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Elayne Angel


I messaged Elayne to ask if Briotech was safe to use on animals as my pet snake had a minor skin abrasion under his tail. I heard this healing product was fantastic and she assured me that it was completely safe as she used it on cats and dogs in addition to being used in the veterinary field. After treatment and one shed cycle later his skin is glistening, healthy, and shiny! It healed up very nicely which me made me happy with the results, it effectively cleans and heals without harming my pet. To this day I give him a spritz to kill off potentially harmful bacteria from his skin and around his shed times for a little extra moisture. Thank you for the tip Elayne!

Thanks for sharing the great information about piercing! Its really helped a lot when we were searching how to get it done safety. Appreciated ! Btw we make vegan bags at Have a good day!


I had the honor of getting a VCH and nipple piercings last May when Elayne was in Philadelphia. Elayne was amazing . She exudes a warmth and sincerity that made me feel so comfortable. As a health care professional I would say her bedside manner, her skills and her knowledge are top notch ! The aftercare product Briotech was amazing and I actually now recommend it to patients in my clinical practice . Elayne thanks from the bottom of my heart for making me feel like a sexual being again with my new piercings!


Can your body reject a belly buttton piercing, ten years after you had it pierced ?

Unfortunately, yes, it is possible. I can’t really offer personalized information or advice without doing a proper consult, which would include seeing some clear, close-up photos. You can sign up for a consultation by clicking the link above or visiting this page:


Hi i was wondering if my gem on my piercing sunk into my nose alittle is that normal i only got my nose peirced on monday so im not sure

Hi Mariah,

If there is ANY chance the jewelry is becoming embedded, you MUST return to a piercer right away to get the jewelry changed out to a better fitting piece, or you could end up needing to have it surgically removed and risk excessive scarring!

If you wish to have a consultation with me, you can sign up for one by clicking the "Consultations" link or going here:


I wanted to post a review of Mike Kaspa on Long Island. He gave me a Princess Diana about two months ago.

He was fantastic. Not only is he friendly and (in my opinion) hilarious, he's also fastidious about cleanliness. I trusted him completely and the piercing didn't hurt at all. It also came out looking fantastic. Elayne recently gave me a triangle piercing and I can honestly say that I'd trust either of them for any piercing I could dream of having.


I'm not sure if there are any piercers on this forum since there are pages and pages of dedicated fans, but I would love to share my thoughts on Miss Angel. Before I even started my apprenticeship, when piercings really piqued my interest I was told to go to Barnes and Noble and pick up the Piercing Bible, after a few days of having my nose stuck between the bindings I was hooked. This book solidified for me that piercing is what I was meant to do. This god send of a book is so informative and full of good tidbits for both the piercer and piercee alike! I have been piercing professionally now for 5 years and I still reference the Bible to always make sure I am giving the correct information to my clients and to make sure I'm performing my piercings in the most pleasant and informative way possible, it's like Elayne is my little piercing Angel (get it ) on my shoulder. Anyone who has an interest in piercings should read this book, you will not be disappointed! I haven't had the pleasure yet of attending any of her seminars or have a piercing done by her but one day I definitely will ! As a piercer I am actually quite unpeirced ! Believe or not ! Just my ears so far, I can be quite extreme so I think I'd either have all or nothing haha, baby steps. Haha. Thank you so much Elayne for sharing your passion with the world in the most professional and comprehensive way !


I travelled to Philly in May to have Elayne do my triangle piercing. Honestly, it was the best to be piercing experience I've ever had (and I've had quite a few).

I was very nervous beforehand because I had read horror stories about other triangle piercings and how much they hurt. I already had a VCH (which, it ends up, was done improperly) and that hurt like a bitch. So I was really excited about getting the piercing but apprehensive about the possible pain.

I shouldn't have been. Elayne was both extremely professional and very warm and friendly. I'd read comments likening her to an elf and I have to admit that the description fits. She's a small woman with a lot of personality. I liked her instantly.

She could tell how nervous I was but immediately began to put me at ease. She talked to me the entire time and told me exactly what she was doing when she was doing it. Then it was time for her to pierce me.

