15 Nov 2011

Below is an email exchange I had with a woman in the UK who got a botched VCH piercing, and then got it redone properly:

Hi! My name is S., I live in the UK. I looked at your site before getting my VCH, I am happy with my piercing but it dosn't look like any on the VCH I've seen on your site and wondering maybe he's made a mistake? It's still a bit swollen as I've only had it a few days, I hope to hear back from u soon! Thanks! S. =)

Bad VCH piercing on the side of the hood--upside downHI S.,

You definitely do NOT have a properly placed VCH piercing. You have a piercing located on the side of your clitoral hood. A VCH goes in the center.  Further, the jewelry is not touching your clitoris, which is the thing that is potentially stimulating about the VCH piercing. Also the way the jewelry is resting, the piercing is higher on the inside of your hood than it is on the outside. This is not a proper placement and it causes your clitoral hood to be hooked over the top of the jewelry, so you're likely to get migration, scarring, or both. Additionally, you can expect that it will be uncomfortable, or downright painful.

I'd ask for my money back, take the jewelry out, and seek a more qualified piercer to do it for you.


Hello again! I have good news! They are going to take it out tomorrow for me, and he rang his boss who's in Australia at the moment! And when he gets back on the 12th he's going to give me the piercing I wanted! For free! He has 17 years experience. I hope I will be able to have the VCH piercing, as I have done a q-tip test and it is a tight squeeze =) but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to have it. Can you tell by looking at my pic? Thanks again! You are a star! X   S.

Q-tip Test for VCH PiercingS. Yes, feel free to send a photo of yourself doing the q-tip test so I can see if you are built for the VCH piercing. Please be careful, as I have seen botched piercings from people who have been piercing that long. Find out where he got specific training to do genital piercings. If he has an online portfolio I would be happy to evaluate his work and provide you with my opinion. E.

Hi again, I will ask if he did get specific genital piercing training =) he does not have pictures online of his piercings--only tattoos. I've attached my pic! I hope I've done the q-tip test ok! I read that you need good depth and I think I have very good depth =) Hopefully I'm able to have it or I'm going to just have an HCH piercing instead and it's not as nice as the VCH in my opinion. Thank again! S.

Thanks for the photo. Yes, you look like a great candidate for the VCH piercing. Did you get it done? E.

VCH piercing redoneHello! Yes I had it redone yesterday. The boss is not happy with his employee to say the least. I am their first complaint. He did it for free and was very professional, marked me up and used anesthetic wipes. As the other man didn't and was sooo painful =(. I've attached new pic for you to see =), Thanks for all your help! S.

Thanks for the new photo. Your new piercing looks great; congratulations!! I would say that it is expected and appropriate that he should redo it for free, since you already paid for a piercing that was very poorly done and needed to be removed.

Take good care of it, heal well, and enjoy! This is what is suggested for aftercare: http://piercingbible.com/piercing-care


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