28 Nov 2010

I received this message from a friend and colleague (one of the few piercers on my referrals page), Courtney from Cheap TRX in St Louis, MO.

Her contact info is below.

So I have a story that I thought you may be interested to hear:

Last year a girl came to me after having 3 different attempts at healing nipple piercings. All were an issue of poor placement/poor jewelry. I did them for her a final time that day.

About 8 months later, she came to me almost in tears, as her gyno had sent her to have them removed. She had visited her doc in regards to suddenly beginning to lactate. I told her that piercings don't make you lactate, hormones do, and that she should return to her gyno and request further examination.

She was relieved, but not for long. Her gyno just said "meh" and that she still needed to take them out. As time goes on, my client developed increasing symptoms of hormonal issues. She then sought the help of her regular physician- and they eventually concluded that she had a tumor on her pituitary gland!!

Two weeks ago, they removed the tumor (her symptoms are now gone) and without her permission, removed her nipple jewelry while she was under anesthesia. Today she came in one more time, again almost in tears, certain that they were closed. Thankfully, I got them back in- an end to the saga!

I work on A LOT of medical professionals. To every single one, I offer my contact info, and tell them if they or ANY of their coworkers are interested in learning more about piercing, troubleshooting, jewelry removal, how to make retainers out of hospital supplies, etc. I will come to the hospital for free anytime and give them tutorials. Not ONE has ever contacted me. Grumble. Hopefully some day the gap will get a little smaller!



Cheap TRX
3207 South Grand Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63118
[email protected]


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