Double Apadravya Piercing Possible? (With Photos)

I received a message and a few photos from a gentleman who was interested in a double apadravya (he already had one):

Apadravya plus dot marked for 2nd ApadravyaI have read a lot about your expertise in the field of piercings. Attached is pic of my current apadravya with marks of where I would like to have a second apadravya. When I first talked to my piercer, she said that with that placement it might make it hard to heal as the top is in the corona and the bottom is in the shaft. Thus creating a movement difference. I saw pictures of a guy that got off centered RPAs and PAs for the purpose of eventually wearing them as an apadravya X. I was wondering if I could do something similar to get a PA/RPA in those spots for healing and stretching separately? Then when after healed from the final stretch put in a barbell. I don't think it would work well to do a shaft apadravya as it would be really close to my frenums.
Thanks for any advice or information you could provide.

My reply:

In many cases that wouldn't work, but your blue dots are exactly where a "traditional" apadravya goes. If you had come to me for one, that would have been the spot-on placement I would have suggested! The one you have is actually very far forward compared to usual placement.

So yes, I think an additional piercing where the blue dots are marked would work great!

I'm not clear on what you were saying about putting in a  barbell after stretching? But as far as wearing a single piece of jewelry through the top holes--that's iffy. The tissue there is so thick, I'm not sure how the piece would need to be shaped. Maybe like a "U"? Or is that not what you were saying?

I'm also not clear on what you meant by piercing in the head and exiting in the shaft? That isn't how the image was marked. The bottom dot is in the traditional spot for a PA. Your existing piercing is quite far forward (close to your urethra).

He wrote back:

Perhaps I'll share this email with my piercer so that she can be confident in what she is doing. When I went in originally I told her that I wanted the apy to be perpendicular to my urethra rather than angled, because eventually I would like to get a wand. With it perpendicular I can just slide the barbell through the wand easily.

Being a little naive, I asked around to many of the places around here and she seemed to be the most knowledgeable. I did question about the placement when she marked me and thought that it should have been further back on top, but she said that the bottom is done at the edge of the corona, so it would angle the piercing to move it back. I did some research on different piercing sites and that is why I thought my placement was a little far forward, but I haven't had any problems with it.

What I meant was to have the piercings heal/stretch separately as PA/RPA, then put one  straight barbell through those after they are healed.  If I keep two apys in a straight line, one idea I had after healed was to wear them as dolphins, using a bent/curved barbell. Though I've not seen any dolphins done on top before.

Thanks for your answer, it appears that the place I've shown you would work for going a second time straight apadravya.

I responded:

I would suggest doing the second set with a barbell in the apadravya position to start with, rather than a PA and reverse PA with separate jewelry. You may have problems lining them up later if you get and heal them as separate piercings. It is especially difficult to get the reverse PA aligned properly in the urethtra without coming straight up from the bottom while piercing the apadravya. When a man comes to me for a reverse PA and he already has a PA, I initially use a bar positioned as an apadravya for that same reason.

Thanks! Let me know if you have other questions.