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Elayne Angel

Barbara Z.


It was such a pleasure meeting with you once again for the 4th time for my 3rd set of outer labia adornments at Infinite Body Piercing in Philadelphia, PA on Thursday 03/26/2015. It is truly a privilege to be pierced by you! I cannot stop singing your praises. You are an amazing woman who is fiercely dedicated to her craft. Your knowledge, professionalism & calming presence in a welcome atmosphere make this experience a pleasant one. Although I am now a piercing "veteran", you still take the time to discuss the piercing, jewelry and aftercare. Anyone ever thinking of having their "sweetie" pierced - a visit with Elayne Angel is a MUST. Keep doing what your doing Elayne - I'm stalking your calendar for July or perhaps November. Have a GR-8 summer.


I almost never leave reviews, but I had to in this case!

I am such a huge fan of Elayne's work and her educating people on safe piercing. Her site allowed me to find a reputable piercer to do my nipples and VCH. Her great information also taught me how to care for my piercings and what jewelry to use. Truly, I consider her to be the best in the business!

After submitting photos for a triangle piercing consultation MANY months (over a year) ago, I finally got the nerve to actually go through with it. That said, I didn't want ANYONE but Elayne to pierce me! I have become quite a fan and figured that I wanted to make sure that if I was going to have such a serious piercing done, it would be done by an expert.

Yesterday, I was able to meet her at Infinite in Philly and it was such a pleasure. She has such a warm vibe and extremely professional manner. She described where she would be piercing and walked me through each step of the way. It was only minutes before I was pierced and ready to go back home. Even though it was just last night, I can barely remember the pain because she was so incredibly fast. I was very comfortable though the process and she was very willing to answer my questions. AS nervous as I was going in, I knew I was in good hands. I'm super thrilled with my piercing and so happy I waited for Elayne to do it! A truly great piercing experience with a very knowledgeable woman. This is probably my last piercing, but if there was anything else I was going to get, I'd wait for her next tour.

Keep doing what you do, Elayne! You're awesome!



So after years of wanting my nipples and my sweetie pierced, I finally got it done. It was a gift from my boyfriend who absolutely love them!! My vertical hood piercing does ride up all time and I am constantly fixing it. I am still wearing the jewelry I was pierced with I dont know if I need a shorter bar and larger balls?


It sounds like you may need a larger ball or gem on the bottom of your VCH jewelry.



I wanted piercings for years. I began researching and stumbled upon The Piercing Bible and found Elayne Angel. I knew with the unfortunate event Katrina she lost her shop in New Orleans and moved to Mexico. I found out that she was a guest piercer here in the states and I found that she was coming to Hollywood and I got my first genital piercing on my Birthday last year. The Triangle piercing is all that I thought it would be and more. I wanted NO ONE other than her to do this particular piercing and I'm glad i waited for her! She is very fast, smooth and it hurt for only a second ( which i rather enjoyed) The jewelry is pretty and the orgasms are freakishly intense! Almost a year later she returned to the same shop ( Ancient Adornments) and I got both nipples pierced by her as well as a VCH. She just made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. Im proud to say that my piercings were done by this lady. What makes this all perfect is that I have many times written her with questions and she always writes back, quite often the same day with advice and instruction. It's like having an 'after care expert' within reach - This proves how much she genuinely cares for her people and wants them to be SAFE regarding every aspect of the piercing experience. I've had local piercers want to check out the triangle because they admit to having never seen one ( let alone performed one - EEEK! ) They just stare at me in silence when I mention her name ( These are NOT APP shops ) I recommend if you are interested in piercings that you do your research, check out her tour dates and book an appointment. I get very excited each time she comes to this area because I cant wait to get something else pierced. She's worth the wait - high quality jewelry placed by the best there is: Elayne Angel- it doesn't get much better than that.


I had two consultations with Elayne, one for my tongue piercing and one for my Christina piercing. Elayne was not only extremely fast to respond, but she was super helpful! My issue with my tongue is rapidly improving thanks to her advice. I also learned that my Christina piercing was poorly placed and unlikely to heal, so I did remove it based on her advice. Elayne also recommended an APP piercer near me and that's who I will see from now on.

I highly recommend consulting Elayne about any piercing issues, she's top notch. Hopefully she'll be piercing in Florida sometime so I can go see her.

Karla Carroll

I've been wanting a VCH for awhile now. I live in the Chehalis, WA area but am willing to travel to Portland, OR if I need to. Any recommendation on a piercer in the area? I'm a diabetic, but my numbers have been great for a year now. Any concerns I should have? I have other piercings, but no genital ones.

Thank you in advance,


Hi Karla, Please see my piercer referral page for information: A VCH is a quick and easy piercing to heal for most gals, but when you have a serious medical condition like diabetes, I do suggest discussing body art with your doctor before proceeding.

