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26 Aug 2020

Piercing in The Time of COVID

I've recently received a lot of requests for referrals to piercers who are open during the pandemic.These requests are from people who are seeking to get pierced right now, and they… Read More
21 Sep 2018

Piercing Placement Should Not Be a Secret

This is an article I wrote for my monthly Q & A column in Pain Magazine, which is a body art industry trade publication, both in print and online. This blog post, and many others on my site… Read More
29 Jun 2018

Benefits of the VCH Piercing

The vertical clitoral hood (VCH) piercing is by far the most popular piercing I perform. It has a number of benefits, as genital, "clit piercings" or "vaginal" piercings go!  First off is the fact… Read More
21 Jun 2018

Nipple Piercing Problems & Solutions

I recently did a consultation for a woman who previously had nipple piercings that experienced problems and she gave up on them. She was considering getting her nipples repierced and wanted some… Read More
15 Jun 2018

"11 Things to Know About Getting a Clit Piercing"

I was very excited to be interviewed recently for a fairly in-depth article in Cosmopolitan about female genital piercings! Of course, they couldn't resist using a headline with the words "Clit… Read More
16 May 2018

How Does It Feel to Get a Clitoral Piercing?

A clitoral glans (clitoris) piercingI was asked the question, "How does it feel to get a clitoral piercing?" But even the most eloquent and specific description can never convey the true sensation of… Read More
11 May 2018

Thoughts on Genital Piercings

I've been answering piercing-related questions for a website. Someone asked, "Why do girls like to pierce their genitals," and this was my reply: Well, it should be women who are wearing genital… Read More

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