20 Jul 2012

I received a message from a woman I pierced and she wanted to know if it was normal that her jewelry often leaned to one side of her hood or the other. She sent photos. My comments are below.

VCH Piercing, Resting Centered

VCH Piercing, Leaning LeftVCH Piercing, Leaning Right

This piercing looks great and these photos do a perfect job of illustrating a common phenomenon: the propensity for VCH jewelry to rest to one side or the other (depending on build and tissue tightness or thickness). Many hoods have very fine (thin) skin and are very pliable or malleable.

She described the tendency for the jewelry to rest over to her left, as in the second image. In this particular case, I noted her asymmetry, which likely contributes to this issue. In the image with the jewelry centered, I can see that the left side of her hood has a kind of "ridge" or "hill," where the right side has a sort of a "valley." It would make sense that the side with more tissue could be heavier, resulting in the tendency for the jewelry to favor that side.

This is also a good spot to post some additional pictures of asymmetrical builds. The next image shows asymmetry at the bottom of the hood. Note that the piercing is centered in the area, but the lower portion of the jewelry sits to the her right side because her hood there does not rest in the middle.

Asymmetrical Anatomy with a VCH Piercing

The next shows a woman who has an extra fold present on the left side of her hood that is absent on her right side. But the piercing has been placed to rest as vertically as possible.

VCH on Asymmetrical Anatomy

The next one shows another asymmetrical build. An extra fold is present on her right that is absent on the left. And the left side of her hood has a hill where the right side has a valley. A dot is marked for prospective placement of a VCH to be as centered as possible in the available tissue, while also taking into consideration the verticality of the piercing.

Asymmetrical Anatomy with a mark for the VCH placement

The woman pictured below is built with a great deal more hood tissue on her right side than on her left. These are all entirely normal variations of female anatomy.

Asymmetrical Female Anatomy


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