Though I specialize in erotic piercings, I don't actually do Christinas as I don't consider them to be genital piercings. The Christina is really a surface piercing. It is placed vertically at the top of the cleft of Venus (top of the vulva), optimally extending up the mons pubis (soft mound of flesh just above the genitals).

Piercings by Cristiano Aielli.

General Information

The Christina takes significantly longer to heal than any of the female genital piercings. The jewelry does not contact the clitoris, so this placement is purely ornamental in nature. The Christina is not one of the most popular piercings because it is not expected to add erotic sensation and takes a long time to heal. However, if you are a motivated piercee and you are attracted to this adornment, these aspects may not prove to be barriers.

Healing Time
6-9 months or longer

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You are anatomically suited to a Christina piercing if you have plenty of pliable tissue on your pubic mound and also a defined valley or divot at the very top of your hood (where the vulva separates into two sides), because this is where the bottom of the jewelry will rest.

I've found that the Christina is less prone to migration or rejection when a significant amount of tissue is pierced. When I did them, I had success placing close to an inch between the entry and exit holes. The Christina is less apt to remain longterm if the piercing passes through just a small amount of superficial tissue. 

The first piercing below was done by Joeltron Bament, Opal Heart in Perth, Australia. The others by Cristiano Aielli in San Remo, Italy.

Note that I ALWAYS wear gloves for client contact! Images without gloves were sent to me for consultations, and are posted anonymously and with permission.

Christina piercing in 1" length by Joeltron Bament, Opal Heart,
Christina piercing with green titanium ends by Cristiano Aielli
Christina piercing on asymmetrical build with flat upper end by Cristiano Aiell-
Another view showing the flat top-piercing by Cristiano Aielli -


Initial jewelry thickness is commonly 12 gauge and jewelry diameter can be upwards of  3/4" to an inch. The initial jewelry style is usually some form of surface bar, or possibly an inert, flexible plastic barbell. On most builds, the piecing is less likely to be successful when a regular style of metal body jewelry like a curved bar is used initially.

When I did them, I found that flexible, nonmetallic jewelry was forgiving and comfortable in this region, which is subject to considerable stress from clothing and missionary-position sex. A specialized surface bar is made to conform to your anatomy, with the top angled and the bottom end may be straight.

This area is a little more accessible for home jewelry changes than ornaments placed lower on the body, but because the piercing channel may be long, an insertion taper should be used.

Large gauges are not usually desirable because the Christina is a surface piercing. If you do want to stretch, I'd advise that you wait for a year or more following the piercing.

Christina barbells by Industrial Strength Body Jewelry
Christina piercing that is 3 months old with flexible, non-metallic jewelry


It is best if you have depilated (shaved or waxed, etc.) before visiting the studio for a Christina piercing. If you fail to do so, your piercer will usually have to trim your hair. The area may be prepared for piercing using tissue manipulation and a forceps procedure. Some piercers perform them freehand without clamps.

Like many other surface piercings, this one is not apt to feel as sensitive as it might seem, if your piercer is competent. Bleeding is fairly common afterward. Place your pad or liner farther forward than usual to protect the piercing.

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Healing and Troubleshooting

For a Christina piercing to be successful, you must avoid trauma. Sanitary pads can help to protect and cushion the piercing throughout healing. Direct, frontal sexual contact is unadvisable during the entire lengthy healing course. Consider your lovemaking preferences before deciding to get this piercing, because even after healing, this type of friction may prove uncomfortable and irritating.

An abandoned Christina piercing will leave a mark on your pubic mound. However, if you do not trim or shave your pubic hair, it may not be visible. If you object to scars and plan to be depilated on a long-term basis, the Christina is not a good piercing for you.

Troubled Christina piercing with straight barbell
Christina piercing with curved bar, having healing problems-enlarged top hole
Troubled Christina piercing with jewelry sinking into enlarged top hole
Close up of Christina piercing with enlarged top hole