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12 Dec 2017

Elayne Angel Piercing in Miami Florida First Time Ever March 2018

I'm so excited about my plans to pierce in Miami, Florida for the first time ever!
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11 Jul 2010

Helping a Future Piercing Apprentice

Here's my exchange with a young man who plans to seek an apprenticeship for body piercing:
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9 Jul 2010

Vertical Frenum Ladder

I received a message from a piercer seeking advice about male genital piercings:
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7 Jul 2010

Healed Wonderfully

I just got this great message from a satisfied customer:
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26 Jun 2010

Article on Genital Piercings

I wrote an article about genital piercings and it appears on
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24 Jun 2010

Changed Her Outlook

I got this message from a new friend I met on Fetlife.
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22 Jun 2010

The Piercing Bible--An Important Tool

I just got another great message from a Face
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