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Elayne Angel


Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge and experience! I recently traveled a couple hours to visit Bob Jones at Insight Studios in Chicago Illinois. He is one of the piercers I found as a referral on your site. I couldn't have been more pleased! My VCH was my 12th piercing and by far the easiest and least painful! Bob is extremely knowledgeable and professional. My husband was so impressed that we traveled back a week later for him to get a Frenum piercing. (His first piercing ever!). Once again it was a quick and painless experience. If you are unable to visit Elayne don't hesitate to call Insight and ask for Bob. You won't regret it!


Imported Briotech to the UK in readiness for my Lorum piercing. Amazing product and well worth the expense. Elayne was brilliant with advice and sorting out my order.

Amber Murphy

This Place is so helpful, My piercing place is Steal n Ink in Canada and They always tell me that if i need anything and they will not respond to come here.


I am so grateful for Elaynes Arizona recommendation of Kevin Jump in the referral section. I am more than impressed and pleased with the entire experience from my first phone call to the actual piercing. Kevin is amazing!! I went in because I've been uncomfortable with my inner labia and wanted to camouflage it. He took a great deal of time to explain the various types of genital piercings and what would work with my particular anatomy. The cool part is he actually helped me see myself in a different light and I no longer feel abnormal. Kevin is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about his art. He also wanted to make sure I was completely comfortable with my decision before proceeding with the piercing. I decided to get my vertical clitoral hood pierced. It was virtually painless and Kevin helped me to feel at ease throughout the entire process. I will be back after the summer to get a triangle. It's far to hot to stay out of the water for months when living in the desert so I'll wait until it cools off ;)


I had my triangle piercing done by Elayne a couple of days ago. It was my sixth piercing and the first performed by her.

I have used genital piercings as tools in helping me to deal with the aftermath of childhood sexual abuse. They have helped me find beauty in a part of myself that had always made me feel ugly. They have given me back control of my sexuality which had been taken from me. For the first time in my liIe I can look at that part of me and smile.

Elayne's expertise in the field is unparalleled. But that is only part of the reason I chose her to pierce me. After exchanging messages and reading her book (which I highly recommend) I knew she was the person that I wanted to share this highly personal and powerful experience with. When something is a person's calling you know. And It elevates the experience to something very special.

The piercing is beautiful . It is everything I had hoped for. But more importantly Elayne"s presence in my journey has helped me to heal. And for that I will be forever grateful.


I got a VCH piercing done almost a month ago by Elayne. I was lucky enough to get one of the limited appointments in Chicago. From the first contact she was nothing but great. I always wanted the VCH piercing but I was always a bit scared on where to go to be sure it's done right. Her website and detailed descriptions about the piercings helped. But the fact that she did a consultation to make sure my anatomy was suited for the VCH made all my reservations go away. The piercing was done flawlessly and I don't think I've ever had a piercing heal this fast (it's been 4 weeks now). The aftercare solution Elayne recommended "Briotech" is absolutely a must buy. I wish I knew about it before, it would have made the healing of my other piercings so much faster. THANK YOU Elayne. And if you are don't come to see you for another piercing soon count me in as a one appointment in Chicago every time you come here. :)

Star Huff

Yesterday I had my vch and my nipples pierced by Elayne Angel. I was a little nervous but I had been doing the research for years. Elayne's energy was just as beautiful as she was ands she instantly put me at ease. She was extremely sanitary and explained everything to me in detail. I drove 3 hours to see her and it was more than worth it. I love my new piercings!


I recently used Monique in New Orleans, who is on Elaynes referral list, to get a vhc done. I had it done by someone else 6 months ago and it failed and hurt from the beginning. Long story short, MONIQUE WAS FANTASTIC. Very professional and very informative. She explained every step of the way and when it came time for the Big moment, there was just a stick, no enormous pain like the other time. I highly recommend Monique at Electric Ladyland Tattoo in New Orleans.


April 15th 2017:

I had an Ampallang placed by Elayne on my Birthday this year. I had been wanting this piercing for quite a while and when I got the "Angel's" news letter that she would be in a city near my home, 3 hours away but who counts the miles when it is Elayne Angel, I booked my appointment. (The Birthday was a coincidence :-)) Now here is the value of dealing with such a consummate professional. Elayne and I exchanged many, many emails about sizing and placement. It ends up that I am not really good at ummmm measuring but she helped work me through the process. The day of, when I heard my name called at the shop Elayne looked exactly like she just had her picture taken for her book cover! During the prep work for the placement she calmly talked me out of the butterfly's that I had swallowed and proceeded to place a quick, even and aesthetically pleasing Ampallang. Elayne it was a pleasure working with you and to any that would consider such a delicate and medically challenging genital piercing Elayne should be one of your top considerations if not the only!