I don't know what magic this woman performed but that piercing, the one that was supposed to hurt like hell, felt like only a bit of pressure. No pain at all. Seriously, this woman is magic.

I would suggest Elayne to anyone. I would sing her praises from the rooftops if I could. She's professional, kind, funny, and someone I would trust with any piercing I could possibly imagine. She's worth whatever drive or trip you have to take to see her.


Elayne's work CHANGED MY LIFE. It changed my husband's life. We are so much more in sync sexually - because sex just feels SO MUCH BETTER with my VCH piercing!!! This has done a world of good for our life as a sexual couple. This piercing is a gentle "nudge" that not only makes me more sensitive and better able to orgasm during sex (without additional clitoral stimulation) - it has also bumped my sex drive up enough that I'm a better match for my husband's sexual energy!! I used to be all about "quickie" sex - but now I want to be intimate for hours at a time because it feels *that good*. And I'm a mother of four kids under the age of 7 who works full-time outside of the house. In a world where I always have a million things to do, sex is a total priority again, and it's done our relationship a world of good. Elayne is AMAZING. This is what I wrote to her in a "thank you" email post-piercing, after I was fully healed and able to experience the difference in sex:


I cannot begin to THANK YOU enough for the most perfect piercing you gave me last month in Detroit!!!! One month in, it's healed beautifully, and our first "test drive" of this with some safe, gentle sex yielded not just one but MANY orgasms with just penetration alone. No additional clitoral stimulation needed, which was always needed for me in the past to reach orgasm. My mind is BLOWN. I am so grateful for you and your knowledge of anatomy and the safe clinical precision behind this piercing - because it has changed my life. THANK YOU, and as long as you have working hands, please don't stop your practice! You have an unbelievable gift. I wish every woman could experience this. My time on earth will be forever better.

Again, Thank You.


Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge and experience! I recently traveled a couple hours to visit Bob Jones at Insight Studios in Chicago Illinois. He is one of the piercers I found as a referral on your site. I couldn't have been more pleased! My VCH was my 12th piercing and by far the easiest and least painful! Bob is extremely knowledgeable and professional. My husband was so impressed that we traveled back a week later for him to get a Frenum piercing. (His first piercing ever!). Once again it was a quick and painless experience. If you are unable to visit Elayne don't hesitate to call Insight and ask for Bob. You won't regret it!


Imported Briotech to the UK in readiness for my Lorum piercing. Amazing product and well worth the expense. Elayne was brilliant with advice and sorting out my order.

Amber Murphy

This Place is so helpful, My piercing place is Steal n Ink in Canada and They always tell me that if i need anything and they will not respond to come here.


I am so grateful for Elaynes Arizona recommendation of Kevin Jump in the referral section. I am more than impressed and pleased with the entire experience from my first phone call to the actual piercing. Kevin is amazing!! I went in because I've been uncomfortable with my inner labia and wanted to camouflage it. He took a great deal of time to explain the various types of genital piercings and what would work with my particular anatomy. The cool part is he actually helped me see myself in a different light and I no longer feel abnormal. Kevin is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about his art. He also wanted to make sure I was completely comfortable with my decision before proceeding with the piercing. I decided to get my vertical clitoral hood pierced. It was virtually painless and Kevin helped me to feel at ease throughout the entire process. I will be back after the summer to get a triangle. It's far to hot to stay out of the water for months when living in the desert so I'll wait until it cools off ;)


I had my triangle piercing done by Elayne a couple of days ago. It was my sixth piercing and the first performed by her.

I have used genital piercings as tools in helping me to deal with the aftermath of childhood sexual abuse. They have helped me find beauty in a part of myself that had always made me feel ugly. They have given me back control of my sexuality which had been taken from me. For the first time in my liIe I can look at that part of me and smile.

Elayne's expertise in the field is unparalleled. But that is only part of the reason I chose her to pierce me. After exchanging messages and reading her book (which I highly recommend) I knew she was the person that I wanted to share this highly personal and powerful experience with. When something is a person's calling you know. And It elevates the experience to something very special.

The piercing is beautiful . It is everything I had hoped for. But more importantly Elayne"s presence in my journey has helped me to heal. And for that I will be forever grateful.


