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12 Dec 2017

Elayne Angel Piercing in Miami Florida First Time Ever March 2018

I'm so excited about my plans to pierce in Miami, Florida for the first time ever!
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15 Oct 2009

APP Mexico City Seminars

I was out of town for the past week in Mexico City for the Association of Professional Piercers Seminars.
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4 Oct 2009
4 Oct 2009

Global Influence

I just received an email from a woman in Australia and my book has had an effect on her:
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3 Oct 2009

Mayan Prophesies for 2012

I know this isn't along the lines of my usual piercing-related topics, but I wanted to share this with you.
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2 Oct 2009

Supportive Parent

I got this email today from the parent of a girl who wants to be a piercer: 
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30 Sep 2009

Communications Implants in the Future?

I ran into a brief but interesting interview with Douglas Ferguson in
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