Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) Piercing Jewelry Problem


I received a message from a woman who was concerned about the jewelry in her vertical clit hood (VCH) piercing:

Hi I have a vch piercing I've had it for about 3 months I think . When I first got it done I went to a piercer that has done all my other piercings and I asked him what I could get for 20$ he said anything I want so I chose a genital piercing so I didn't do any research or anything. About 5 days later I was taking a shower and couldn't feel the bottom ball I figured it was normal but I was still a little worried so I looked it up n I read horrible stories n i got really scared I thought I was going to have to go to the e.r I called him the next day and told him what happened and he said to come in and he'll fix it so I did after I read the things on your website I figured I'd need a longer bar when I went in he said the ball got pulled through the wound and healed it inside he had to stick a taper through the hole and push the ball through after a half hr to an hr of pain he finally got it out he was goin to leave the original jewelry in but I said I wanted a longer bar so he put it in and it healed after a few weeks after it was healed the longer bar was getting in the way so I wanted the shorter one back in I went back to him and he switched it he told me to keep an eye on it just incase I was nervous that it would happen again and asked him if their was a middle length he could switch it to and he said there is no middle length it's been fine but I'm still nervous that it will happen again so I check it and its been really weird the top ball disappears and I don't know what I should do it doesn't hurt at all so I think it's healed  I don't know the lengths or gauge I don't want to take it out please help me as soon as you can.

Vertical Clit Hood (VCH) bar too short. Vertical Clit Hood (VCH) bar too short. Vertical Clit Hood (VCH) bar too short. Vertical Clit Hood (VCH) bar too short. Vertical Clit Hood (VCH) bar too short.

My response:

The short bar is dangerously short and I would suggest you NOT wear it!

You need to find out the gauge and jewelry lengths. Your piercer should volunteer this information if asked. It should not be a "secret."

An option is to get my smartphone jewelry measuring app so you can measure for yourself:

If the short bar is 3/8" and the long one is 1/2" there is an in between size available: the 7/16"… So you do need to know the sizes.

Have you considered wearing a ring instead? That would eliminate any problem with the barbell ball sinking into the enlarged channel.

Please do more research in the future before getting any other piercings!