9 Apr 2013


I received a message from a man who was considering nontraditional placement for an apadravya piercing:


I am interested in having my penis pierced. Basically, I am interested in an Apadravya, but I wanted to know if it is necessary that the top hole be in the head of the penis? I would like to have it emerge through the shaft, just behind the head. Is this possible? Or does it have to be through the head?

Thank you so much for all that you do.


My response:


Some piercers are willing to do that for you, but I suspect they haven't seen a cross section of penis anatomy indicating the central location of the deep dorsal vein and artery. 

Being well aware of these crucial structures, I will not do a shaft placement on an apadravya (nor an ampallang).

Did you need a referral to a piercer in your area or were you considering getting pierced by me? Where are you located?

This is from my book, The Piercing Bible--The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing:

Apadravya Piercing: Placement and Choice of Jewelry

Apadravya (male genital) PiercingThe apadravya is pierced vertically through the penis head. It may rest in the center of the glans on the top or be placed closer to the coronal ridge. Because it passes through the urethra, it usually heals faster than an American ampallang.

The apadravya is unique because this single placement encompasses multiple piercings: it is comprised of a Prince Albert on the lower portion and a reverse Prince Albert on the upper.

The apadravya is usually started with a barbell from bottom to top. Later, separate jewelry can be worn in various combinations: a ring in the PA, plus a barbell through the entire head; or, separate jewelry in the PA and reverse PA segments, for example.

When you have the entire piercing performed in one session, advantages include a single healing period and the assurance that the upper and lower parts of the piercing line up nicely. The apadravya can also be performed in any sequence to work with pre- vious piercings: most common is to extend an existing PA up through the top.

If you already have a Prince Albert piercing that is set well off to one side of your midline, it may be possible to make an apadravya on the other side and keep your PA as a separate piercing, if desired. However, the jewelry will pinch the sensitive tissue underneath if there is not enough space between the two piercings.



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