1 Sep 2012

I received a message and photos from a woman who had concerns (rightly so!) about her new "triangle" piercing done by "the piercer who owns Big Brain here in Omaha, Nebraska":

Botched Triangle Piercing (accidental clitoris piercing!)
I recieved a triangle piercing recently. Although it is very pleasing I have been doing alot of reading on your site and you had mentioned that the hood should not be pinned down and that the piercing should be pretty straight well mine is not quite like that. I got it done by a reputable pierrer who owns Big Brain here in Omaha, Nebraska. I just wanted your opinion on whether you think migration is possible or if I would have some long term problems down the line. 

My reply:
You do not have a triangle piercing; you have had your clitoris pierced! Read that page for information on where the triangle should go (beneath the clitoral shaft--NOT through the clitoral glans.

The good news, is that from what I could see, it may pass through it where a clitoris should be pierced, and your glans looks large enough to accommodate jewelry.

Botched Triangle Piercing (accidental clitoris piercing!)One question is: do you want to have a clitoris piercing? If not, then this should be abandoned right away.

I actually have my own clitoris pierced (since 1981) and I am very happy with it. But it is not for everyone.

What IS a problem is that your hood has been pierced to your clitoris. IF you decide you want to keep this piercing, you need to have some help in getting the ring OUT of your clitoral hood. That DOES look dangerous, in that:

1. You have two pieces of anatomy that are pierced together, which is a no-no, especially for healing.
2. Your hood is pierced right at the edge of the tissue so it is likely to migrate out or tear through the hood.

IF both balls unscrew on your circular barbell, you might be able to accomplish this without removing the jewelry from your clitoris. You could unscrew one side, and rotate the ring until you can slide the hood tissue off of it. Then reattach that ball. Repeat on the other side. Then you'd have jewelry just through your clitoris.

If you do this, I'd suggest you send me some more photos with your hood pulled back, so I can see whether it really is in the right spot for a clitoral piercing.

Please let me know if you have questions.

Botched Triangle Piercing (accidental clitoris piercing!)Doing this on a smaller-built woman could have caused irreparable damage to her sexual function. Women should be warned NOT to go to this person for genital piercings! 

I've marked the photo below with the approximate location of where a triangle piercing actually goes: at the BASE of the hood tissue where it forms from the body.

A triangle should go BEHIND the nerve bundle of the clitoral shaft--NOT through the clitoral glans!!!

The triangle should pierce only through hood tissue, and the piercer must be able to locate the clitoral shaft and place the piercing and jewelry behind it. On a woman with a small clitoral glans or shaft the needle could sever this HIGHLY SENSITIVE and important tissue rendering the clitoris without any feeling whatsoever. Genital piercings are no joke and ONLY individuals with specific training to do them should carry them out. This is also a good reason to just WAIT until you can get to me or one of the piercers I recommend.

marked approximately where a triangle should go



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