4 Jun 2013

I received a message from a woman who was worried about getting a genital piercing from an inexperienced piercer:

Hi Elayne.

I went to my piercer about getting a hch in addition to my vch. Unfortunately, I can't due to a vessel, but she said that she could do a triangle. I'm a little Concerned because I'm fairly small down there (she had to modify my vch because of it) and she's never done one before. She knows how and showed me where it would be placed and took her time showing and explaining how it would be done. Everything seemed about right with how you explained it, but once again she's never done it. I trust her, but I know the piercer should be experienced.. But how would she get experience if she doesn't get te chance? I just need your advice on this, is there anything I need to make sure of? The only thing is that we decided to use a ring instead of the curved barbell (because I absolutely abhor the standard jewelry for the triangle, it just looks like a septum piercing for my vagina... Which isn't what I'm going for)

My response:


If it were my vulva, especially if I were small built (meaning passing a needle through the wrong part could do debilitating damage), I most definitely would NOT let her do it. Even experienced piercers learn by networking and sharing with other piercers. She should have a colleague who is experienced at triangle piercings walk her through it on a few IDEAL clients first--not someone who is small built. That would be something only for a true expert to do, not a first-timer!

The initial jewelry is not a curved barbell--it is an opened circular barbell customized to fit the individual build. And it is not about the aesthetic--it is about getting the piercing to heal successfully, without twisting and turning, which is a chronic problem with other jewelry styles. After successful healing, other styles could be tried. If she's willing to abandon that safety principle--most likely because she doesn't know any better--then that is yet another reason not to be her guinea pig. You have a recipe for potential DISASTER there, meaning your clitoral sensation could potentially be permanently damaged or eliminated. It is not worth the risk. 

Ultimately, it is your decision, but since you asked for my opinion, I've given it to you. I wish I had a dollar from everyone who asked for my advice and didn't follow it, only to let me know about their deep regrets later. I sure hope that doesn't happen with you!

She wrote back:

I highly respect your opinion and I don't know how to nicely suggest to her that maybe her boss could do it (if her boss has experience with it) because I know she was super excited to do it for her portfolio and i don't want her feelings hurt. (She also happens to be a close friend of mine)

I've had bad experiences with any other piercers I've gone to. Thank you for your advice, I just don't know how to sort this all out; I don't know what to look for or if she's got the correct area etc. Once again thank you, I'm super paranoid about piercings and if they're going to be done correctly.

My response:

A photo for her portfolio and her feelings are not your responsibility! PROTECT YOUR BODY AND YOUR HEALTH. It is perfectly appropriate for you to tell her, "Especially since my build is not ideal, I would feel more comfortable having someone pierce me who is an expert at triangle piercings." She cannot argue with that, and if she does, she's definitely not your friend!

All of my piercer referrals are posted on this page of my website: http://piercingbible.com/piercer-referrals 

If I haven't personally worked with or trained any piercers in your area, you can check the website for a member of the Association of Professional Piercers who is local to you:


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Part 3 Piercing Preparation 

6 Picking and Preparing  ......................................  44 

7 At the Studio ..............................................  49 

8 Piercing Procedures ........................................  56 

9 Jewelry 101: Sizes, Shapes, and Materials  .......................  65 


Part 4 The Holes

13 Below the Belt: Female and Male Genital Piercings ......................134

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