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Want to get pierced by Elayne Angel?


How My Guest Piercing Tours Work - READ IT ALL!

*MY TOURS ARE ON HOLD* as of April 2024.

I live in Mexico and normally travel to pierce by appointment in the US. In recent years, I've been working in Detroit only. I do not have a studio of my own any longer (it was in New Orleans and closed after Hurricane Katrina), nor do I pierce in Mexico. The only way to get pierced by me is to pre-book an appointment with me and confirm with a deposit--when I have dates set for a visit. There are currently no tour dates set.

I will be piercing only at Iconic Tattoo & Piercing in Detroit in the future; however, I'm not going to set any dates right now. I'm not sure when I will resume piercing. If you don't want to wait for me or can't make it to Detroit, please check out my piercer referrals list for the qualified professionals I recommend.

If you can get to Detroit, I’d highly suggest Rich Hartwick at Iconic. He is the piercer I’ve worked most closely with over the longest number of years. I’ve referred countless clients to him and always get wonderful feedback. He is meticulous and highly experienced, and he is the person I trust to pierce my body. (He is my piercer.) He works by appointment, so please call the studio:

*ICONIC* - 3401 Cass Ave., Detroit, MI 48201 - 313-818-0078. Seeing Rich is as close as you can get to being pierced by me. Please send my warmest regards to the studio if you go there.

If you would like to wait for me (again, I don't know how long that will be), to be notified when I set new tour dates to pierce in Detroit in the future, please sign up for my newsletter by typing your email address into the box at the bottom of the page. (I send out very few newsletters--just to announce the tours.)

I am happy to assist you with online (photo) anatomy consultations, even if you plan to go to another piercer. See below!

Specialty: I specialize exclusively in genital and nipple piercings for adults of all gender identities and anatomical configurations. I do not pierce other areas of the ear, face, or body (though I do consultations for any area). I can perform two piercings per half-hour appointment.

Fees: $150. for an appointment/initial piercing (half-hour appointment). This does not include the price of jewelry (more on that below). 
A second piercing during your half-hour session is an additional $150. I can do a maximum of two piercings in a half-hour appointment.

You must book two appointments to get three or four piercings (if available—otherwise, only two piercings are possible). I will do a maximum of 4 piercings per client per tour.

To clarify:
• For one piercing, the fee is $150. (plus jewelry)
• For two piercings (including nipples, which count as...two piercings), the fees total $300. (plus jewelry)
• For three piercings, you pay two appointment fees (2x $150) plus an additional ($150)= $450. (plus jewelry)
• For four piercings, you pay two appointment fees (2x $150) plus two additional (2x $150)= $600. (plus jewelry)

Anatomy Consultation: Most piercings require an online (photo) consultation. The $20 consult fee will be applied to your piercing—so the consult is free with a piercing. I'll supply details and instructions after receiving your appointment request form. The consult is to assure that you're anatomically suited for a piercing that is of interest. Due to high demand and limited appointment availability, I cannot accept a booking if I'm not sure I'll be doing a piercing for you. (Yes, even if you're willing to pay the fee.) If I can't be certain you're suited based on the consult, then we'll need a backup plan for another piercing option.

Deposit: Each appointment requires an initial $150 deposit/piercing fee to be paid in advance. This is what is meant by confirming your appointment. If you haven't paid, you don't have a confirmed appointment! I'll provide information on how to make the deposit after your anatomy is approved. I prefer that fees are paid by 30 days from your appointment date, but may request you remit sooner, once I'm fully booked. Additional ($150) piercing fees can be paid for at the time of your appointment. My cancellation and refund policy is here

Jewelry: The cost of jewelry is separate from your piercing fees (not included). You will purchase jewelry from the studio at the time of your appointment to assure appropriate size, style, and control over quality and sterility. I use only the jewelry materials approved by the Association of Professional Piercers. I will assist you with jewelry selection, though you can contact the studio directly for information on jewelry pricing and availability. Please discuss any special jewelry ideas or requests with me. 

Note quality body jewelry companies may take months to ship orders, so any special requests must be handled well in advance.

Additionally, I strongly advise against booking non-refundable travel just to see me, as I reserve the right to postpone my tour dates.

Want to get pierced by Elayne Angel?


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