12 May 2010

I received a message from a concerned piercee who had recently received a triangle piercing:

I was wondering if you could give me some urgent advice. :(

I have had my triangle a week, it has slightly moved/torn forward about 2mm, but I was told to expect this.

But I am more worried about the fact I can see slightly red/shiny bumps coming up around both piercing holes. I am worried that this is scar tissue and that it won't go away? It's been exactly a week now since I've got it done and I am happy with it but I'm afraid if I leave this in that I'll have lumps of scar tissue which will develop and not go away.

My outer labias do cover the jewelry a bit when my legs are closed and I'm afraid this is what will continue the problem. I have only been using sea salt water soaks on my piercing. I am pretty sure that the CBB is titanium as I went to a well respected studio with a well known piercer.

Do I take out the jewelry now before the problem develops?

Thank you,


Triangle piercing, more forward than usual

My reply:

Hi Steph,

From what I can see, the tissue around your piercing doesn't really look abnormal to me. It is not uncommon for there to be some localized inflammation and discoloration during initial healing. The appearance of the tissue at the site of the migration looks normal--for migration....

Is the gap on your circular barbell spread so that you can fit your inner lips through it and slide the ring down so that it rests even with your body insttead of the way it is resting in the photo? If not, you can have it spread open a little so the jewelry hangs down even with your piercing, instead of encircling the area.

If you're okay with the location then I don't think it is necessary to abandon the piercing right now. If it settles in position without further migration, then everything could be fine. One thing that concerns me is how distal your piercing is from your body. Though if it is behind your nerve bundle, it is still technically a triangle. Normally I place a triangle just to the front of the natural fold where the hood tissue forms from the body. I marked a dot on your photo so that you could see where I'd have placed it. When they're in this position, there's less of a tendency for migration as the piercing is supported against the body, instead of in the middle of the hood.

Keep me posted,



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