15 Mar 2013

I received a message from a piercee who had concerns about her new Vertical Clit Hood piercing:

Hi Elayne.

I did my research and went ahead and got what I thought is a VCH piercing. Hardly hurt! Didn't bleed that much either! The lady I saw was lovely, appeared experienced, knowledgeable and professional in terms of procedure, after-care and placement. She used a needle receiving tube.

However I was comparing it to pictures on your blog and I think I am now one of those eight out of ten women with a surface piercing. =( My hood is quite shallow which I guess is why the area pierced (front view) looks quite small... (And my jewelry seems a bit long!) But... when I had a look underneath the exit pt for the piercing is not quite at the bottom of the hood! Can you enlighten? Am i being picky or do i need to take it out and try take two?? 

Because of the length of the jewelry, the bottom ball does rest on my clitoris, but I'm worried about the piercing growing out (migrating). I had this done two days ago so I haven't been able to test it out yet! 

Thank you so much! Please tour Australia at some point! =)

Improperly placed VCH surface piercing with gold tone jewelry.

My reply:


You definitely have a VCH surface piercing--it is NOT properly placed. The jewelry does not come out from under your hood where a VCH piercing should be located. And, it is in a small amount of tissue (between the entry and exit holes), and very likely to migrate and reject and scar. Sorry….

My suggestion is that you try to get your money back and abandon the piercing. 

Additionally, the jewelry you're wearing does not appear to be solid gold jewelry. If it wasn't represented as anodized titanium, then it looks like it could be plated, which can be dangerous to wear in the body. This brief excerpt from my book explains:

Gold-Plated, Gold-Filled, Gold-Overlay, Vermeil, or Rolled Gold

All of these techniques involve coating a base metal with a layer of gold to create an affordable piece of jewelry with the look of gold. The problem is that the gold surface (which is very thin—measured in millionths of an inch) can wear or chip off, leaving the body exposed to the metal underneath. Never wear any gold body jewelry that is touted as less than 14-karat solid gold. This isn’t as critical when you are wearing a necklace or bracelet, but in a body piercing, there is the potential for serious consequences.





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