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19 Oct 2019

Keloid on Ear Piercing

I recently recieved a request for professional help with a piercing bump on a "false snug" piercing, which is two different piercings made to look like a single puncture of the… Read More
16 Apr 2018

Questions about Repiercing Nipples

I received a consultation request from a woman who'd worn nipple piercings that had been removed years prior. She was uncertain about the advisability of repiercing and had a number of other… Read More
12 Feb 2018

Botched Hood Piercing is Accidental Clitoris Piercing

I received a piercing-problem consultation request from a woman who had received a genital piercing. It stated: "I knew there would be pain, but I have been through childbirth and this piercing was… Read More
31 Jan 2018

Best Penis Piercings for Female Pleasure

I frequently get asked which of the male genital piercings is the best for providing additional stimulation to a female partner during intercourse. Or, as it has been more crudely (but clearly) put… Read More
26 Jan 2018

The Best Vaginal Piercings for Sexual Pleasure

A woman wearing both VCH and triangle piercingsI used that title because I'm aware that the terms "vaginal piercing" and "vagina piercing" are commonly used to search for information on this topic.… Read More
22 Jan 2018

How to Find a Good Piercer

I frequently get messages from people wanting to know how they can find a good piercer. Unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary to travel to get a really good piercing done if the nearest "… Read More
19 Jan 2018

What are "Vaginal Piercings?"

I get asked for "vaginal piercings" on a regular basis, and I see that this is a common search term used by those who are seeking information about female genital piercings, which are described below… Read More

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