself to get Elayne Angel's book. She covers every facet of this subject, from just the anticipation of having it done to the actual procedure, including finding the right piercer, as well as the necessary aftercare and commitment involved to have a happy and healthy piercing. Her vast knowledge and experience are brought into words in a way that is easy to understand and refreshing to read. She covers every piercing located on the body that you can imagine, complete with its procedure, recommendations for initial guage and type of jewelry, as well as healing and aftercare information. Also covered are the stereotypes and myths that have been attached to this subculture. She shows that if you are at all interested in becoming a piercee, it may serve to alleviate any apprehensions you've had when you come to realize that people of all ages and walks of life enjoy having a bit of metal somewhere on their body, perhaps someone you would never even suspect. Just buy it, you'll be glad you did.

Elayne Angel has written a “must have” book for anyone interested in any type of piercing. The Piercing Bible is crammed with information to help you clearly understand all aspects of your piercing experience, including: piercing terms, safety, finding a qualified piercer, after-care and living with your piercing.

Elayne shares her vast knowledge from her lifetime of professional experience in a totally accessible way. It's a fun, fast, interesting read and I couldn't put it down. I thoroughly enjoyed reading her book and highly recommend that anyone with 1 or 100 piercings keep this book as a permanent reference guide.

Be sure to check out her videos too. It's great knowing what to expect before I ever walk into a piercing studio and I've discovered all kinds of fun piercings to consider in my personal body mod journey.

This review of The Piercing Bible is from Aniareads weblog about body modification:
There are only few books on body piercing out there, so each new addition, especially when it’s a good one, is welcome. That’s the case with ‘The Piercing Bible. The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing’ by Elayne Angel, a well-known female body piercer who got her education in the Gauntlet and witnessed all the changes body modification scene has been undergoing during the last few decades. The book is divided in 7 parts (table of contents here) discussing the most basic information about the various types of body piercing, their procedures, healing and aftercare. Now and then there are included some anecdotes from Angel’s own experiences, interesting pieces of information about history of body piercing and people’s experiences and opinions about body piercings they got done themselves. The Bible is addressed primarily to the piercees, both these who already have some body piercing experiences under their belt and those who are about to enter the world of body modification but professionals may also find it useful. With her vast experience, international fame and all other ‘cool’ icing, Angel’s tone throughout the book is, however, very friendly and always customer-directed/oriented ­ it’s obvious that her customers’ well-being is always her priority and main concern. She understands her customers’ doubts, fears and problems that may appear after the procedure and initial healing, so she provides as detailed picture of body piercing with all responsibilities, possible problems and solutions as possible. And even maybe there’s too much space devoted to the basic piercing procedures (such as ear/navel/tongue that are pretty common these days and seem to be so easy), we should keep in mind that one of Angel’s goals here was to create a reference book that could show the prospective piercees what to expect and look for at a shop of their choice. What I especially like about this book is:

  • Information on material used for body piercing jewelry;
  • Useful tips for healing and stretching (e.g. the t-shirt-trick, stretching by means of taping);
  • Overview of the tools used for body piercing and various types of jewelry (on an interesting side, Angel acknowledges differences in American and European terminology);
  • Appendixes with a few useful charts (a piercee’s bill of rights, piercings and jewelry chart, gauge conversion chart and minimum healing time chart).

After having read this book I have a nice feeling of knowing more than before and having my knowledge so much more organized. Definitely recommendable!

Via Triablectic message :

I Just wanted to say that I love your book! I received a copy from a couple weeks ago and have gone through it cover to cover. I am relatively new to the piercing thing (2008 was my first piercing) but it has really been something I've found to be so totally liberating even at this point in my life, I am 58. I love the way you write, it is so thorough in its coverage of every aspect with just enough subtle humor thrown in to keep it light and refreshing to read.
I found it very informative with it's coverage of aftercare and also on one of the piercings I am considering. I am also totally thankful for your recommendation for the emu oil. I have been using it on my piercings every day for about a month now and I can't believe the effect it has had. 
I live in Southern Calif. and have had Eric 'Sque3ze' Anderson as my piercer at his shop 'Anomaly' in Pasadena. I feel fortunate to have found someone so knowledgeable and professional. In fact I just called and talked to him today about the possibility of getting an amphallang (I'm still in fact a bit hesitant about it and just trying to get a lot of feedback on it). I was impressed to see him mentioned in your book. Anyway I just wanted to say how much I loved your book and that I find you to be one 'awesome' lady.

This gentleman subsequently became a client when I was doing guest piercings at Anomaly:
Elayne, I just wanted to let you know how excited I was to have you do my ampallang yesterday. I have got so much out of your book as well as getting a feel for the person you are, someone quite intelligent, passionate and dedicated to her craft. Upon meeting you it's easy to see that you are all of that and a lot more. I love the piercing, I think it looks totally 'hot'. I haven't been able to stop looking at it!! And your placement was 'exactly' where I wanted it. It has been bleeding just a bit but otherwise it feels fine. I could not believe that it didn't hurt nearly as bad as what I was anticipating, but I can imagine that having this piercing done with someone not as skilled could indeed make it much more traumatic. 
Thank you again!!!! Mike

Priceless Resource and Enjoyable Read, April 6, 2009
By S.M. Wheeler - This book is not only informative but enjoyable to read as well. Elayne Angel has created a masterpiece work that brings the mystique of piercing to the masses. No matter if you are a serious body modification devotee or a single mother deciding on a getting a first piercing you will enjoy this book. It is an approachable, candid, and friendly source for all a piercee should know before stepping foot into a studio.

August 24, 2009 via direct correspondence:
This book is awesome, whether you're a professional piercer, regular piercee, apprenticing or just academically inerested.

I adore your book and will probably have to purchase a second copy, as I've managed to practically wear out the copy I already have. It was most useful on at least 2 of the papers I have to write for anthropology classes, this past school year! It's by far one of the most useful and informative books I've ever owned. Oh yeah! And kudos to Powell's Books, here in Portland OR, for having it IN STOCK when Amazon was still telling me that it was on order and not due to even be printed for another three months (that was back in March).

Review of Elayne Angel's radio interview by a professional communicator and journalist.
1. I thought YOU did a brilliant job. You are EXTREMELY articulate, sharp, focused and knowledgeable. But more than all of that, you stay on topic. I know from literally thousands of interviews (albeit not recorded), that the toughest issue with doing an interview is getting the interviewee to ANSWER THE QUESTION - and NOT wander off on tangential topics, or start talking and then get side-tracked and never quite get around to actually answering the very question that was posed.
2. There was absolutely no doubt that you are a singular pro at what you do. It was quite obvious that your knowledge of your industry and profession is extensive. You explained concepts well, you highlighted the critical factors and issues, cleared up any misconceptions, outlined the goal of piercing, the motivation, the benefits. If someone were confused before, they certainly would not be after listening to you.
3. You sounded confident, passionate, competent.  You are a perfect interviewee....

Want to get pierced by Elayne Angel?