I got a VCH piercing done almost a month ago by Elayne. I was lucky enough to get one of the limited appointments in Chicago. From the first contact she was nothing but great. I always wanted the VCH piercing but I was always a bit scared on where to go to be sure it's done right. Her website and detailed descriptions about the piercings helped. But the fact that she did a consultation to make sure my anatomy was suited for the VCH made all my reservations go away. The piercing was done flawlessly and I don't think I've ever had a piercing heal this fast (it's been 4 weeks now). The aftercare solution Elayne recommended "Briotech" is absolutely a must buy. I wish I knew about it before, it would have made the healing of my other piercings so much faster. THANK YOU Elayne. And if you are don't come to see you for another piercing soon count me in as a one appointment in Chicago every time you come here. :)

Star Huff

Yesterday I had my vch and my nipples pierced by Elayne Angel. I was a little nervous but I had been doing the research for years. Elayne's energy was just as beautiful as she was ands she instantly put me at ease. She was extremely sanitary and explained everything to me in detail. I drove 3 hours to see her and it was more than worth it. I love my new piercings!


I recently used Monique in New Orleans, who is on Elaynes referral list, to get a vhc done. I had it done by someone else 6 months ago and it failed and hurt from the beginning. Long story short, MONIQUE WAS FANTASTIC. Very professional and very informative. She explained every step of the way and when it came time for the Big moment, there was just a stick, no enormous pain like the other time. I highly recommend Monique at Electric Ladyland Tattoo in New Orleans.


April 15th 2017:

I had an Ampallang placed by Elayne on my Birthday this year. I had been wanting this piercing for quite a while and when I got the "Angel's" news letter that she would be in a city near my home, 3 hours away but who counts the miles when it is Elayne Angel, I booked my appointment. (The Birthday was a coincidence :-)) Now here is the value of dealing with such a consummate professional. Elayne and I exchanged many, many emails about sizing and placement. It ends up that I am not really good at ummmm measuring but she helped work me through the process. The day of, when I heard my name called at the shop Elayne looked exactly like she just had her picture taken for her book cover! During the prep work for the placement she calmly talked me out of the butterfly's that I had swallowed and proceeded to place a quick, even and aesthetically pleasing Ampallang. Elayne it was a pleasure working with you and to any that would consider such a delicate and medically challenging genital piercing Elayne should be one of your top considerations if not the only!


Elayne is not only the most knowledgeable in the industry, but she is totally bad arse! I patiently waited 7 months (booked very early) for Elayne to visit 23rd Street, worth every second of anticipation. Elayne went above and beyond exchanging multiple emails for my online consultation, answering all of my questions the best she could without physically examining me. Believe it or not, Elayne is even more incredible in person. You could not possibly be in better hands for a piercing. I booked two appointments to provide extra time, and very glad I did. I highly recommend doing so if you are having Elayne perform more than one piercing. I never once felt rushed, we'll worth the extra time slot. Sure there was pain involved with each of my piercings, but less than expected with Elayne's swift hands and calming demeanor. Do not hesitate booking with Elayne, you won't be disappointed, just make sure to buy some Briotech before, the stuff is truly amazing! Thank you again Elayne!


I will start with saying Elayne made my experience the best it could possibly be! This started with the wealth of information her website provides, then the prompt and thorough answer to questions she provided, followed by her attention to detail insuring I was a candidate for the piercings I desired to have. With the information she provided I chose to have a VCH and Triangle piercing. This was my first experience with the world of piercing, besides earrings, I had no tattoos or piercings. My boyfriend and I arrived at 23rd Street Body Piercing in Oklahoma City around 7 for a 7:30 appointment with Elayne. The staff greeted us and walked us through purchasing the jewelry. We did not have to wait, Elayne took us into the procedure room before 7:30. Her demeanor and overall character was very caring which made me feel comfortable and confident. She was informative as she went through the process. There was pain with the piercings but it was short lived, she handled my jumping and I am pretty sure I kicked her but she was awesome and made me feel cared for during the whole time I was there. If you are interested in a piercing I highly recommend you contact Elayne and travel to wherever she is because it is worth it. Thank you Elayne for a great experience and a professional well placed piercing!

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