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Above you will find the table of contents for The Piercing Bible! As you can see it is incredibly comprehensive and contains information for anyone and everyone with an interest in the subject. 

For additional details about the book, and for a link to purchase it, visit this page.

What My Happy Clients Say

"The Piercing Bible" is well written, informative and approachable book that demystifies the world of piercing for anyone who wants to know more.

Before you invest in a piercing of any nature, do yourself a favor and invest your time in reading this book instead of what you find from a google search! 


This was an EXCELLENT read. I found it VERY informative. Would definitely recommend anyone interested in being pierced, or going into a career of piercing to take their time to read this. 10 stars. 


 A must read, or at least a must have, if you have any interest in body mods/piercings; or even if you have a loved one with an interest in that culture. Very informative and nicely written.


Want to get pierced by Elayne Angel?