22 Nov 2016

This is some feedback I received from a piercer who attended a piercing class/demonstration I did at the BMXnet Conference in Essen, Germany in September of 2016. I'm so delighted to see that my information proved useful and that she has bettered her piercing skills as a result!


This is probably more of a tip for piercers than piercees, but it could also help you to understand whether your piercer is doing a good job in establishing placement for YOUR piercings by working with the natural creases of your anatomy. If you are about to get pierced and your piercer has not paid attention to this critical but subtle aspect of your anatomy, then it isn't too late to back out! Seriously!



Dear Elayne,


I'm just writing to let you know that I found your "natural crease" nipple piercing technique really, really helpful and it's made performing male nipple piercings massively easier for me, for the client and the end results are so much better. 

Nipple piercings by Lola Slider

To clarify if you don't know what I'm talking about, when I saw you pierce Melin's vertical nipples at BMXnet you demonstrated how by pressing the nipple gently to one side and the other you could see natural creases around the nipple that go beyond the head of the nipple itself and result in a much more natural sitting, comfortable looking piercing and it totally works (obviously you know that!). 


I've often found with male nipple piercings, because they're done usually done at the base rather than the head because they're so teeny, they often look a little uncomfortable and strained to begin with and take a while to relax. Since I've started looking for teeny natural folds they look so much more comfortable and even though i've pierced the same amount of tissue as usual the tiny difference in placement has meant they don't have that taught look to begin with. 


I did I think my favourite ever men's pair today and though I'd send the picture and an email to let you know how helpful that little nugget of information was :)


Many thanks!

Lola Slider


Forevermore 202 Hope Street, 

Glasgow Scotland G2 2UG

0141 332 9340



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