Carmen Flores-Cooper



Elayne was just amazing and helped me tremendously recently with my VCH Piercing. I began having issues (swelling, itchiness, and soreness) with my 5 week old piercing after not having any issues all this time. I hesitated last night contacting her with photos and I decided to contact her. After sending my submission to Elayne within the hour I had a response! We went through what some of the problems it could be. I did what she suggested (lowered my salt content for my soak) this morning and my piercing is already feeling 10x's better. Even this morning I had some additional issues that wasn't occurring last night and when I emailed her again this morning she continued to helped me and reassured my piercing was doing what it was supposed to be. Since this morning the itchiness has subsided and the swelling has gone down. If you are hesitating contacting Elayne, DON'T! She was very responsive and so helpful! Thank you for everything Elayne and I'm so glad I contacted you!!!!

Cyn T

Elayne, I did all my initial research regarding my wanted piercings on your page, and felt thoroughly informed and confident, so used one of your referral piercerers (roger rabbit :) and true to form he was awesome. Im glad for your site and generosity of expertise. Love love love my piercings and the entire process. Thank you!!!!

Alyssa Lamdgens

Dear Elayne, Thank you so much for having such an informative site. Your wealth of knowledge is astounding.

I am currently 19, and have been thinking about getting a triangle piercing for quite some time. I've gotten my anatomy checked in a consultation and was told I'm an ideal candidate, however I'm just too wimpy to actually have it done. I've never liked the way circular barbells look, but I really want the piercing in that location for sensual stimulation. Also, I'm not a piercing junkie. The only piercings I've ever had are my earlobes, but I'm fascinated with the idea of getting a triangle piercing and my boyfriend is all for it. Finally, I'm really worried about the pain. I've heard that the pain for triangle piercings is much much worse than that for other genital piercings, around a 9 out of 10.

Do you have any advice for my situation? Although I hadn't planned on much travel to get this done, I may consider coming to see you.

Thanks so much!

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for your post! Many of my clients have no other body art and they tolerate the procedure very well. The triangle is my specialty. I've popularized and perfected it, and probably performed more than most piercers all put together!

I can't say what your experience might be like with another piercer, but I can assure you that the piercing would be very momentary. Virtually all of my clients tell me it wasn't as bad as they were thinking. And virtually all of them leave reporting that they are experiencing no discomfort!

If you'd like to see me performing triangle piercings, and demonstrating exactly where they should be placed and how quickly and easily I can perform them, I've got videos available here: I think it will be very reassuring to you.

I've never had someone regret that they waited for me, or traveled to be pierced by me, or had someone feel unhappy that they paid what I charge; it is well worth it to get the job done properly. Unfortunately, I've heard plenty of regrets from those who haven't visited me and I get emails DAILY about botched genital piercings! See my blog for an abundance of horrors.

Warmly, Elayne


Hi! This website is amazing! Thanks for all the great information.

I have a question.

I went for a consultation with a piercer. He told me my anatomy was 50/50 for a successful vch piercing. He said my anatomy could reject it but it could happen with everyone. He did the qtip test and I almost covered the top like your website shows but not the whole thing.

I decided to still get it. It's been three weeks tomorrow and all of a sudden as I was cleaning it, I saw blood as I patting the salt water over it.

I've read lots of places that said soak twice a day and then some that said regular shower and soak once a day. I've been soaking once a day this last week.

My question is, do you think the bleeding happened because I "open it up" to clean it and that the skin has been stretched? I notice in many pictures of poper vch piercing you cannot see the bar. As the weeks have passed, I see more and more of the bar and it moves from side to side. I know you haven't seen pics but could it be possible that the piercing is getting ready to reject? Is there any way to prevent it?

Thanks for your time! -ash

Hi Ash, My detailed aftercare suggestions and instructions are here: It seems like you probably need an actual consultation. You can sign up for one here: Elayne


I have had trouble with cartilage piercings in the past, many have grown out. A couple of months back I got a snug piercing nearer to the top of my ear. However since I got it done it has not been right, unsure whether it is infected, growing out or how to treat! It is still sore, and has to blister looking keloid sort of scars about each side of ball, need some help.

Lexi walker

Hey! So I have my belly pierced ive had it since November 1st 2014 an it's been about 4 months an I have this red ring around my top ball an I was wondering how to get rid of it ?? Please help!

This isn't the best place for requesting advice, but I can tell you that navels frequently take 6-9 months or longer to heal. During healing, piercings could be discolored--so it might be normal. From The Piercing Bible: Some discoloration (pinkish, brownish, or purplish), secretion of clear or cloudy fluids, and induration (hardening of       tissue) can all be present in a normal healing navel piercing.

