One-on-One Piercer Coaching

Individualized online coaching for piercers and apprentices based on your particular educational needs.

The application form below is to make certain that I accept only candidates who are a good fit with my knowledge base and the expertise I have to share.

Primary topics include my areas of specialization:

• Genital and nipple piercings (in general)
• Structured tutoring on specific placement (VCH, triangle, Prince Albert, apadravya, etc.) with educational materials, i.e., photos, video, and/or PowerPoint.
• Q & A conversations (unstructured) are also available.

Other discussion subjects might be:
• Piercing placement/aesthetics (for all areas)
• Jewelry selection (style, material, quality, and fit)
• Portfolio review
• Bedside manner and client relations
• Studio practices and policies
• Aftercare and troubleshooting
• Business operations 
• Employee relations, etc.

We would schedule a specific time to meet via Microsoft Teams (which is free to download and sign up). I can also perform anatomy consultations for your client(s) during the session if you provide the required photos. 

30 minutes: $75.
60 minutes: $135.

Gift certificates available!

Once your application is approved, I will send instructions to pay via PayPal, credit card, or debit card, as you prefer.

These services are intended to polish the skills of trained, working piercers and to fill in gaps left by an incomplete education. Online coaching cannot take the place of in-person, hands-on instruction under the guidance of a qualified mentor.

I will share as much information with you as humanly possible, but online coaching does not constitute "being trained by me," "apprenticing under me," or any similar claim.

Please review the cancellation and refund policy here.

(Once you fill out the form completely, a "submit" button will appear.)