10 Aug 2010

This inquiry (like so many others I post) was also from a Facebook Friend:

Hi Elayne,i got a question for u. I've got my nose piercing long time ago,a year...until now didn't heal,i always have this bump on top,red sometimes bleeding. All i use is H2Ocean and emu oil,but....nothing.This is my second time i've it done,and i use14k white gold .I have read in your book all about aftercare...but i guess something is wrong with my piercing or i do something wrong. Maybe i should take it out?

My reply:

Hi Kristina,

Have you ever tried a different material or jewelry style? Are you wearing a nostril screw? If so, was it custom bent to fit your nose? If it wasn't bent for you, then it is possible you're wearing a "right-bend" piece of jewelry on the left side of your nose (or vice-versa). Also, if the post is too short, or too long, that can cause problems with healing.

I'd strongly suggest you try a jewelry change before abandoning your piercing. Here's a section from The Piercing Bible about nostril screws:

Nostril Piercing: The Nostril Screw
The nostril screw is a stud modeled after a traditional East Indian design. The ornament displayed on the exterior rests atop a straight wire post that passes through the piercing; the tail terminates in a curl that rests flat against the interior of your nostril. This keeps the jewelry in place without requiring a backing. When properly sized and shaped to fit you, the jewelry is comfortable and is not visible inside your nose.

Nostril screws are less conspicuous than rings and they work well for healing, but only when properly adjusted to fit your nose. Pre-bent nostril screws do not take into consideration whether the jewelry will be worn on your left or right side, nor the indi- vidual thickness and shape of your nose. Ill-fitting nostril screws can cause serious problems, including embedding, tissue damage, and substantial discomfort. Your jewelry should be bent or adjusted for your anatomy.

Nostril screws set with gems are a very popular style for nostril piercings, and many of the stone settings are flat in the back, where they attach to the post. For the stone to rest properly on your nose, this, too, must be factored in with the angle of your piercing and the shape of your nose. On a nostril of average shape the same angle will often suit both a ring and a stud set with a gem.

Also, warm saline soaks are much more effective than a spray. Here's a brief passage from my book, The Piercing Bible--The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing:

The Soak
One of the best things you can do for all healing or irritated piercings is a saline soak. A warm, mild saltwater solution irrigates, cleanses, and allows the cells to rejuvenate.9 Saline soaks keep the cells well hydrated while simultaneously flushing out fluid and cellular material that accumulate in the wound. This reduces crusting and helps pre- vent pockets of trapped matter, which can create unsightly and difficult-to-eliminate bumps. If this debris is not removed, it can impede healing.10 The warm water also opens capillaries and stimulates blood flow, which transports oxygen to the region, promoting healing.

This is not an invitation to swim in the ocean, where you might encounter numer- ous microbes, motor oil, and other hazards. The goal is to use a solution with a saline concentration similar to that of the human body. Either make your own by following “The Recipe,” opposite page, or use normal saline (a 0.9 percent sodium chloride solution).

See page 188 of my book for more information (and for the resources referenced by numbrer in the passage above).

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