Forward Helix Healing Help

I received a message from a woman who was concerned about her new Forward Helix piercing:

Hi there! I got my forward helix and snug done on February 5th and the healing for the forward helix isn't going as smoothly as I'd planned. I have several other ear piercings but this one feels sore, hurts to smile or move my mouth, and has blood crusties coming out. My piercer used a hoop instead of a barbell for the jewelry, could that be the source of my problem? The snug is healing beautifully with no problems and I have my industrial in the other ear which gave me no problems as well.

If the cause of the problem is from the hoop, would it be safe to change it right away then?

Forward Helix healing


The piercing is still brand new; you need to give it a little time to settle in. Blood and secretions aren't indicative of any problem at this stage, and neither is discomfort or even pain. 

I have put hoops in on many occasions in that location and everything has healed up just fine. I think you need to just give it some time (assuming the jewelry is high quality). The fit looks appropriate, and so the initial jewelry should be left in for at least a few months before changing it.

I have had my triple helix done for about 4 months now, it is far from healed. The piercer told me to keep cleaning it but when i clean it it gets worse, so i stopped. my gp gave me a cream called fucidin to apply to help with the little red 'bubble' that forms on it, its kind of helping. But I believe I need to change it to gold/silver because all other metals cause problems for me. I am wondering which jewelry would be best for my forward helix? I want something stud-like..but the labret studs do not work because I cannot fit the backing in, my ears are quite small.. what do you reccomend?

Hi there,

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, the comments section of my blog post is not the best place for your inquiry.

If you're having a piercing emergency, consult your piercer or a medical professional. If you believe that your piercer is competent I'd refer you back to them (or another local piercer who is) for guidance, since they can actually see the problem in person. All of my piercer referrals are listed here:

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Many a piercing problem can be soothed or helped by saline soaks:

And if you're not averse to using an animal product, I've found emu oil to be incredibly helpful as well:

Quality jewelry is crucial for healthy piercings that heal well. If your jewelry was cheap, chances are it needs to be replaced. this page provides information about appropriate jewelry materials for initial piercings: