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16 Apr 2018

Questions about Repiercing Nipples

I received a consultation request from a woman who'd worn nipple piercings that had been removed years prior.
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12 Apr 2010

Prince Albert Stretching

I received this message today:
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7 Apr 2010

Happy Customer

I first received an email from this client in October of 2008.
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31 Mar 2010

Piercing: Training Is Needed

I got this message from someone who wants to be a piercer but seems to have a misguided idea on how to go about it:
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27 Mar 2010

Going Gyno--Gone

I got this message today:
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26 Mar 2010

Piercer Referrals in California

I received this message through The Piercing Bible website
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23 Mar 2010

Elayne Angel in Curve Magazine

I was interviewed for an article in Curve Magazine about pi
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