20 Aug 2010

I just got back from my piercing visit at Infinite Body Piercing in Philadelphia. It was absolutely amazing! I had SO much fun. The studio is incredibly well-run, well-stocked, and highly professional. Every member of the staff there pitched in and worked hard to make sure that my guest piercing visit ran seamlessly and smoothly. They were fantastic.

I can't wait to go back there again. I know I will, so if you're interested in getting pierced the next time I come to Philly, please sign up for my free newsletter on the home page of my site in the box on the left lower corner. Then you'll automatically be notified when I travel.

I pierced non-stop for 4 full days and did 67 piercings on people from 12 different states including NY, MA, WI, NJ, CT, VA, OH, RI, DE, MD, IN, and of course, PA. I had so much fun!

I have already received some great feedback from my clients there. I guess I proved to be an inspiration to this gal:

Hello Elayne,

I received my first piercing (VCH) from you, while you were in Philadelphia. My piercing is healing great and I wanted to let you know that it was a wonderful experience for me. You were so professional and kind. Our session was very informative which helped to ease my anxiety. I loved the fact that you were so quick and sterile. Plus getting the piercing didn't even hurt.

Now I am thinking about going back to Infinite body piercing and getting more piercings. What piercer would you recommend?

Also, I have always been very interested in the piercing world and wanted to know what would be the process for me to become a piercer? I work in the medical field dealing with nerves and muscle so I am pretty good with anatomy. Plus I have some history in sterilization so I know about dealing with sterile instruments and I know the importance of infection control. While I love the art of tattoos and body piercing I do not plan on getting a body full of either, would it be unrealistic for me to become a piercer? Do you think I would be accepted by customers and fellow artists?

Thank you for everything

Hi K.,

Thanks so much for the positive feedback. I'm delighted that you are happy with your piercing experience and that you are healing well. Wow, sounds like I've proved to be an inspiration for you, which if wonderful.

Honestly, a good start on a career in piercing would be to read my book, The Piercing Bible--The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing.

There's a chapter on apprenticeships and many others that will help you more fully understand the process and what is involved in becoming a professional. Your background would certainly prove useful, but it is standard to start out in the retail portion of the piercing studio and learn about the jewelry and customer service aspects first. It can be challenging to get a good apprenticeship, but you'll learn more about that in my book.

Orders are being filled by the Association of Professional Piercers.

Call toll free: 888 888-1APP or email:[email protected]. I'm the Medical Liaison for the organization. The APP is a non-profit organization dedicated to disseminating vital health and safety information about piercing to piercers, piercees, medical professionals, legislators, and the general public. A portion of the proceeds from the book goes to the organization, and you will received a signed copy of my book.

Alternatively, you can get it from major booksellers, or buy direct from the publisher (Random House), or Amazon.com.

Also, if you'd like to see me performing piercings, and demonstrating exactly where they should be placed and how quickly and easily an expert can perform them, I've got videos available here.

If you would like to be notified when I make new travel plans, please sign up for my newsletter in the box in the left lower corner of my web page here. It is an "opt-in" list, so I can't add you myself. 

Let me know if you have other questions.




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