30 Apr 2012

I just got an email from a woman who was concerned about the angle of her nipple piercings:

I had a few questions with regards to nipple piercings. I have gotten my nipples pierced before, but they came out crooked. She marked and pierced them when they were erect. But the crookedness really bothered me so I took them out, and got one of them repierced about a month later.

The second time, I got a different piercer, who marked when they were flat. Now, they are even when they are flat, but when the nipple gets erect, they get crooked, which still bothers me.

I am going to get my other nipple repierced, but I was wondering, is it standard to mark and pierce when the nipples are flat or erect? Are some nipples just naturally prone to crooked piercings? Is it not possible in some cases to have the piercing sit straight at both times (when they're flat and erect) so you have to chose? In which case, if I prefer the barbell to sit straight when they're erect, should I redo the first one?

Thanks, and sorry for the multiple questions! I really love the piercings, but when they are crooked, it really also bothers me! Thanks, J.

My reply:

Hi J.,

Nipple Piercing with barbell in erect nippleThanks for your message. It is not uncommon that such changes affect the placement of a piercing and the way it rests in erect and non-erect states. I don't think of it as "crooked" so much as "angled" with the natural anatomy. But I'm not sure if that will help your opinion of your own piercing placement.

So you are correct--you have already found that it is not possible to have the piercing rest the way you want in both states, so you need to pick one.

I can't really say what is standard for other piercers. For me it is standard to mark them when erect and then spread the tissue out to evaluate the angle and placement when they are not erect. Most important, I think, is for the piercer to discuss this with the client so the client can make an informed choice about it.

Now that you know how your body works, you can arrange to have the placement redone so that you are happier with the results. Or perhaps you can accept your current piercing the way it is and have the other done to match? It is your body, so ultimately it is most important that you are happy with the results.


Elayne Angel, Author
The Piercing Bible--The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing
President, Association of Professional Piercers



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