19 Aug 2012

I received a message and some photos from a woman who had some concerns about her VCH piercing:

Hi Elayne,
VCH Piercing with bumpI have two questions I'd appreciate your help with.  I have a VCH which I got almost 2 years ago (Feb. 2010).  I have been very happy with it.  The bottom ball, though not always visible, rests on my clitoris.  Although a few weeks after I got the piercing a bump started forming, (possibly from too vigorous sex too soon after getting piercing?) it has never been discolored and never caused me pain.  I had similar bumps appear when I got my ears pierced when I was 11 and they were one of the reasons I let the holes close up.  But as the bump on this piercing has never bothered me, I figured I would just leave it.  Is there anything I can do about it and/or should I be concerned about it?

My second question is related to recent pain I have been experiencing.  It's the first time I have ever experienced pain with this piercing.  The pain feels like it is coming from the opposite side of the piercing as the bump, so I'm not sure if the two are related; especially since I've never experienced pain from the bump before.

This pain started with an itching sensation about a day and a half after some particularly vigorous/rough sex - which was this past Sat. (8/11) so the itching started Monday afternoon.  By Tuesday, the piercing still itched a little, but I also began experiencing short periods of a stinging sensation.  By Wednesday, the stinging was slight, not necessarily painful but uncomfortable, and was lasting for longer periods of time.  I soaked the piercing that evening for in warm salt water and patted dry with a paper towel.  But by Thursday, the stinging sensation was much more acute, it was ever present in an uncomfortable sense, with periods of more intense, painful stinging.  Again, I soaked the piercing that night.  This morning however, the stinging was constant and painful to the point where it was uncomfortable to sit and painful to walk and bend.  I soaked the piercing at lunch, and again this evening.VCH piercing with short bar
I've been perusing your site, and came across the suggestion of Emu Oil.  Is this something I should try or should I just continue with soaking it?
Any thoughts as to what the issue is and/or what else I can do to relieve the pain and heal the piercing?  I've tried to give as thorough a description as possible but let me know if you need more info.  Thank you so much for your help and taking the time to respond.

P.S. And actually, now that I've looked at the pics I took, around the piercing looks like it is a little red and swollen, also I think the jewelry may be too short?

My reply:

I would definitely suggest trying a longer bar. And emu oil is very soothing. It can do a lot to ease irritation. I do suggest it for irritated piercings. There is more info on this page and a link to the site where I get mine.

Twice-daily saline soaks can also be helpful. I do suggest rinsing after soaking--don't leave the salt water on the area. Here's very thorough information about the soaks.

VCH piercing with short barThe bump you have on the top appears to be excess scar tissue formation. It may well have been caused by pressure on the tissue from your jewelry being too short.

Unfortunately, at this point, it is unlikely that treatments will be able to have any effect on it, since the scar tissue has stabilized. Though you're welcome to look at these scar reduction ideas.

You may also want to look at the section on hypertrophic scarring that is above the scar reduction section on that page.


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