With the help of specific photos, I can check (at a distance) to determine which piercings suit your unique anatomy. An online consultation is required in order to book an appointment with me for a triangle or HCH piercing.

To check your anatomical suitability, I require specific images as shown and described below.

I need to see the following pictures and they must be clear and close-up: 

1. An at rest image of your hood area relaxed, with your knees wide, like the one at left
2. A view of your hood height (from the side and/or top)
3. A pinch test (behind the clitoral shaft for the triangle, in front of it for the HCH)
4. Vascularity images of both sides, at the base of your hood to check for vessels
5. Coin image for scale, with any US coin right next to your hood

Scroll down for examples.

Note that I ALWAYS wear gloves for client contact! Images without gloves were sent to me for consultations, and are posted anonymously and with permission.


Please see the photos below, which explain and demonstrate what I need to see to evaluate your anatomy for piercing suitability for a triangle piercing and/or an HCH piercing.

These are piercings that are placed, to some extent, by feel--especially the triangle. Therefore photos do have some limitations. I might not be able to tell with 100% certainty that you're suited to the piercing. But I can usually determine if you're obviously not a candidate. 

I'm happy to evaluate you even if you plan to go to another piercer.

View from the side showing the height of the hood
A "bird's eye view" from the top showing height and shape of the hood
Pinch test at the base of the hood behind and just below the clitoral shaft, for the triangle piercing
HCH pinch test, at the location you hope to wear jewelry, above and in front of the clitoris
Vascularity check showing the base of the hood to look for vessels in the way
Vascularity shown by pressing against the tissue at the base of the hood
UNSUCCESSFUL triangle pinch test, too high, and far away from the base of the hood
Another failed pinch test that is not beneath the clitoral shaft (clitoris is visible below the pinch)




Since fingers come in a wide variety of non-standard sizes, it can be difficult to discern relative scale, so taking a photo with a coin right next to your hood can be invaluable in helping me to evaluate your suitability for triangle and HCH piercings. The image below would have been better if the coin was slightly lower, and more adjacent the hood. In any case, it did allow me to see that this particular individual has a hood that is too petite for either of the horizontal piercing options.








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