Elayne is not only the most knowledgeable in the industry, but she is totally bad arse! I patiently waited 7 months (booked very early) for Elayne to visit 23rd Street, worth every second of anticipation. Elayne went above and beyond exchanging multiple emails for my online consultation, answering all of my questions the best she could without physically examining me. Believe it or not, Elayne is even more incredible in person. You could not possibly be in better hands for a piercing. I booked two appointments to provide extra time, and very glad I did. I highly recommend doing so if you are having Elayne perform more than one piercing. I never once felt rushed, we'll worth the extra time slot. Sure there was pain involved with each of my piercings, but less than expected with Elayne's swift hands and calming demeanor. Do not hesitate booking with Elayne, you won't be disappointed, just make sure to buy some Briotech before, the stuff is truly amazing! Thank you again Elayne!


I will start with saying Elayne made my experience the best it could possibly be! This started with the wealth of information her website provides, then the prompt and thorough answer to questions she provided, followed by her attention to detail insuring I was a candidate for the piercings I desired to have. With the information she provided I chose to have a VCH and Triangle piercing. This was my first experience with the world of piercing, besides earrings, I had no tattoos or piercings. My boyfriend and I arrived at 23rd Street Body Piercing in Oklahoma City around 7 for a 7:30 appointment with Elayne. The staff greeted us and walked us through purchasing the jewelry. We did not have to wait, Elayne took us into the procedure room before 7:30. Her demeanor and overall character was very caring which made me feel comfortable and confident. She was informative as she went through the process. There was pain with the piercings but it was short lived, she handled my jumping and I am pretty sure I kicked her but she was awesome and made me feel cared for during the whole time I was there. If you are interested in a piercing I highly recommend you contact Elayne and travel to wherever she is because it is worth it. Thank you Elayne for a great experience and a professional well placed piercing!


Back in February I made the decision to have both of my nipples pierced. I did my research on who in Charlotte would be best for the task. After the piercing on February 18th I did more research on after care of piercings. I came upon this site and read about this product called Briotech. I had never heard of the stuff but after reading success stories I decided to give it a try. I ordered 2 4oz. bottles from Amazon. I was doing the twice daily saline soaks which I continued after receiving the Briotech. After each saline soak I sprayed each fistula and simply let them air dry. I also did a couple more sprays during the day. My piercer wanted to see me back after 6 weeks to check my healing progress. When I took my shirt off he was amazed. He said it looked like I had 4 months of healing in just 6 short weeks. He wanted to know what I had been doing to accelerate the healing like I had. I told about coming upon this site and this wonderful product called Briotech. He said that he just simply does not see healing like this. Because of my results he is going to start recommending Briotech to his clients. I personally will not go without Briotech in my house. It is wonderful stuff not just for piercings but for all kind of wounds, scrapes, cuts, etc. Thanks Elayne for putting Briotech on your website.


Hey! So on a whim I decided to check out my piercer to see if he was on the referrals page and he is. I love Kevin Jump, amazing man. I have 4 piercings now and the only one that I didn't get at his studio is the only on I had any problems with. It's a relief to know that Elayne's recommended piercers are some of the best.


Just want to drop you a line and let you know I'm in love with your new after care product! It was awesome while I was healing my new piercings, but that's not why I love it. I have a 2yr old who has had really bad eczema since she was about a month old. On a whim I sprayed her down one night after her bath, and everything was cleared up by the next morning, like completely, it blew my mind. We have tried every single lotion, balm, cream we could get our hands on and nothing helped this well or this quickly. I owe you lots of hugs. ❤

Yes, Briotech is totally amazing! I've heard this from other clients as well!

