Anatomy Consultation - For VCH, HCH, And/Or Triangle (Female Genital) Piercings

I recently performed an anatomy consultation for a couple to help them discover which genital piercing the woman would be best suited for:  

Hello Elayne! My wife, J, would like to get a VCH or other genital piercing. We have read your book and have paid for a consultation. We live in northern Michigan and are planning to go to southern Michigan this weekend for the piercing. Before we go, we'd like to get your input.  Thank you so much for offering this service!!!

Please let us know if you have any thoughts about her suitability for the vch or horizontal piercings. Thank you so much for your help!!!

Q-tip test

Q-tip test

Pinch Test to determine piercing suitability.

My reply:

Hi J. 

In these images, it appears that she is a good candidate for a VCH piercing.

One concern I have about her getting an HCH or triangle relates to a visible vessel that could conceivably be in the pathway of a piercing. See the attached image I marked with an arrow to point out the area of my concern.

Area showing visible vessels.

Also, her clitoris doesn't look very exposed in the "at rest" image, so not much jewelry would be in contact with it, meaning there wouldn't be a lot of added sensation. I'd  steer her away from the HCH if maximum stimulation is the objective. And finally, she looks on the petite/narrow side to be a great candidate for the triangle piercing. I'd really need to evaluate her in person before I could recommend one of those. In the "pinch test" image especially, it appears she is too small built for a triangle piercing.

In reference to potential VCH piercing placement, note that her "midline ridge" is not at all centered (see the image where I placed 2 orange arrows).

Arrow shows non-midline fold.

Another image shows a black circle in the approximate location where the piercing/ball/gem would go (ignoring the asymmetry of the ridge, and seeking to split the difference between centering it visually in midpoint of the hood, taking into consideration the location of her "inverted-V" for maximum aesthetics and comfort.

VCH goes here. Inverted V indicated 

Does that make sense?

She wrote back:

Thank you, Elayne!!! That makes sense... We will share your advice when J. goes in for the piercing. We wish it was feasible to go to you directly... At least we have the piece of mind of your advice. Thank you!!!