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5 Apr 2022

The Piercing Bump Cure

The number one way to treat or cure piercing bumps is: determine the specific cause of the bump and address it directly.
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19 Oct 2019

Keloid on Ear Piercing

I recently recieved a request for professional help with a piercing bump on a "false snug" piercing, which is two different piercings made to look like a single puncture of the cartilage. It consists… Read More
28 May 2019

Body Jewelry Quality Matters

In addition to being the author of The Piercing Bible, I am also a monthly contributor to a body art industry trade publication called Pain Magazine; I write a question-and-answer column. Piercers… Read More
25 May 2019

Help for Piercing Problems

Because they are foreign objects, a lot of things can go wrong with piercings. Our body’s usual job is to keep foreign stuff out, so a lot of things need to go right including: Anatomical… Read More
24 Apr 2019

Jewelry for Prince Albert Piercings

For quite a number of years now, I've been using a customized jewelry style for Prince Albert piercings that is fantastic for healing! I call it a "C-bar" and I create it by taking a circular barbell… Read More
29 Dec 2018

Horribly Botched Hood Piercing Through Clitoris

I did a consultation today for a woman who went in for a Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) piercing and came out with her hood pierced to her clitoris. This piercer used forceps instead of a… Read More
26 Oct 2018

Dealing with Depression

I write a monthly question-and-answer column for Pain Magazine, an industry trade publication for body art professionals. This isn't really on the subject of body art, but it contains information… Read More

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