27 Jun 2012

I received a message from a woman in the Caribbean who got a VCH piercing and she felt it wasn't right:

Deep VCH piercingHoping you can help. I'm a very avid from from all the way in the Caribbean that spends a lot of time on your site. Recently (yesterday) I got a VCH done that I've been wanting forever.  However, it does not look like the pics I see on your site.  I think the ring is either too small or it was pierced to far up. Meaning the ring enters exactly at the top of my clitoral hood and  looks like its fighting to stay in.  Can I send you a pic and you let me know if I should take it out please please? I really don't want anything to go wrong in my precious nether region.


I responded:
Whoa--you don't have a VCH piercing--you've got a "Nefertiti" piercing.

This is what I send to women who contact me with an interest in getting one:

The reason I don't cover the Nefertiti or the Isabella piercings on my webpage because I don't do them; I consider them too risky.

I am listed as an expert witness about body piercing for TASA (Technical Attorney Referral Service). The one case I was called upon to testify involved a piercing that went through the tissue above where a VCH would normally be placed and extended to the border of the pudendal cleft (like these two piercings do). The woman had hemorrhaged following the piercing and lost all sensation in the area--her sexual pleasure was ruined.

Therefore, I decided against doing or recommending these piercings based on that truly unfortunate and absolutely unacceptable outcome. 

Your piercing is obviously in distress already and you are apt to have complications healing it. The piercing you got passes through WAYYYYY more tissue than the VCH piercing (which ordinarily just passes through just a membrane). I would suggest you abandon the piercing and ask for your money back as you did not get a VCH piercing!


Ultimately, she wrote again:

 I removed the piercing the day after I emailed you (so technically I had it less than 24 hrs) because it just didn't feel right. I've never had that feeling about a piercing before.

I hope it heals well. The discomfort I was feeling subsided within an hour of removing it and I feel as good as new.

Do you travel to Florida? I visit often and would love if you could do my piercing.  (Provided I can try again?) If you don't, could you recommend somewhere reputable that I could visit?

Thanks again soooo much for your help. I had noone else to turn to. You're a life saver from so many miles away :)


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