27 Jul 2012

I received a message from a piercee in Italy who was concerned about her piercing:

I'm Italian and I've just ordered your book because by exploring your website I've understood that maybe you're one of the best piercers in the world. Deep VCH piercing

Last week I got my first genital piercing, a "Nefertiti", but it is so short that it really looks like a VCH. Now I wear a 14 gauge curved bar (1.18’’ long) and after the healing time I really wanted to do a Triangle piercing, but I’ve contacted two different experts(both Italian professional piercers) and one of them thinks that I’ve a proper shape, whereas the other one says that it would be dangerous for me to make such a piercing.

My vaginal shape seems an apricot, but the upper side of my hood comes a little bit out from the outer labias. If you want I can send you a photo of it so that you can judge if you think I’ve the right shape to do this piercing or not and you can say how do you think my Nefertiti is made.

I’m really concerned about it and I hope you will help me!

Many thanks, R.

My reply:

You appear to be somewhat small built for a triangle piercing. I need to see the other photos as shown and explained on this page: http://piercingbible.com/female-genital-piercings#Photo to properly evaluate you for a triangle.

Whatever you want to call your piercing is fine. I do not think going deeper than it is would be safe or desirable. I imagine yours is not as deep as the piercing referred to as a "Nefertiti," but that's probably a good thing.

I don't cover the Nefertiti or the Isabella piercings on my webpage because I don't do them; I consider them too risky.

I am listed as an expert witness about body piercing for TASA (Technical Attorney Referral Service). The one case I was called upon to testify involved a piercing that went through the tissue above where a VCH would normally be placed and extended to the border of the pudendal cleft (like your piercing does). The woman had hemorrhaged following the piercing and lost all sensation in the area--her sexual pleasure was ruined.

Therefore, I decided against doing or recommending these piercings based on that truly unfortunate and absolutely unacceptable outcome. Another woman contacted me as she had requested that her piercer perform a VCH on her, but she got a Nefertiti instead. She said that childbirth was less painful!!!

How old is your piercing? Did you catch it on anything or engage in sexual activities. If it is bleeding, that means it is still healing. Why did you stop doing saline soaks? Normally they are helpful when anything is wrong with a piercing. What is in the cream you're using?

Thank you!

Deep VCH piercingYet ANOTHER too deep VCH piercing
Photos above of VCH piercings that are deeper than necessary, also with jewelry that is a little short. Both piercees experienced unnecessary pain. I know that one removed her jewelry and I'm not certain about the other. But surely, if left in, this type of placement would take far longer to heal than a traditionally placed VCH piercing that just goes at the apex--the natural deepest location underneath the hood. These are also more risky because they pass through more tissue than a regular VCH, in an area that is concentrated with nerves and blood vessels. A "regular" traditionally placed VCH is just great. There is no need to go deeper!



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