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Close up photos that are well lit and clearly show the area are required.

Fees paid for completed consultations are non-refundable.

The consult fee will be applied to the cost of your piercing. If booking for multiple piercings, you need pay for only one consult.

If your consult entails extensive correspondence, and you don't get pierced by me, I may request an additional donation.

By signing up for a consultation and sharing information and/or photos with me, you are granting me permission to use them (in context, strictly anonymously) for educational purposes. If you do not wish to have me use our correspondence, please state this within any box of the consultation form or send me a separate message.

Piercing problem consults: Note that depending on your piercing problem, there may be no other resolution but to abandon a piercing, and this constitutes valid advice for a completed consult. (I'll offer input on how to remove it and what to do afterward, and also whether it appears that the area can later be repierced successfully.) Further, if your piercing problem appears severe or dangerous, I may suggest (or insist!) that you visit a medical professional. This too constitutes valid advice for a completed consult.

Female anatomy consults: Note that some women are built only for outer labia piercings. Explaining any options, and why you're not anatomically suited to piercing(s) of interest constitutes valid advice for a completed consult. Note also that the triangle piercing is actually placed by feel, and I may not be able to determine with 100% accuracy whether you are a candidate—though I can always tell if you're clearly not suited.

You can see testimonials from satisfied consult clients here.

Thank you for your understanding! I look forward to reviewing your consultation.

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