21 May 2013


I received a message from a man who had questions about optimal placement and healing issues with upper frenums:

Hi. I was wondering if top frenums are frequent for migration and rejection. I have had mine pierced three times and they keep migrating out. The first two times were at 14g and this last time was at 10g. I started with 3 top frenums at 10g but after 2 months I lost one and a few weeks later another one. I'm thinking that the 10g rejection was caused by my switch of jewelry after 2 months of getting them redone. My idea for the frenums is to wear large diameter CBRs in the frenums like c-rings. I wanted to try the jewelry out and wore it for a few weeks.

When I stretched my bottom frenums (which have given me no problems) and the last top frenum to 8g, my piercer has advised not to wear that jewelry for long term wear as they would cause pressure and migration. She was noticing the signs on the 10g CBRs I was wearing at the time of the stretch. Do you think it would be worth trying a fourth time on one of my top frenums that is near the middle of my shaft length or should I just be happy with the bottom ones?

My response:


Upper frenums can be harder to heal for many men. There tends to be less pliable tissue on the top and that seems to lead to complications like migration and rejection. 

It is possible 12 gauge would be a better starting size. It is large enough to be sufficiently sturdy, but will not cause as much pressure against the tissue as a 10 ga (especially if you don't have a lot of excess skin).

Also how much tissue was pierced between the entry and exit during the initial piercings? Do you have any photos of the piercings when they were new?

You're welcome to send some clear, close up photos of you now, too, so I can evaluate your particular situation. That could help me provide better advice. You may need to go wider than usual to start, in anticipation of some migration.

The text below is excerpted from my book, The Piercing Bible--The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing:

The term “frenum” initially referred only to the traditional spot on the underside, but it is now used to describe any piercing along the surface of the shaft, including the top, sides, and in between. Success rates vary for frenum piercings placed in nontraditional spots. Some men can heal anywhere along the shaft, but others find that alternative placements are more apt to migrate or reject.

Much like a frenum loop, a large ring can be worn around the shaft through multiple healed piercings. Accurate placement is imperative for this to be workable; even so, it can be uncomfortable for daily wear. If you have a large size differential between flaccid and erect states, this combination will likely not be successful.

I hope this is helpful.

Here's an example of double upper frenum placement:

Upper frenums



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