15 Nov 2011

I received this message from a woman who got a "triangle" piercing done in NYC, and it was nowhere near where a triangle should be placed:

"Triangle" Piercing that is far too lowI just got this piercing done at a pretty reputable studio in NYC. But after reading up (even more) and seeing even more pics online, I'm wondering if it was placed too low? Would you please see the pic attached and give me your professional opinion? Thanks!! I wish you were near, but I felt confident in the piercer I ended up choosing locally :-)

My reply:
Hi there,

Your piercing appears to be too low by about an inch or so. When you spread your inner labia, can you see the ring between them? I'd be surprised if you don't. I think you probably got a pair of inner labia piercings that are linked together. A triangle piercing should be placed as high up as it can go and still be under the clitoral nerve bundle. I don't believe you are at risk of any nerve damage from this placement, but you are not going to experience any added clitoral sensation as a result of the low placement.

As a member of the Association of Professional Piercers, I work only in studios that meet the environmental criteria of the organization. Unfortunately, there isn't a single studio in NYC that has a member. Most of my NY clients and others from all over the East Coast come to see me when I work in Philadelphia. I plan to return there several times a year, and my next visit will be in March or April--I haven't set the dates as yet.

At present I don't have anything on my travel calendar, but I will be working on new plans soon. If you would like to be notified when I make travel plans, please sign up for my newsletter in the box on the left lower portion of the front page. It is an "opt-in" list, so I can't add you myself.

My piercing fee is $100 for an initial piercing, plus the jewelry. Additional piercings on the same person in the same session are $50. each (plus jewelry). I've never, ever had someone regret that they waited for me, or traveled to be pierced by me, or had someone feel unhappy that they paid what I charge; it is well worth it to get the job done properly. Unfortunately, I've heard plenty of regrets from those who haven't visited me and I get emails DAILY about botched genital piercings! To read about some of them, you can take a look at other posts in my blog. It is such a shame how common this is!

She contacted me again with another photo: "Triangle" Piercing that is far too low--lips spread

I did some self examination and you are right!! The ring is totally visible when I spread open the labia. I spoke with the piercer tonight and I'm going to have her mentor re-pierce it for me tomorrow. Thank you again for all your info!! This was one of those piercings you definitely want to get right :-) A little nervous about the re-pierce though. It hurt so much the first time :-(

I wanted to provide you with some images (see below) to show you where a triangle should be placed. Note how high they are compared to the piercing you got. Also, I wanted to demonstrate how the jewelry in the triangle should fit to the body.

Since you said the person who did your piercing was trained by the piercer you plan to have redo your triangle, I have to admit I have some concerns about the likely outcome.

PLEASE, consider asking to first see a portfolio of the piercer's work and see if he uses jewelry of that same style and fit--it REALLY makes a difference in comfort and safety of healing. And see if it appears to be in this same region where I put them.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Triangle Piercing (properly placed)Triangle Piercing (properly placed)Triangle Piercing (properly placed)


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