The inner labia (labia minora) are the delicate, hairless folds of flesh situated between the outer labia (labia majora). This tissue is very similar to that of the clitoral hood; it is quick and easy to heal. Some women’s inner lips are not large enough to pierce, or are asymmetrical and only one side is suitable. A single ring on either side is popular, and they can be pierced in pairs or multiples.

General Information

Few women report experiencing pleasurable sensations from inner labia piercings, so they are normally just ornamental and worn for their visual appeal. Though not particularly functional for the wearer, they can still be very enjoyable to have, and many find piercings of this area to be especially beautifying and empowering.

Healing Time
4-8 weeks or longer

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The inner labia tissue is frequently shaped much like an earlobe, and a traditional placement for a single piercing is at the visual center of this "lobe." However, any spot along the lip is acceptable as long as the piercing is located at least 3/8" from the edge of your tissue--and the jewelry will rest in a way that is comfortable. Additionally, the piercing must not be placed deeper than the natural fold line where the lip forms from the body.

The piercing is normally made close to equidistant from the edge on both sides, in order to frame the area aesthetically and comfortably.

Depending on your build, if the piercing is placed quite high on the lip, there is some chance the jewelry could contact and stimulate your clitoris. For piercings your male partner might feel during intercourse, they can be situated midway across your vaginal opening.

A build without inner labia (normal variation)-not pierceable for this placement
Build with one pierceable inner labia and one that is too petite
A normal, asymmetrical build, marked on one side with possible placement
Asymmetrical build with double piercing on the larger inner labia (plus VCH piercing)
A pair of inner labia piercings at the base of the tissue on full anatomy (plus a VCH)
6 inner labia piercings (plus a VCH)


For initial jewelry, I most commonly I use 14 or 12 gauge. If you wear jewelry that is too thin, it can cut this fine skin or stretch it unintentionally. The minimum diameter I insert is 3/8", and commonly I'll use 7/16" or 1/2" depending on the size of the anatomy. Unlike most other piercings, this skin is usually so slim that a ring without any added diameter won’t constrict the tissue. 

Ring style jewelry is best for healing; bars are acceptable later. Even super-short (1/4") barbell posts are generally too long for most inner labia piercings because the tissue is so slender. When a post is too long, the bar doesn’t sit evenly or gracefully, and one ball rests too heavily against the fresh piercing. 

You may enjoy the sensation of tugging on healed inner labia piercings or wearing weights, bells, or charms; however, these activities usually result in enlarging the holes because the tissue is so thin and stretchy. Twelve-gauge jewelry is a safe minimum if you want to wear extra weight or play with your jewelry in this way.

Inner labia are the female genital piercings most frequently expanded intentionally to oversized gauges: some determined women stretch to 3/4" or larger! This tissue is thin, but it is also resilient and strong. Large holes tend to be stable if they are sufficiently set back from the edge.

A captive bead ring is the most common initial jewelry for an inner labia piercing
Stretched inner labia piercing(s) with eyelet style jewelry


I use forceps to secure the tissue for piercing. Most women feel a brief pinch or sting, but few describe inner labia piercings as very intense. Afterward you can expect minimal discomfort, though there may be some bleeding.

Even if a pair of piercings is done directly across from one another, they are still pierced one at a time.

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Healing and Troubleshooting

Inner labia piercings are generally trouble-free to heal, thanks to good vascularity (blood supply) and the fine tissue. The main concern is to avoid excessive trauma during healing from rough sex or physical activity. This is one of the female genital piercings that urine has a tendency to sting, which is not harmful if you are healthy, but can be uncomfortable initially.

The regular passage of (your own) urine over the jewelry actually helps to cut down on crusting. To relieve stinging during the first few days of healing, drink lots of water. This dilutes the urine and lowers the acidity, which minimizes discomfort. Additionally, you can pour a clean cup of water—warm or cool, as you prefer—over the area as you urinate. This rinses off the urine so it doesn’t linger uncomfortably, and the water feels soothing. Note that cranberry juice or large quantities of orange juice or vitamin C will make your urine acidic, which may cause excess discomfort.

If you abandon inner labia piercings, they will leave small marks that are not readily visible—unless you have stretched them or hold an unusual job. The holes may shrink, but even when they are left empty for an extended period of time, this is one of the few areas of the body that routinely remains open once fully healed.

Accidental double piercing of one inner labia, which did not take a natural fold into consideration during placement
Poorly placed inner labia piercing with inappropriate jewelry style and fit

What My Happy Clients Say

I recently got my inner labia pierced by Elayne and it was THE BEST piercing experience ever. I could honestly say that this was the least painful piercing I ever got, which is why Im going back to get two more done by her in December!

I was always insecure about my labia, but getting it pierced has improved my self esteem and now it is my favorite piercing. 

West Hollywood, CA

I received my 1st set of Inner Labia Adornments and I am thrilled. She is kind, knowledgeable, reassuring and incredibly professional.

If you've ever though about a genital piercing - book an appointment with Elayne - I can tell you she's worth waiting for! 

Philadelphia, PA

My husband and I flew to LA to get pierced by Elayne. I got two inner labia piercings plus a VCH while my husband got three frenum (ladder).

The piercings themselves went off without a hitch and with minimal pain because of Elayne's swiftness and overall technique. We're healing so fast! Her post-piercing care advice is invaluable. We're so pleased! And we can't imagine doing this again with anyone other than Elayne. 

A. & R.
West Hollywood, CA