24 Aug 2011

I just ran into a great review of a VCH piercing I did in West Hollywood, CA. It was posted here on Yelp under the wonderful studio where I guest pierced in July, 2011: Prix Body Adornment.

Here's what it said:

Prix recently had Elayne Angel as a guest piercer, and I went in for my VCH piercing.  Walking into the studio, I was really impressed with what a professional, clean vibe it gave off:  no loud rock music/tattoo graphics -- they were organized in binders sitting out on a table and a large flippable displays mounted on the way.  

Elayne was running a little behind schedule because of clients/traffic, so I chatted with the ladies at the front desk, admitted my nervousness, and they gave me some water and a small tour of the jewelry selections and barbell-box, which helped a lot taking my mind off the actual piercing.  

During the piercing procedure, itself, there were some really great things about it:  
- She pierced in a small room to the side, private, with curtains
- I don't know if it was sound-proof, but I didn't hear anything while I was outside/inside
- She changed gloves *many* times to make sure everything was sterile
- I admitted that I had very little knowledge of piercings/gauges/jewelry and got all the information I needed, multiple times ;-)
- Not once did she say the word "needle" (thank goodness for me)
- I didn't exactly know when the "pierce"/pinch was coming, but when it did, I hardly felt it at all
- It was SO fast/painless (can't say this enough) - I was nervous for nothing

I did purchase sea salt and soap from the front and although the piercing was a little pricey ($100 deposit + $54 jewelry/supplies), knowing that I had it done by the best in a great environment with such friendly staff was completely worth it.  Two days later, I still have no pain or swelling and it looks great & I love it!

**And an added bonus is knowing that if I have any troubles/questions, I could contact the staff/Roger there.  Think I'll go back for a few more when I get the time/$ ;-)


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