You can see my own healing experience with it here: and learn more about it here:


After 9 weeks of ongoing pain and discomfort caused by my PA piercing, I was ready to give up and just take the damn thing out. As a last resort, I contacted Elayne for a consult. I sent her a detailed message outlining my problems, and explaining that I had been back to my piercer multiple times but was told that there was nothing wrong with my piercing. But I KNEW there was something wrong, I had constant pain and discomfort, just walking around hurt me so I was at my wits end when I contacted Elayne. In less than 24 hours, I received a detailed message back with several suggestions as to how my problem could be resolved, and also some assurance that, with proper care, I should be able to keep my PA. I followed her advice immediately - Well, a week has passed and I can say I have NO DISCOMFORT OR PAIN ANYMORE!! This is 100% due to Elayne’s advice to me. I cannot thank her enough for her help. If you have a piercing problem or concern, Elayne is the person to go to!! Thank you so much Elayne!!


I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Elayne. She was wonderful. I contacted her for a consult regarding my nose piercing. I was unsure about the placement and was getting so many opinions, but I am so glad I contacted her; my consult really gave me peace of mind. She responded quickly and was so nice. She answered all of my questions and sent me visuals back so I could see exactly what she was referring to. Elayne was very honest in her opinion of what looked good for my anatomy and really made me feel confident. Will definitely come back for a consult for any other piercings.


WOW! Is what I have to say about everything regarding my new triangle! I woke up one day and decided I wanted a triangle piercing and decided to seek out the best on the planet and Elayne's name kept coming up. I read her site and had a few email chats with her. She was just amazing in how she supported me through my whole process, from first contact online to in person to follow up. She is very professional and easy. I was so excited to get my triangle and it was such a gentle process. Just a pinch! Make sure you take good care of it and love it up until it heals! I actually traveled to New Orleans from Texas to get it done. It was about a 8 hr drive and worth every mile. And can I say again WOW the pleasure that I get from my piercing is extraordinary! No battery operated buzzing devices for me anymore! No need ;) It is so sexy and empowering. And her book! I had purchased my copy in person of her Piercing Bible and had it inscribed. Collectors item now for sure! I love that book. It is so interesting and complete. I recommend it to anyone. I've read it just about cover to cover. And I like to support my sisters out there and encourage other goddesses to do the same! Get the book :) I am now going to set up an appointment to get my nipples pierced by her in OK City. Road trip! I may bring my lover with me to get a PA (sexy hot). I have augmented breasts and lost sensation in them years ago and read in her book that nipple piercing was a great way to get the sensation that I am missing back. I am so looking forward to that! I will follow up with a post on how hot and sexy pleasurable they will be so stay tuned! Thank you again Elayne for being so super awesome and bringing your craft to the world! Love you sister! Warmest wishes and many blessings, Rose


Hi Elayne, I had been doing some research about triangle piercings over the past year and saw that you listed Kevin Jump as one of the referred pierces. I got my triangle done by him and it was a wonderful experience to say the least. He was very informative about the types of genital piercings I was suited for and what the triangle piercing consisted of. Needless to say I am very happy with the results and his work overall. Thank you for listing him as one of the suggested piercers in Arizona!


I contacted Elayne about an otherwise well behaved nipple piercing that had migrated. Her website and book were a great resource for aftercare and knowing what kind of issues that could arise, giving me answers to questions I didn't even know to ask.

I was still concerned about mine, and not entirely thrilled to go back to where I got pierced (not by Elayne!) because after reading Elayne's book I questioned some of my piercing experience with them.

Instead I used the online anatomy consultation to send Elayne my before and after migration pictures for her opinion. Best $10 I have ever spent in my life! She responded promptly with her take on my piercing, and her advice gave me several options to consider going forward. Her response was friendly and detailed, and having the opinion of an expert with experience on my specific piercing issue was reassuring and invaluable.

An expert, easy and convenient piercing consultation. With all the time and attention it takes caring for healing piercings I imagine a lot of people freak out about all sorts of things related to their piercing and how it's healing. Like me. This is the place to come for help, even if just for piece of mind

Thanks again Elayne!

Derrick White

Hi new to Genital piercings and nipples but i want both A Prince Albert a Guiche and Both Nipples. My skin under my Testicles have always been my Spot and why not do everything else. I am a 28 yr old Guitar player. I am Bisexual to. Thx Cat's Gratefully yours Derrick

HI Derrick, Thanks for your comment. If you wish to make an appointment with me, please fill out the form found through the link "Appointments" under the Piercing navigation tab! Or my piercer referrals can be found under the "More Pages" navigation sidebar.

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