4 Nov 2010

I received this message through the contact page:

I got a VCH piercing 3 days ago by a very well known/good place. I was just wondering, mine is bruised pretty bad and semi swollen and it doesnt really hurt. My biggest concern is that it is bleeding alot. The hole where the jewelry comes out of has this blood looking tissue stuff (skin??) coming out of the hole. My piercing is bleeding alot but this stuff doesnt come off of my skin, its like tissue inside the hole where it is pierced. I have been cleaning it with sea salt solutions. Is this normal? I'm worried.  thank you, K.

Hi K.,

It is hard to evaluate you without seeing you (or at least a photo). Feel free to sign up for a piercing problem consultation, and I'll be happy to take a look.

Any piercing can bleed, bruise, and/or swell during the initial phase, though most of the VCH piercings I do don't seem to suffer from that during the aftermath very often.

Do you know if the piercer went from the top down or the bottom up? Sounds like it may have been the latter, and that there was some unusual damage during the process.

As long as you are bleeding, you should avoid saline soaks (unless you're using cold saline solution from a batch that is prepared with warm water so the salt can dissolve).

A once a day wash with a mild soap and water might be better than soaking until things settle down. Are you sure

If you send me some photos, I can tell you whether it looks at all normal.

Is there a reason you're coming to me for help rather than to your piercer? Do you not trust him/her??


Elayne Angel, Author
The Piercing Bible--The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing
Medical Liaison, Association of Professional Piercers



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