31 May 2013


I performed a consultation for a woman who wanted to know if her anatomy was suitable for Horizontal Clitoral Hood (HCH) and Triangle Piercings.

Hi Elayne.

I have a vertical clit hood piercing and I love it sooo much I want more! I have a good piercer that I really love but he's sooo far away. Thank you sooo much for doing consultations online! I really, really want to get a triangle. Or maybe a horizontal? I hope my pictures are good enough. I'm glad I'll have a better idea of what I can get before I go all the way out to see my piercer.


Clit Hood pinch test Possible triangle, tissue pulled open. Possible triangle, tissue pulled open.

My response:


You don't really appear to have any space for an HCH piercing above your VCH, which is where it would normally go, so I don't think you're a candidate for that particular piercing. And, by the way, your VCH appears to be properly placed and the jewelry is a suitable fit.

Your hood has some height to it, but lacks a defined base that is ideal for a triangle piercing. I marked an arrow on your "at rest" photo for approximately where the entrance or exit might be placed for a triangle. But that is dependent upon the location of your clitoral shaft. Your hood kind of widens out beyond that and it isn't clear whether a piercing would be comfortable there. I marked a second image with an arrow that is closer to the base of your hood (and where a triangle would "normally" go, but I'm not sure if that might be wider than would be practical).

Possible triangle, tissue at rest. Possible triangle, tissue at rest.

There are limitations since I can't get my fingertips on you to closely evaluate the tissue by feel as I normally do to determine suitability and optimal placement for a triangle piercing.

Your "pinch test" photos cover so much of the tissue that they aren't super helpful. It would be better if I could see you just pinch at the approximate location of the arrows instead rather than using your whole fingers. Feel free to send more pictures.

The amount of tissue that shows in front of your fingers makes it look like you're on the small-built side for a triangle, but it may be due to how much of yourself your fingers are covering. Also, when you pulled on the hood to show the sides (though the images weren't actually good enough to see whether there are any vessels in the area), it makes your hood appear very small built. 

From what I have seen it is surely worth a visit to your piercer, as you may well be a candidate for the triangle. But I don't think you appear to have space for an HCH (unless your pinching is just hood tissue and not your clitoral shaft--in which case an HCH might be possible in the region of the arrow, IF that skin pinches up in front of the shaft.

Feel free to send more photos and let me know if you have any questions.



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