Anatomy Consultations

Just fill out the form below and click the "Book a Consultation" button. I usually respond within 24 hours (often within a few hours, sometimes minutes!). If I deem it necessary, we can arrange to talk via Skype or by phone as well! 

If you book an appointment to be pierced by me, your $10 consult payment is applied to the $100 piercing fee. For details on booking appointments with me, visit this page.

I am happy to do a consult, even if you plan to get pierced by another professional. If your consultation entails extensive correspondence and you don't book with me for piercing, I may request an additional donation.

To check your anatomical suitability for female genital piercings, I require specific images as shown and described on the linked pages below, depending on your area(s) of interest.

Photos MUST be clear and close up. (Large size files may not load.)

Female Genitals:

  1. VCH piercing: Do the q-tip test as shown on this page. (Please review all of the photos and watch the video on that page before taking your pictures!)
  2. Triangle and/or HCH piercing: visit this page for information and sample photos.
  3. Clitoral glans piercing visit this page for important information and to see the photos I require.
  4. Let me know anything else I should in order to best assist you (such as history of previous piercings, medical conditions, areas of diminished sensitivity or hypersensitivity, etc.)
Male Genitals
Depends on your build and which specific piercings are of interest. If you're not circumcised and want piercings in or around the glans, or if you have hypospadias, Peyronie's, if your penis "turtles" into your pubic mound, or there are other anatomical concerns or considerations, I require a consultation with photos.

Consults also required with photos:
Ampallang- Front, top, and sides of your glans.
Apadravya- Top and bottom of the glans. 
Pubic- At rest when you’re standing, at rest when you’re sitting, and a pliability test: horizontally pinch up (about 3/4” of tissue in center) between your thumb and finger, at the juncture where the top of your penis meets your body.

If your nipples are inverted, have a history of previous piercings, scars/surgery in the area including augmentation or reduction, or any other issues, I'll need to see photos.

Note: Photos must be in .jpg, .jpeg or .png formats. Images larger than 1.4MB will not come through. If you're unable to upload (all of) your pictures and we have already corresponded, please email the additional photos to me.

If you don't receive a reply within a reasonable period of time, please notify me using the contact form, as your request may not have come through.

Enter your phone number

If the consult is for an appointment with me, please list your availability during my trip (cities, dates, and times in Upcoming Events sidebar). If you already have an appointment date and time, list it here.

Upload CLEAR CLOSE-UP photo(s). I cannot offer assistance without seeing pictures, no matter how detailed a description you provide. Be aware that photos have limitiations. I'll always do my best, but some questions can be answered only from an in-person evaluation. 

If you're having trouble uploading photos, make sure it is a jpg, jpeg or png and that it is 1.4MB or less in size.

IMPORTANT NOTE: By signing up for a consultation and sharing information and/or photos with me, you are granting me permission to use them (in context, strictly anonymously) for educational purposes. If you do not wish to have me use our correspondence, please state this within your message.