To offer any advice, I'd need to do a consult to evaluate your piercing, though. If you wish to sign up for a consultation, go to this page:



Hi! I would just like to know if I get a hoop type ring for my navel, can I still use a barbel when it heals if I want to change it? Cause I just got my navel piercing last September with a barbel even tho the piercer already told me that having a hoop is better for healing but I insisted her to use a barbel and now I had to remove the barbel cause it got rejected by my body. I'm just worried cause I'll be having it repierce next month and she told me this time I should get a hoop first but I'm afraid that I won't be able to use a barbel afterwards...

Hi Emai,

If you wish to have a consultation with me about your piercing, please visit this page for information and to sign up and pay the $10. for a consultation: 

Unfortunately, I can’t really offer any personalized information or advice without doing a proper consult, which would include seeing some clear, close-up photos.

Sincerely, Elayne

Dale Montgomery

How big can guy go with pa .I GOT .000 in right now can you bigger?

HI Dale, That will depend on your anatomy and the placement of your piercing. Note that over stretching beyond your body's pliability can result in tissue damage and even the loss of your piercing/accidental bifurcation. So be careful!

If you wish to have a consultation with me, you can sign up for one here:

Elayne Angel


The extensive information on The Piercing Bible is very informative and helped me a lot in making the decision to get a triangle piercing. I also used the referrals section to select Roger Rabbit as my piercer while I vacationed in LA for NYE, since Elayne is not traveling near my home state of NC any time soon.

I must say, I am completely happy with my piercing, as well as with Roger Rabbit. Very professional, quick, and relatively painless. I am a month into the healing process and have been healing well and quickly. I have no regrets!

Rebecca Lewis

Thank you for all that you do to keep up an awesome,informative and illustrated website. I purchased your book some time back and finally had a chance to drive 5 hours to the closest piercer you refer to. Bethra at Virtue and Vice in Atlanta Georgia was better than I could have imagined. I initially was going to just get a VCH but after much more reading and thinking, I decided that a triangle would also be nice. I had both done and am very happy with them. I have only had them 12 days but I am already thinking about my next piercing...or at least my next jewelry:). I would have never been able to do this if you didn't have this wonderful website that gave such professional information without judgement or salesmanship. Thank you doesn't seem enough....If anyone is close to Atlanta Georgia, then go see Bethra at Virtue and Vice....awesome place!


Hello i was just wondering if nipple piercings will make it so i can't breastfeed? I have two children already but when i had them i found out my right nipple is inverted and looks awkward compare to my other nipple. I really don't like being shirtless in front of my boyfriend anymore because of it. I'm planning on having another child but not for a few years and I'm honestly just looking for a confidence boost. Love reading about your work :)

Here's what it says about that in The Piercing Bible:

Nipple Piercing and Breastfeeding Many pierced women express concerns about breastfeeding, but there does not appear to be any evidence that nipple piercings negatively affect the ability to breastfeed. A normal female nipple has a multiplicity of up to twenty porelike milk ducts, rather than a single spout. Therefore, a nipple piercing of ordinary size and uneventful healing won’t block them all. The ability to nurse could be impaired if a troubled nipple piercing causes excess scarring. When jewelry is removed from a well-healed nipple piercing, some colostrum or milk might seep or flow from the empty channel.

Leaving out your nipple jewelry during breastfeeding is safest for your infant, although some women do successfully nurse with it in place. Jewelry removal eliminates the most serious risk of your baby choking on a ball, ring, or bar that becomes unfastened. You also diminish the potential for other nursing problems such as difficulty latching on or damage to the soft tissue of your infant’s mouth. Another concern is that body jewelry might be a source of bacteria that could enter a baby’s system. Some women have had success nursing with flexible jewelry like PTFE barbells instead of metal. Do not wear a retainer that has an O-ring closure because it is not sufficiently secure to stay on during nursing.

If you decide to take out your jewelry and leave it out until you are done nursing, the piercing may shrink or close up by the time your baby is weaned. If your piercing is fully healed, there is some chance the hole could remain open. It may be possible to encourage a well-established channel to stay viable by passing a small, clean insertion taper through it on a regular basis. If the piercing has sealed shut and you wish to be repierced, it is best to wait at least three months after you stop nursing to allow the tissue to normalize.


Hi guys. I gave my wife a clit ring for a present,( I had it done, I just paid for it) and I think I was done in. The ring is situated to the right of the clit, does not look like it is through it.. What must I do? Please let me know.

BTW: I'm from South Africa so I can't come in or bring her in for an evaluation. Please help.

Thank you.

Hi Hennie, If you wish to have me evaluate your wife's piercing, I can do an online consultation. You can sign up for one here:


Hi Elayne, I finally had the pleasure of meeting and being pierced by you on 11/11/14 in Philly. I am in awe!!! You have a beautiful spirit and that was apparent from the moment I saw you. I feel like a groupie now. The experience of getting my VCH and Triangle was simply amazing. I would suggest you to anyone looking to be pierced. You are a wonderful amazing talent who has mastered her craft. I just wanted to say THANK YOU and wish you continued success in everything you do. I am truly a life long fan!!

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